Odifuor. kwabena.Tawiah F!red Manaseh Awuni: You're Fake journalist

Odifuor. kwabena.Tawiah F!red Manaseh Awuni: You're Fake journalist

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11 thoughts on “Odifuor. kwabena.Tawiah F!red Manaseh Awuni: You're Fake journalist

  1. They like thieves. Instead of guinea people who help them and develop the nation.i like you very much. One day our generation are coming to pay.

  2. Prof that why I like you. Very much because you always face the truth. Ghanaians most of them very ungrateful. Because they are all theives.they see white and turn it to be black. that why we never develop .we don't like the truth. They took bribes and turn white to be black.the man working hard struggling for them. They dont want to know.

  3. Oman please be careful the people you go in to give airtime to. Just a while ago this particular man of (gods)came out saying all manner of things against the NPP, when Owusu Bempa and others from the NPP descended heavily on him he has now changed the attack on the NDC. She is
    He has now turned his attack on Hajia Fati because the woman mention his name telling him to stop saying he will kill Nana Addo. When Abronye cursed the EC with a slaughtered sheep where were you? Liar, NPP will not give you money so stop pleasing them. Oman stop giving this man airtime.


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