NYT: The Feds Are Investigating President Donald Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

NYT: The Feds Are Investigating President Donald Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “NYT: The Feds Are Investigating President Donald Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. The presidency of the UNITED STATES has sunk to unspeakable depths that I thought that I would see in my lifetime !! Absolutely Disgraceful !!

  2. Just wondering if this potus has dirt on Giuliani and his other loyalists? It’s amazing the lawlessness they have portrayed for the laws and constitution. Gives a bad wrap to the honest and true patriots we don’t hear from. It’s insane

  3. Did anyone ever see that movie " Dune" when the weird alien gives orders. You did not hear this from me. Lol. Boy, this administration is a big train wreck!

  4. "We Came, We Saw, We steal " Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (also known as smellhair Joe ). "I Came, I Saw, I Lie "Adam Bennett Schiff. (also known as Jussie Smollet of Congress).

  5. Impeachmen fun facts:

    Andrew Johnson (17th Pres) was impeached but acquitted. Richard Nixon (37th Pres) was under investigation and about to be impeached, but he resigned before the process got underway. Ronald Reagan (40th Pres) was under consideration for impeachment and was being investigated for the Iran-Contra Affair, but the House decided not proceed because he was in his second term, on his way out, and he was showing signs of dementia, no less. Bill Clinton (42nd Pres) was impeached, but like Johnson was acquitted.

    And now Donald Trump, the illegitimately elected President who is ostensibly #45, is under investigation, and my prediction is that he will be the 3rd President to be impeached, and that he will be removed.

  6. "If we elect trump president, he will destroy us… and we will deserve it."
    Lindsay Graham, 2016
    He was right then and still right now.
    BUT what the H happened to him?

  7. 2020 cannot come soon enough.. It will be time top send this Shady Corrupt Ape back to his swamp and for the True Adults to start to fix the reputation of the country.. This cannot continue.. ComeOn people.. Open your eyes and try to see above the Bull Crap trhe Unstable Genius is dishing out… His small dirty hands is all over this through his shady lawyer…

  8. I really hope Rudy gets arrested even if Trump has him released by one of his boy toys or has Rudy bonded out before the arresting officer gets done with their booking report. If that arrest goes down and regardless of what Donnie stated, that will be one of the last nails in Trump's Political coffin for the Impeachment process.

  9. Here's some real news TRUMP RALLY pays off knock the demo rat governor of Louisiana off with two republicans who have to have run off , the REPUBLICANS have not lost a race since losing the house FACT and TRUMP has been to all the states night before elections backing republicans the support is strong winning winning winning winning you losers don't know what it feels like TRUMP 2020 you LOSERS will be crying again

  10. No surprise here!

    Trump is unwilling to show his taxes!  It’s plain to see that he doesn’t want people
    to see that he pays a lower tax rate than everyone else!  If you have a job, most likely you pay between
    12% to 15%.  How would it look if Trump
    shows that as a billionaire, he only pays 3% to 5% taxes??!!  Trump is a mega-a$$hole who thinks as POTUS
    he has to be a dictator! Divide and conquer! 
    That is all we will ever get from this mega-a$$hole! It looks like every
    Republican is trying to support Trump even though most of them don’t support
    that he was speaking to another country to get dirt on Joe and Hunter
    Biden!  Problem is, Trump already
    admitted to the telephone call so he will face impeachment hearings no matter
    what!  Trump is coming apart at the
    seams!  Now Trump keeps saying he wants
    to talk to the public about the allegations but his lawyers won’t let him!  That’s what Trump always says as he thinks we
    Americans are stupid and if he keeps saying the same bs every night we will
    believe it as the truth! 😊   Please, the writing is on the wall, Trump is a crook!!  If you truly love the USA like I do, don’t
    vote or support Donald J. Trump!

  11. Do you think the democrats and main stream twisting the truth or lying to get there way is better than liberals taking the west and conservatives taking the east? You'll have your utopia and we can do whatever it is the media tells you we do. We're all free so why fight about it?

  12. 2016 : He is the best guy, I have my best lawyer Giuliani

    2019 : I don't know this lawyer, I have many lawyers so. there is no way I knew the guy

  13. According to Trump, Marie Yanovitch, was bad news, doesn't say why she's bad. He always accuses and attacks people, without evidence. That's why reporters need to fact check him, everytime he opens his mouth, because nothing but B.S comes out.

  14. Has anyone ever noticed that there is always young people in the background. Ive noticed many r not voting age, what's wrong, not many adults want to be seen cheering for him, they probably go to local YMCA and pick up kids to fill his background.
    Tell me what u see??

  15. From what I'm told they finally found out just how evil Ambassador Yavonavitch really is and can not be trusted and it looks like they were right. She has been working with Joe Biden in the past and many of these people are tied in with his criminal activity. In the end I believe Biden will get the death penalty as he so deserves. Time will tell, it always does.

  16. 🤣Trump is accused of leveraging aid to have a foreign government investigate Biden and his son receiving money from one of it's companies(and 1.5 m from China). None of you snowflake, sjw, lgbtq want to do what's right and find the real story? Even while your democrats are hiding from you? Republicans aren't hiding. Biden won't go near fox, maybe any reporter. His son has been out of sight for a while now, about the same time the dems got this ball rolling (secretly). I bet liberals wouldn't even care if they were watching these videos laughing at you.

  17. I'm more worried about conflict if interest of trump, as the trump towers opens in turkey the US forces retrieve from Syria to let Turkey attack the Kurds

  18. PresTrump doesn't like voter fraud.Two Ukrainians got arrested for violating campaign finance laws. The best idea doesn't always win.but the ones with the resources do.

  19. @Chrystal Giddens ever hear a real President have to Cuss(Swear) to try n get his point across.? NEVER cause we have a mindless Fool occupying our great White House.

  20. Never knew Rudy, only shook his hand once, looked like a loser to me. Not a fan ! (Only BS is on your orange scalp, pops)

  21. Who ever voted for that guy needs to get checked by a doctor! He's gonna throw Giuliani right under the bus, like he did with his last lawyer. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  22. 995 days of this insanity, wild glaring incompetence, laughable transparent lies, worldwide humiliation as an utterly unqualified laughing stock, audacious scamming, emoluments, grifting & scams in broad daylight, excruciating embarrassment for the USA on the world stage. A Goat Rodeo with a Batman cartoon villain as Rodeo Assclown. Jeezus America 😢🇺🇸🐐

  23. Shame on America. This illegal witch hunt on a sitting president will hurt American politics forever. Trump is the best president you ever had. America is booming after trump ripped up all the bad trade deals from the corrupt Democrats. God bless trump from Scotland

  24. What I see is this lady is mad because she lost her job so she is trying to get back whatever kind of Revenge she can

  25. America! This woman has balls! not like all these cowards in RP, fearing a treator, a liar, a conman, the disgusting trump

  26. Trump is poison to everything democratic , he is the enemy of the truth and a stain on the American flag !

  27. How could people allow Trump to use profinity at the podium, for God sake this is the president of the United States of America. Children are at that rally. Respect!

  28. all participants of this COUP are going to pay, they are violating the Law, sooner or later these criminals democRats and evil media will have to pay

  29. „the baseless accusations against the Bidens „
    Maybe you should look beyond your propaganda,the democrats
    are at least as corrupt as Trump and his entourage,bypassing
    taxpayers money to their sons…

  30. Too bad they didn't catch them in a motel room, lucky for the FBI to pick-up the bag men in an open cafeteria in the middle of the afternoon? No Charges.

  31. I'm one year older than Trump. When he was 3, his father was stuffing his portfolio with cash and property in order to avoid U.S. taxes. When I was 3, my grandfather was putting a man-sized shovel in my hands. I was expected to help clean out the "cow crap" from the dairy barn in Wisconsin. I could always spot a liar and never allowed them within my circle of friends. I just don't understand why so many have failed to see through weinies like Trump for so long. Trump can use the word in order to cuss, but I'll bet he's never been exposed to the real thing.

  32. The people who in order for presidents give speeches change. I have never heard a President curse like a sailor. Every other word was s..t or F. K. No other president never cursed. Its disgrasting to be in that way. He should never give a.rally again

  33. This should be a lesson to us all and learn from these types of mistakes. Presidents should not be allowed to hand pick/place various people to certain positions. This is exactly the root of how corruption begins in administrations. Giving all of your corrupt friends jobs to bleed our government dry. It’s amazing that somehow, we’re still functioning. We need to disinfect the entire GOP Party. Just about every other week we’re hearing that another Republican that’s been hit up with charges. To rid corruption, ya gotta cut off the snakes head 🐍 or Elect
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  34. This is getting ridiculous. Another — of many — professional arrogant establishment elitists whining about the horrors of returning our country to the principles of self government.

    Adam Schiff has got to be one of the most dishonest sleazy Jacobin thugs in congress.

    It’s Trump and the citizens of America vs. an elitist clique' of authoritarians who think their smug Ivy league education warrants their authority over our lives.

    It’s no wonder that Orwell, in his novella “Animal Farm,” depicted them as pigs.

  35. STOP putting Trump on air and talking – his lies are revolting and we don't need to hear him say them – just report or put the words at the bottom of the screen. PLEASE.

  36. Rudy Giulianni is almost a microcosm of America. After the 9/11 attacks most of the western world said "We stand with America and whatever it discovers and decides to do about the hijackers who took over 4 aircraft and employed them in terrorist attacks." G.W. Bush squandered all of that international goodwill with a groundless invasion of Iraq. Rudy Giulliani was 'America's Mayor' and also had the goodwill and support of everyone then and has subsequently squandered it all as a supporter of D. J Trump.

  37. This administration will
    go down in history. An amazing tale of graft and ineptitude. Kind of amazing really and totally watchable. How 21st. C.

  38. In this era why does this clown Trump refer to this ambassador as she may be a good woman , why not she may be a good ambassador , just exposing his sexist side once again

  39. The swamp tryjng to shut up Rudy, bcause he not shutting ip, sl smear, once again is left objective! We see you swamp coming regardless of yr attempts to deceive us!

  40. Here we go again with the stupid sh!t. Ever since Trump was elected, all this money is wasted on pointless investigations. When tf are Democrats gonna do something to help AMERICAN voters….instead of playing tit for tat trying to get dirt to "impeach" somebody? Move tf on already. Biden's a$$ is guilty and dumb. Schiff is super stupid for this Ukraine coup knowing sh!t about Biden's own quid pro quo would be brought to the forefront.

  41. I love paying for this guy & his wifes' fancy clothes, golf holidays, security detail and so much more while he pretends to be "out" money to be President.

  42. I think it’s time to publish a book named “Is this how a president should act and are the people who follow him morally compromised?” 🤦🏾‍♂️

  43. These men are deplorable and disgusting. Good honest people don't stand a chance against them. We're in an age were bad is crushing good. 🙁

  44. That psycho will be president for 8 yrs and that joke impeachment will never happen. And don't even like that orange Nazi!

  45. I want the money he stole while using his presidency to take money from the air force for using the airport he had a stake in and for forcing people to use his hotels at a cost to us taxpayers the list goes on. bottom line i want our money back,fact is i demand our illegally gotten tax dollars back

  46. Is it me or does Julliani look like the brain, from the cartoon "pinky and the brain"? I guess that must make Trump Pinky!

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