[Octopath Traveler] They Who Govern Reason - Electronica Remix

[Octopath Traveler] They Who Govern Reason – Electronica Remix

21 thoughts on “[Octopath Traveler] They Who Govern Reason – Electronica Remix

  1. This is an amazing remix. Just found it today. I love listening to covers (especially this song) and amongst the metal covers, which I quite like, sometimes you just want something a bit different.
    You, sir or madam will gain plenty of followers if you continue to do this "electronic" type of style with more video game themes!

  2. at 0:43 I couldn't help myself just going "Pump up the jam, pump the jam" to the beat. I love Octopath Traveler and this mix really hypes up that battle even more!

  3. Man! I really hope if they make a part two that they include more advance jobs I really enjoyed fighting these bosses, and exploring for these jobs.

    I want these advance jobs for the next game.

    Corsair: Pirate + Gambler (Guns) (Would do alot of bewildering grace type abilities)
    Sentinel: Defensive Abilities (Tower Shields) (Would be all about shielding and defense)
    Taoist: Follows the philosophy of Yin/Yang, casting dark and light magic, when you get 3 stacks of a debuff of light or dark, you get a damage bonus for using the opposite Yin/Yang spell.
    Bard: All about buffing and healing overtime spells.

  4. Just great stuff all around! I'm currently listening to "[Octopath Traveler] H'aanit, the Hunter – Solo Guitar and String Quartet Version" on your SoundCloud!

  5. So tight! Fantastic energy. Definitely passes the head bop test with flying colours! ๐Ÿ˜€

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