48 thoughts on “Obama Mocks Fox Reporter's Question On Gas Prices

  1. I wouldn't call this "ownage"…a smarter man sticking it to a slower-witted man is just called "normal" in my book

  2. Republicans live on one-liners.its simple and short then bombarded on the weak over and over again.logic will trip up a line of bull every time.

  3. Weird, he didn’t get emotional and call Fox fake news, he simply made the guy look stupid with calmness and composure.

  4. Obama shot right by him. And it was sweeter than candy. That something Trump doesn't have no ideal how to do that. That why Trump get so mad at reporters.

  5. But the dog eating kenyan muslim socialist liar never answered the question..because he did say he wanted high gas prices like any democrat would.

  6. Obama always ready with ridicule and sarcasm and very seldom actually answering. A primary reason voters despise him and Clintons : They are liars. See?

  7. Why is this bitch Obama taking credit for President Trumps BOOMING in company. Any suggestion that Hussein Obama is responsible for this booming economy is laughable. President Trump on day 1 cut regulations , brought back coal mines, steel mills, and added 400,000 manufacturing jobs that Obozo Obama said would never come back. Obama your a CLOWN.

  8. Wow this pussy Obama only has fox news who ask challenging questions to deal with and President Trump has to deal with fake news CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, THE WASHINGTON POST, AND EVERY NEWS AGENCY BUT bitch oBAMA gets butthurt from one channel.

  9. The real funny part of the vid, is when you notice the other reporters expressions as Ed is talking. They knew it was a silly question.

  10. Really, republicans got our gas prices out of control under Bush. so when Obama got ekect3d they do this?? lmao

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