12 thoughts on “Oct 16 Update on Kamille Cupcake McKinney

  1. I'm from the U.K, I have been following this situation. I appreciate I'm a few hours different time wise. What's the latest?? I'm assuming this video is the most recent (an hour ago? )

  2. I believe the two people the Patrick stallworth man and the woman Derrick Brown are the people that took this baby. Police have charge him with having child porn on his phone. The woman was out on bond for kidnapping her own children after losing custody of them. I don't have no good feeling about this. They need to check this man's cellphone and see if they can get some ping off it. This Patrick man is to suspicious. surely somebody know something about these people.

  3. This is all a debacle. Everyone want to be detective and never finished high school, I understand concern! But it seems they making it a mess and misconstruing a lot of information. I pray for her safe return.🙏🏻 too much confusion and pain right now.

  4. Please God! Please I beg of you to put it on the heart of whoever took her to please bring her back unharmed, untouched!!!!! Please!!!

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