Off White Industrial Belt Unboxing, Details, History, and Comparison Off White Mini Industrial Belt

Off White Industrial Belt Unboxing, Details, History, and Comparison Off White Mini Industrial Belt

today we talk about we got a special box welcome back straight from the depths of Milan this beautiful custom box of off-white to see the signature logo so to speak then you have also his signature cross you also have his signature font and quotations of use to describe the tape let's get a rope in shall we nice ok how do you like what I'm saying so what are we really talking about today that would be the hype thou off-white industrial belt folks it's insane they sold out we'll also compare the mini version to the original version I remember I went out couldn't find it it was sold out went ahead looked on Grail com found a micro version which I wasn't exactly sure the difference at the time got the item it was nice it was pretty but at the end of the day I wasn't entirely sure it was authentic and I simply didn't want to hold on to it so I decided to return it and around the same time I got wind somehow of off-white restocking the original belt so I said this must be my lucky day so I went ahead and made an order a pre-order in fact and it just arrived and I looked on the website again and it sold out again are you joking so what is it about this belt that everyone is trying to get their hands on it's just a belt and it's not even a traditional belt it's not even like a multi-purpose belt that you can wear to formal occasions and stuff like that but why is it so popular and why are people spending this much money for it well to give a basic sense of what's going on with off weight as a brand you can click right here go to my video I did about a couple of things you want to consider let's go straight to the sauce I realized that my design aesthetic is one part freezing the construction process that tension gave me my design aesthetic so all things construction are sort of rooted in that Oh interesting Virgil say what now number Five's I love work in progress it's another humanity once I realized that it's okay to not be a perfectionist all of a sudden I can do a million things at once interesting take Virgil makes sense and honestly I can relate to this personally because I remember the liberating moment when in my own life I realize I don't have to be perfect because I used to push myself to be perfect in school always get a pluses always strive for a hundred percent no wrong answers or else I was miserable and one day I woke up and realized I don't have to be perfect to get where I'm trying to go in life and I'm here now and it's all good I don't have to get perfect scores anymore and I feel great and the fact that Virgil is on board with that kind of a mission statement I can relate to that part one of why I bought this now going off of that industrial theme well we looked at with this belt there's a lot of oxidized through industrial construction and design here you get that signature Virgil quotes around the belt you get the crosswalk pattern on the other side the hangtag and of course the signature gushy gushy feels real good gives you his athletic again with the crosswalk pattern and again unofficial quote-on-quote trademark then into the belt itself antastic detailing great stitching and I looked and looked and just couldn't find the one interview he did or the one lecture he gave where he was talking about the inspiration for this belt and how came off of a photo I believe he took and did some adjustments to it added some font to it and put it on this belt and here we are sold out yeah you know I got it in this original yellow caution tape e-type vibe and yeah I mean it's a sturdy belt and I love how it can you know really just worked as my casual belt from that one and the idea is it's such a long belt that the fashion-forward statement is to pretty much hang this around and then just let the other hand hang loose and another added tag which kind of just fell straight off a tag that we're gonna catch too much but gives you that patented font logo let's try it on for size tada as you can see belt really holds firm on the instructional video on his Instagram they're showing you they're shown actually women how to wear this belt and it's actually you wrap this around twice before you buckle up but you will not be able to get away with that with this belt as a dude because it's a one-size-fit-all belt there's no sizes to it so it's kind of cool that he's going down that unisex Lane and really I think that speaks to his off-white vision where he's trying to juxtapose two things so he's taking men women something that fits for both of them and I think a pull you pulls it off you'll see Virgil putting these on women's handbags and stuff as the strap and they're just the other tricky thing is site suggests that the way to wear this is to then fold this over the top after you've wrapped it around and then just kind of let that hang now I'm not gonna tell you whether to do it or not that's not my place but what I will tell you is I'm gonna be wrapping this thing all the way around I just love the aesthetic of this thing the way it looks a nice contrasting color for the rest of your outfit doesn't have to stand down especially if you're wearing a casualty works out great and it actually you know holds pretty firm and I know this is not the only belt that can do this on the market especially for much cheaper I'm sure you can find one that does but it's just kind of nice that on the luxury side of things you have a fine crafted made in Italy belt that also allows for micro adjustments as opposed to the full belt loops on the traditional belt so you know Thank You Virgil now as a comparison I'll show you this compared to the footage I got of the mini belt before I returned it as you can see the fine details and just very loud but can be hidden you know as I'm and yeah just as a comparison to mini version you can see obviously the change in size much much thicker much fuller but the pattern is essentially the same just less thickness but that said glad to have it picked up hopefully he'll put out some more for the folks especially if you're looking for a set yourself think I nailed the best available casual belt on the market with a theme behind it that I can wrap my brain around so thanks Virgil we'll see you on the next one

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  1. Hey Dr. soles why is my belt different like its tags are different at the end of the belt it’s an O not a W

  2. Or you can chose to not be a fool?

    Buy a Nylon strap that can actually hold 5400lbs


    Buy a Austri-Alpin Cobra buckle and get it sewn on with real, industrial thread.

  3. Man you get a sub from me, your too damn cool and you talk like Obama. Too fucking cool bro.

  4. oh shit i want this now. i think it would look good wrapped around my leg or just as a regular belt lmaooo. do they still restock this?

  5. Can someone help me? What is the difference between the Off White slogan buckle belt and the off white industrial belt, of i look at it on internet its exactly the same.

  6. are the men’s and women’s the same exact thing? cuz on ssense they’re separated and idk if that means they’re different or the same

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