Oculus Go // 10 Software Updates I Want to See...

Oculus Go // 10 Software Updates I Want to See…

even or markers here back again with another video back in one of the oculus go video in this video I want to cover some of the quality of life and software tweaks and changes I think we need on the oculus Go Go crystal had a firmware update not so long ago and added a few little tweaks here and there discover improve things but then there's a few things which point we keep more to make the experience even better now I'm a big Reddit user so I've gone to the oculus subreddit and I've rejected out your comments that's all I've seen what you guys are post in what sort of things you're frustrated by things you'd like to see changes or things so they're built into this list as well let's go through them and let me know in the comments down below there's anything I missed number one is adding your own 360 photos on the oculus go home page so if you look around here I've got the 360 dog one first I thought is quite cool just because is actually quite clever this person's taking the time to cut all these different dogs out which officer the same dog over and over again just at different positions and put the picture all together so respect for that but if you go to library and then to environments you can see we do have 15 choose from so varying from sort of nice apartment rooms to Grand Canyon to space and Arctic and beach and Wausau stuff but why don't we have the option to upload our own 360 photos a lot of us have 360 camera so I think it'd be nice to be out to blow some yeah family shots or something we've taken a picture off or a certain type of varmint or anything move created or found on the Internet I think it'd be great next up I think we need the option to customize the scrolling action of the touchpad not all apps do the same which is frustrating but sometimes it's not as natural as you think it is so say for example on the home screen here you swipe right to left to move over but some people feel that sort of swiping sort of left to right almost push yourself forward is more natural to them but there's no options to us change that and the same goes for sort of vertical motion most the time is kind of pull down to go down sometimes it's push up to go down and you scroll it up so it's not consistent in all apps I think if anything if it was consistent in all apps that would help every others it seems we live with different and but give us the option you know on the home page at least give us the option in the settings to change it we all know the oculus go has a USB port but it doesn't natively support plug in say a USB stick or a hard drive or anything like that access media now things can be plugged in but they don't work you can use so loaded apps to do that but that's a fair bit of a workaround – we have to access files are on there you can for example click to a phone and transfer files back and forth but natively it's not supported even great you're inside that the oculus go itself in its native apps or any other apps but given access to best plug in USB drives and that's all thing and has been talked about by the developers and they are going to implement it but you know it couldn't come soon enough especially for those that bought the 32 gig version and there are a little bit extra storage maybe lose it all some films or programs or something whether on the go so next up are some more options around your online status and kind of stiffly around yourself friends lists so if you can look at the moment the only real options you've got is to set yourself to do not disturb but there's no kind of option to kind of set your sound fires offline even though you're online that's what I think because sometimes you know you're on a high there may be some options around sort of what you're open to so maybe a status to show that you're open to play multiplayer games you want to watch a movie together you want for chatting that sort of stuff and if they have that sort of thing and you can turn that on and then you know that you can quickly get somebody call on here or join a certain game or a bit like on xbox where you can kind of make your obvious what sort of game you look into place so you can sort of say looking to play rush and then they'll see somebody could contact you to say I'll play with you that's something I think that we great and definitely add to the social interactivity of the oculus go number five blue light filter I don't like me on your mobile phone I have it so when it hits eight o'clock at night my screen kind dims slightly orange that house is eyestrain in the evening so it's more in lined with Kevlar lights that you have in your house so you're not looking from sort of orange lights in your house to a blue screen and back and forth sort of thing which can cause some people headaches I mean I've never really had the issue myself but I still do it now anyway because I think why not you know if it's gonna help you never know it's been to help with sleeping and that sort of things you're not sort of as buzzed or your brain mentally doesn't think that it's daytime when you get a bed and then when it gets to sort of seven o'clock in the morning my phone then switches to a bluer screen so more naturally matches sort of outdoor light and once again makes my brain my eyes do less work because all the light and all the colors kind of match rather than straining to go from one color type to the other and other developers are looking to implement this one but if we can get the option with a timer as well because the Octus go is set up as an Android device I mean that's its core software that runs on very similar to give you there should be no real reason why we can't have Google Playstore ELCA stevie is a good example where people are side loading normal Android apps and they're working and playing and functioning very well near perfectly for most of them on the Orcas go it gives you a 2d space to project them onto and for the most part you can control them now there are some downsides to that all apps work perfectly some work better than others for the most part I think it's definitely – people would love to see and especially if it was officially supported I'm sure the implementation would be even better most apps these days only require one finger anyway no one had the controller thing would work quite well and be out of control pretty much all apps they don't really even need to be landscape or portrait apps I mean you can imagine that the Aqua scope can kind of use either because you know you're looking around in 3d space so pretty much every app should work or not just think of all those apps all those experiences we can add into the oculus go just add all that extra quantum for people to download and enjoy have you brilliant next up I think support for two controllers would be quite good even if it was just this controller so if oculus made another one these available for 30 quid I think I'd probably buy one and then I can have two controllers to do something two-handed gaming I think that'd be quite good there are times where you could probably like pull out and pull in the bill are you using two fingers Sara phone specially in relation to the previous one I've just mentioned with Google Play Store and that could work really well maybe a lot of similar to the oculus rift and the vibe because they both have two controllers and granted there still be kind of stuck in 3d space you and kind of physically move them back and forward but hitting the option to kind of point different ways and do different things at two different hands and swap things between the two hands without a lot of depth and open up a lot of functionality for Lockean and make them much closer to full-fledged PC VR experiences I'm sure the developers would love to bring over some of their oculus rift games but because we only have one controller it kind of limits it a little bit so maybe we had to you know throw so many more options next up is a suggestion for oculus rooms the rooms app is really good it gives you a room wait and invite people over you can play games together you can chat you can share videos listen to music that sort of thing and you get your own little room that you can kind of hang out in it's brilliant but it's kind of limited edition you and your friends I think ideally you'd be great if there was some sort of room list so maybe in the options you can kind of create an open room you could maybe name it can I set a theme let people kind of know what they're joining and you can let some random people in just try and build that friend Network because it can be quite tricky to find people to play with sometimes there are some chat apps out there like B time and old space but oculus rooms is really good I think even really nice if you could open up and let more people in if a game has a price maybe you just allow people 10 15 20 minutes maybe to just jump in give an app or a game ago sort of see if they like it before they want to purchase and then once the time runs out the app just stops working that'd be a great option a great way of people to Braddock go and discover and try o new experiences before diving in and spending the money okay because there are some apps out there that are sort of a 10 pound or more and that can be quite a lot for us over mobile game so I think it'd be nice to kind of give them a test before dropping your money on them I think one of the great things it would do is give people a chance to kind of play some games and if they are poor they won't buy them but then that kind of helps weed out the poor titles people won't spend their money on the poor title they're spending on the better titles because they've given it a go which overall should hopefully over time developers will sort of put more effort into the games polish them a little bit more for release than knock restore and you know if the end of charge anymore of those games going forward but they are of better quality absolutely I'm all up for that I think that's a great idea you can purchase things and there is a refund policy and I'll go cementum quite good at refunding stuff I've not tried it myself but I think you know Kyle that that customer service element go straight for the demos trial mode and it'll save you a lot of hassle I think it opened up selling more experiences and apps to people that maybe they would have overlooked because out a price on it squeeze shown was something great to add as wax at the moment you can only really sharing your videos directly to Facebook bosses a big delay on that so if you were sat in the same room with somebody and you're kind of doing some VR if you stream it to Facebook yes they can see it but it's got like a 20 30 second delay on it it's not really ideal and the kind of takes a lot of the fun out of it now you can use third-party software like visor on PCs we had to stream what you see on here onto PC and there are a few other options as well I think natively it be great if there's some sort of companion app maybe where you could stream what's on here to a phone or a tablet I think that would be perfect it gives an option for people to kind of play along who are in the room with you together so I think making it much more sort of immediately sociable with people around you family or whatever I know there's been talk about adding this or feature but whether it's done via our mobile app or some other way definitely be a bonus and definitely a way of really showcasing what the oculus go is capable of to sort of a bigger audience at the same time rather than having to wait to take a turn now solving there's just ten things that I think would be great if they've kind of tweaked or change on the oculus go on the software side and really add to the quality of life that experience is offered by the oculus go maybe know in the comments down below there's any of you think I've missed what would you like to see what sort of tweaks and changes would make your experience with your curse go even better I'd definitely be interested to hear what you've got to say if you liked this video give it a thumbs up if you don't give her a thumbs down that's fine I'm big enough not gonna have to take you if you didn't like it but do let me know in the comments down below why I did wrong and I've tried and proved it for next time go on the remark walls and hit that subscribe button make sure you hit that notification bow so you notified next time I upload a video as they'll be plenty more oculus go content towing as me done I'm out a virtual high five

29 thoughts on “Oculus Go // 10 Software Updates I Want to See…

  1. Great suggestions. I especially agree with your second point about the inconsistent swiping behaviors between apps—I'd love a preference setting to make that consistent. Second-guessing how to navigate the menu every time I switch between apps is terrible for user experience.

  2. I would like the ability to have the time appear on a app, as you get so involved in the vr world you really don’t know what time it is or how long you have been there.i know it has it on the task bar but once your in a game or watching content you really have no idea it would be nice to be able to bring this up along with the battery life without having to pause what you are doing and go back to the main page

  3. i"d like to see a camera. It does not have to be a good one… just something to throw a window or semitransparent overlay of what is going on around me. I'd like to be able to walk over to the sink for a glass of water without interrupting my netflix vid.

    I would also like to see some adjustable diopter. Wearing VR over glasses just plain sucks. If my $15 Dollar General VR set can afford adjustable focus, the GO can squeeze it in, too.

  4. THE OCULUS GO, its a Peace of junk! I bought mine at Best Buy last May and now its giving me alot of grief WTF I have no recourse cant exchange it, may try Craigs list but hat that idea. DON'T BUY AN OCULUS GO MY FRIENDS!!

  5. I have a question for everyone. On this video, the narrator is talking am moving his head and we as the view van see what he says seeing while he is moving. Is this a particular app, plug-in, etc? I really want to show people what I am seeing to make my own YouTube videos. Please send me an email so I can do the same. Thanks! [email protected]

  6. Another great video and I agree with 2nd controller and Android apps as that should be simple to add. Friends and opening up is a little more interesting but I do wonder if they, Oculus want to keep things simple on the Go to make it easier for people new to vr. Also funny that whilst watching my wife said that I look like you when wearing my Oculus go!

  7. All great calls. The one controller thing drives me insane, and I agree, I would pay more for a second one also and that would open up library of games tenfold. I also think they should come in diff colors. I know it seems lame, but would be cool to see blue or red or black, so people could personalize slightly.

  8. All good suggestions. After having used the Go for a bit, I think it has the potential to be a "tipping point" for normal people (non-gamers) to start experimenting with a practical version of VR. I think that this is kind of the point of the device. This being said, though, Oculus Rooms definitely needs some sort of setup like public spaces- Kind of reminiscent of old school chat rooms that people can enter and make friends in VR. If Facebook wants widespread adoption of this, there needs to be a lot more connection options for people to link up in VR space.

  9. Great video! Great ideas for updates. I hope Oculus is listening. I would have loved to have a micro sd card slot to expand the storage space.

  10. I watch a lot of 3D movies on my oculus go. I wish they had the same setting for screen positioning as the netflix app.

  11. Great video! I’d like to see a star rating for apps directly on the face of the app thumbnail from within the Store instead of having to select it to view the rating. Also a sorting filter based on how many stars would be helpful. Also I want Facebook Messenger natively baked into the UI along with notifications so I can message friends while wearing the OG. Having to take off the helmet to check my phone is annoying. I’d love to say to my friends hey I’m on the VR so don’t text me, message me on Facebook instead. Given that FB focuses on social, not having Messenger on the OG is very odd and an obvious missing component.

  12. Two controllers and expandable storage would be great! Along with all the other suggestions. Great videos! Thanks for doin what you do.

  13. Totally agree with each and every point you have mentioned here. Also keyboard and mouse support would be really awesome. Anyways big Congratulation for your first 1k sub. many more to come. Keep doing amazing work. Virtual high five!!

  14. I want the damn ability to change the low battery notifications! Right now its super annoying at 20%. Also it would be cool to have a board games type app that you can play multiplayer with (imagine Jenga, monopoly, risk, etc)

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