‘Off The Rails’ : Longtime Trump Lawyer Slams Giuliani On Ukraine And Criminal Exposure | MSNBC

‘Off The Rails’ : Longtime Trump Lawyer Slams Giuliani On Ukraine And Criminal Exposure | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “‘Off The Rails’ : Longtime Trump Lawyer Slams Giuliani On Ukraine And Criminal Exposure | MSNBC

  1. sheesh just listen to that statement by Trumps former-former lawyer about Cohen, 'He is weak…that he would cave in with respect to any WRONGDOING". So basically, these evil/vile human beings are MORE interested in finding those who are strong…and wont cave in to any wrongdoing! They know they are committing wrong things but that is not their concern. They are only concerned with WHO can protect them from these wrong thing.

  2. “Heady”? No just Greed and Love of the Dollar. He loves to be pampered and adored like Trump himself
    Rudi, need to serve time in Prison and a new Lover named Bubba

  3. Dear MSNBC, Does it not occur to you that you have just been used by Jay Goldberg to warn Giuliani to destroy evidence? Why would Goldberg mention the book on tv instead of going to the Feds or Congress? Only one reason, as a warning to destroy that book. Smooth move, guys.

  4. Why do I get nothing but the liars and whores at MSNBC when I punch in a simple search for Giuliani on youtube? You guys are so bad that you have to racketeer to get an audience?

  5. All trump constantly reiterates is "Billions of dollars", in all speeches. Its his mantra. His only other words are "perfect", "beautiful ", "witchhunt"

  6. I'm stuck over the quoted, "Trump Lifestyle," as it applies to obstruction of any New York Justice for the last mayor, ity, excuse me, majority of years?

  7. i cannot believe the vulture was stating he (Tturump) did nothing wrong… the megalomaniacal moron will get way with this… he will just sacrifice all those around him.america is run by morally corrupt lawyers who will do anything for a buck…and run for the benefit of the rich …for the rich ,by the rich, protected by insane lawyers.

  8. SORRY – Congress does not need to follow rule of law to impeach a president – hence, for this lawyer to state there isn't enough to impeach Trump is not correct.

  9. Sounds like Trump purposefully signed Giuliani up for his lawyer because he knew from the jump Rudy was a crook and didnt follow the rules

  10. Classic trump. While all this is going down he's off rallying somewhere making sure his ignorant base is distracted by shiny things long enough to not put two and two together.

  11. Jay Goldberg sounds like he's trying super hard to throw Giuliani under the bus while trying to distance himself lmao. This is pathetic

  12. I suspect Rudy knows what Putin is holding over Do Nothing Donald and this has Trumps sensitive bits in a double vice.

  13. So according to Jay, Giuliani has a book of all the contacts he made while he was in the Ukraine. Thanks Jay, you just gave prosecutors more ammo against Giuliani and maybe Trump too.

  14. Of course, real tough guys do not talk tough, they will only talk gently and do tough quietly, like implicitly tough.
    They make people feel their tough but not show their toughness.

  15. Jesus F'K…..can just 1 journalist in America get a clue and understand when an unexpected bombshell is delivered in their laps like this little black book of Rudy's, maybe it's time to spend the rest of your remaining 3 minutes to pepper the f**ker with as many questions as you can think of….like do you know what's in the book, and did you talk to Rudy about it's contents, and why was Rudy talking to you about these things….etc, etc.

    F**kin' MASSIVE missed opportunity.

  16. Jay Goldberg is a master in his profession.
    There might a trove of philosophical principles in his book.
    Goldberg said "Rudolph was “seduced” by the Trump “lifestyle” which drove him to lose "his sense of balance." That actually applies to literally everyone.
    Don't get me wrong. I'm not selling his book.

  17. Spin Ghouliani and Igor with their bosom buddy Les under the money spell of the Big Orange Lying Warlock. Putin's Frankenstein has risen. For the love of money (greed) is the root of all evil.

  18. He had to have some pretty shady deals with dumbf for him to throw his life away for prison bars such a sad sad state of America. Now we can really believe,and it is clear that in chapter 51 of Jeremiah, he is Talking about America….The daughter of Babylon.

  19. What happened With I will clean The Swamps? Cause Right now Mr Trump Creating Mega Swamp in Washington. Europe had Good hopes For this Administration after election But now President Trump lost Credibility and Respect In Europe .Good Luck Americans Frends.

  20. Goldberg is just as slimy as Cohen & Giuliani, so it's both pathetic and hilarious that he tries to come off as a good guy who "Trump knew, would never do anything inappropriate". Wow, what a load of crap!


  22. Ugh, I'm so tired of politics. So annoying. Can we be superficial again? I'll start: Because he is following this ridiculous trend of clean-shaven face with five o'clock neck: Ari Melber, get off my lawn!

  23. FULL DISCLOSURE: FWIH: So says the Lawyer who represented the HELLS ANGLES most notorious elements; so says the lawyer who represented the Most Notorious Mafia types; it is what it is BUT need FULL DISCLOSURE not Hope our ratings go up with biased interviews care to know the full disclosure on the other lawyer … how about the shill doing the interview … BTW what does it say about a lawyer who discloses ALL about his clients Mick Jaggert, Howard Stern, And the list goes on … to what end cause you want to be righteous before you pass on, MONEY, what … BTW I wonder who handled jury selections, Jay? Care to comment on that … so many questions BTW JAY wasn’t it Guilliani who went up against the Mafia and other organized crime figures … hmmm

  24. Jay Goldberg: "There's a book that he kept of all the contacts that he made while in the Ukraine. It hasn't been subpoenaed… thus far."

    Ari: "I think you made some news here today, Jay."

    LOL. That's an understatement.

  25. What the F happened to Giuliani?? I can barely believe this is the same man who as mayor of NYC right after 9/11, rallied and came through for the residents, his city, and America really. We all loved him and admired him during that time. He was AMERICA’S MAYOR. WTF HAPPENED TO HIM?!? Cloned? Brainwashed? Body snatchers? Illuminati? Sold his soul to the devil?(🤣) all joking aside, it’s really kind of horrifying. And truly like he’s a completely different person.

  26. So why would a privious lawyer rat out a current lawyer? Someone paying him to stab Trump in the back? Never trust any lawyer.

  27. Giuliani lost his moral compass not his sense of balance. He has joined Trump in his ruse in his unethical games being played out to con everyone in sight.

  28. Spiro Agnew looks like an angel compared to these guys and he paid severely for it. The one thing that has changed is the actual Legal System being far out of control.

  29. Jay Goldberg, I believe that you were also a dishonest, lacking in integrity, corrupt lawyer?You somehow got away with your BS?Anybody who works or worked for trump is a individual totally lacking in integrity, a common criminal. There is plenty , PLENTY evidence to send him to Jail for a long time. Your time is up, but not trump.

  30. Ari, —> I'm fairly confident a lawyer cannot help their client break the law or participate in a coverup.. Did Goldberg report Giuliani's book to the FBI and Congress? Trump said, "You have to ask Giuliani about his Ukraine clients so, he gave up any "executive corruption privilege".
    … Giuliani has gone off the rails and it's a shame because his background should be able to deflect prosecution for Trump's crimes. I told Trump not to hire Giuliani. There's a book that he kept of all the contacts that he made in Ukraine." (Jay Goldberg).

    — > "Trump isolated him from what he was doing with Giuliani". So much for Jay Goldberg has no knowledge of crimes committed by Trump and Giuliani. So much for any claims that Trump didn't have competent counsel. He hired him against advice…. that is, if Goldberg can be considered a competent attorney.

    I suspect Goldberg knows about Bayrock and the stock fraud scheme.
    …."The overarching company for Bayrock B.V to launder money out of New York (Trump SoHo) into Europe through, Kazbay B.V. was set up in 2007 by Rudy Giuliani LLP law firm in Amsterdam. " (video track no. @.12: 32 to 38: 06)

    Doc Film Donald Trump's Financial Ties to Russian Oligarchs Exposed Documentary 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rEp29qWaEE


  31. you don't need to be a legal or medical expert to know Giuliani and Trump are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. They have manipulated our legal and political systems from privileged positions for decades and it's become clear they have conspired to break our Laws and constitutional safeguards. Impeach now and remove this president but continue to impeach those who enabled this corruption.

  32. Michael Cohen, Rudy Ghouliani, Manafort and everyone else who went to prison, have admitted to doing and working for Donald Trump, and Donald Trump remains free. They wouldn't be in jail or on the way to jail if it were not for taking orders from Donald Trump. The head of the snake is allowed to remain, and that's why this will never end. Donald Trump is abusing his power, lock him up.

  33. To begin with, they never got on the rails. Just slogging thru the mud. Blinded by vanity, hearing impaired, & inarticulate. About to be rolled over by Mitch before they take the GOP over the cliff. Pence to the rescue.

  34. Giuliani has been un usually quiet lately. Hopefully Giuliani will end up being the biggest whistleblower of them all.

  35. The suitable is going to be Demofats and many in their party.I hear something flushing, goodbye Joe, Hilary, Nancy, Adam schiff. These people need to be getting ducks in a row and don't count on the FBI,CIA, and other intelligence agencies!

  36. It's always a surprise to me how few Trump zealots and sycophants have actually read the Constitution, even though most of them have sworn oaths to uphold it or constantly claim they are the guardians of its contents.

  37. impeach donald trump ? America American life American democracy is the worlds most overblown reality show. its purported credibility is based in no level of sensible human reality that is commensurate with eons of progressive human existence, which until the present day era of culture as reality show experience ,seemed to suggest human existence was building to something sublime and in all ways fulfilling to the purpose for human existence in the first place. clearly that ship has left the dock. now the reality show must go on. impeach trump ? yes but not seriously. the culture has gone so far askew that there's no going back to a pure time. whatever may have been conceived as a more pure time in the cultural experience of america is forever gone.No one wants to revisit the trials and tribulations navigated to where america is today, that will really splinter the present fractured culture. Thus the show must go on. Yes this means
    heads in the sand when overwhelming unreality is spewed from the mouths of learned and unlearned alike but the show must proceed. to rid america of donald trump america will have to take its blinders off revealing where it has come from and why and that's not happening. The real challenge for the country is the fact i that donald trump cant be around for ever and what will the america reality show do for an encore. remember there's no going back.

  38. And these are 'the very best talent' that Trump could find for himself and to appoint in his cabinet? if so, it casts a bad light on the U.S. doesn't it?

  39. Democrats and Republicans… Just a friendly reminder, please make sure to register and vote for Andrew Yang in democratic primaries, so we can all receive $1000 a month, benefitting from the advancements in technology as a whole country, and live out our dreams.

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