NYT reports there is a second whistleblower with ‘more direct information’

NYT reports there is a second whistleblower with ‘more direct information’

100 thoughts on “NYT reports there is a second whistleblower with ‘more direct information’

  1. A second whistleblower huh? Yep, i bet….(if you dont know, this is all the work of Brennan since day one of President Trumps Oath). Everyone points at Soros…but Soros only funds things…It has been Brennan and his continiously failed operations….he has been the main guy behind the curtain……this would have all worked out back in the 1950's to 2006 to do all these types of operations but then technology started getting so good it ruined their general tactics and coverups.

  2. How can there be another whistleblower now that the transcript of the phone call has been made public. This is stupid.

  3. Why does this not surprise me ? there's always more rat's than there is cheese like this president said they've been trying to impeach me sense day one they will try until election day and when the vote happens hope that the b.s stuck.

  4. OMG I can see it now, …….. there's going to be 10 more whistleblowers! Do we really have to go through this again??

  5. What do Trump, Giuliani, Barr, Sekulow, Pirro, DiGenova, Hannity and Watters have in common? They’re all greasy outer borough New Yorkers grifting wide-eyed Red State rubes taking their first trip to Gotham. Trump and his cabal idolize Roy Cohn and aspire to be tv mobsters. They are trash and that is how history will regard them.

  6. We don't care if there's a hundred whistle blowers. It's all just desperate democrats resorting to desperate measures. They're all just pissing into a head wind of MASSIVE support for Trump. Creepy Joe & his bent kid are in more trouble than the early settlers & there's photos to prove it.

  7. Who cares, the transcript of the call has been released and anyone can read it. This whistle blower is going to corroborate what? That there is nothing in the phone call that meets the bar for impeachment? This is a nothing burger. Biden on the other hand is not.

  8. What does it matter if there are 1 or 1000? That is their opinion of the transcript we have already read. There is nothing there. Another nothing burger. Without knowing who these "whistleblowers" are we have no idea what their motives are, but after reading the transcript we know it is most likely the same TDS victims.

  9. So the Socialist establishment weakens the President while he was at the UN and right before talks with North Korea. If we have a nuclear war with North Korea, the blood is on the Socialist establishment's hands. The millions that will die because they crave power are on them. History will remember them as the monsters they are.

  10. The constitution calls for a full house vote before introducing impeachment inquiry. There has to be due process. The other side (republicans) have to be allowed to come up with a counter argument and also have subpoena power. Check the constitution.

  11. okay every one has direct knowlege everyones read the transcript at this point. ukraine said it didnt have knowlege the aid was being held till month after. ans zelensky said he wasnt pressured in anyways. no one in the call talks about aid at all. no quid pro quo no crime move on. I have direct knowlege of the transcript where do I whistle blow against the dems for lying and clear malicious use of the proccess and corruption.

  12. watching FOX jumping on this bandwagon with such eagerness is even sadder than finding out that the captain of your football team in high school is now giving blow jobs for money.
    Cuz he doesn't actually LIKE it.

  13. In other words more made up BS from the demonic possessed left. Or when at first you don't succeed try and double down with the same stupid mistake.

  14. This is truly sickening. I'm so sick of the left and the crap they keep pulling. They are doing nothing but hurting America and Americans. It is disgusting and should be illegal. At what point is enough enough?

  15. this time its really true according to the guys brothers sister who herd it from her neighbors mail lady who works for the federal govt

  16. So the second WB is figuring out whether to file "his own" complaint. Okay, then.
    So English language get very interestings. What definition is?
    The first WB, who would not even be a WB until recently, NEVER filed "his own" complaint. It was literally written, vetted, reviewed, foot noted, funded de facto, and edited by

    There are a few people who have pointed out that Trump can not be the subject of a WB report, legally, technically, practically, or even theoretically.
    But English has been replaced by doublespeak, doublethink, cuminmouthtalk, and whatever else Alinsky accidentally created when he unleashed the projection paradigm on us.

  17. As FOX enters the whore's race against NYT, crippled CNN, MSNBC, etc. we expect a photo finish.
    Unless the photo shows Biden getting or giving a hand job in a golf cart.

  18. I thought there will be a second whistle blower. The first one did not work out, so they recruited a second one and clean ed it up a little. Trust me if the second one does not work out they will find more of the same. The moral of the story is they lie and nothing going to change my vote. I am deplorable.

  19. Fake news!!!!! The second whistle blower is Mickey Mouse himself!!! And when debunked there will be a 3rd and so on and so forth

  20. They just make it up as they go….if the first one doesn't get him
    ..hell will get another and another till it does work…right or wrong they don't care …..

  21. Meanwhile Trump has never called out either Flynn nor Manafort in regards to their Ukraine corruption but he’s concerned about corruption in the Ukraine gtfoh 😂😂 Even praised Manafort for not being a rat. The emperor is butt naked. Impeach!

  22. Please STOP using the name KANGAROO in your STUPID RUBBISH.
    Kangaroos are Native Marsupials of Australia..
    NOT some Democratic Argument in an America Court created by Criminals..

  23. There will be many whistleblower coming up to 2020 election. Democrats, a do nothing party will keep up their works because they will be wipe out in the election. Let's keep America Great and keep draining the swamps.

  24. Between now and 2020 polls open for voting there will be whistle blowers and leaks and who knows what else. Doesn't change a thing Trump 2020 decrepits heads popping VMW

  25. The Democratic party impeachment inquiry is the true name of this attempt to overthrow the government. They're cutting the Republicans out of the subpoena process. Highly unconstitutional, probably is a high crime, and misdemeanor.
    Hold the vote or have a revolt!

  26. Under Obama, the political Elite & Deep-State where invulnerable.
    Until Trump showed up wielding Thor's Hammer!

  27. De fund the Democrats leftists there to dangers to be funded. Size assets on the Democratic party. Just get rid of the Democrats. Replace them with a civilized party like the independent party. Impeach the Democrats and throw them in Jail. Democrats are scared that the investigation on them is getting to close so there using projection to try to win.

  28. Biden son does something wrong all of a sudden falls back on Trump confusion and deceit front and center…I want to know why Biden and his son not being investigated ??

  29. So….what will whistleblower #2 (who is it this time….Nadler…. Pelosi…Schitt again????) have to say that is different from the actual transcript? These Dems have gotten desperate, disgusting and dangerous.

  30. How convenient…No matter what it states l will not believe it…
    Also, Mutt R. is no sincere Republican…

  31. nothing to see here folks. if trump breaks the law its because he loves america. soon theyll say that trump plays dirty because hes afraid of the demonrats he plays dirty because thats how you win, its in his killer blood

  32. Imagen all the things republicans could of accomplished if they didn't have to clean up trumps mess every day. Could of had a wall.

  33. Who is Mitt Romney? Oh that’s the guy who got slapped by Abe Lincoln before he flew away on a giant bald eagle…. then lost his presidential race…. we don’t need to hear from you.


  35. That which is self-evident and needs to be explained reflects a lie to those who are not ignorant and typical of media propaganda. Confusion is using someone else's brain and not your own. Kangaroos have side pockets…

  36. *Actually, this is proof that this is a CIA operation because they NEVER EVER strategize an operation that is NOT based on at least a double or triple cover. Take Benaghazi for ex. That was a 3 deep cover plot. I was waiting on a '2nd whistleblower.' The only thing I dont understand is why Trump hasnt fired everyone in the CIA and FBI and NSA. Thats the ONLY way to stop this.

  37. tomorrow come the thirrd whislblower andone day later one mor and everyday one more yes?!
    so stupid. what you think. who trust you??? one lie mor in a day is a beder day yes?? hahhahha
    dem. bitches.

  38. For all you know there could be 52 of them…one coming out every week till the next election comes.. then there'll no more whistle left

  39. How many of you here do not have a college degree? I’d be willing to bet the majority of you. Go back to your trailers and read a book. VB you especially

  40. I have direct information. It's called a transcript and it's word for word. I don't care what Trump supposedly said, I care about what he did say. I want the Bidens in prison and their assets seized, returned to the rightful owners. What they did is extortion and blackmail. While typical of the Democrat political elite, it's still a major crime when one abuses office to make it happen.

  41. Been saying it from the beginning and people had better buckle up; CIA has something on Trump. They ran this game on MI all the time, trying launder intel they don't have a legit reason for having. Someone has been spying on the President and cant outright use what have, so they're picking at it, trying to get an official investigation that will magically turn over the rock they're winking and nudging at.

  42. Kavanaugh part 2 1st witness didn't work bring in the next one. If that doesn't work we will see Whistle blower part 3…

  43. Pelosi Lied: an "official inquiry" requires a vote. What is she afraid of? Why won't she hold a Vote?
    These question need to be answered.

  44. Anti-Trumpers are laughably pathetic and desperate. You don’t have to agree with him on everything …But you do have to acknowledge that he has been thoroughly positive for the country and a blessing for the people of this country No Matter The Color Of Their Skin. Otherwise you’d just be lying to yourself.

  45. President Trump and W Barr are getting very close. Dems are running scared. Their dirty work is about to be totally revealed.

  46. What the left is doing is unheard of.. Spies in the white house is all this is.. Unpatriotic assholes that will be held accountable..

  47. The dems have been trying to get him since he took office and badly but nothing.
    One would think if any of what they had were true they'd have him but there's nothing there, make it up as they go along and try try again.

    Trump 2020

  48. Give it up already, Russia, hookers, whistleblowers, Racist, White supremacists, xenophobic, sexist, orange man bad, the never ending story of B.S.

  49. Guys we need a new candidate like ASAP, there is too much evidence! He's gonna sink our party. Let's find someone new like for real

  50. Both whistleblowers are in mortal danger from the President who wants to know their identities. However I think we can safely assume that Republican lawmakers will do everything in their power to blow their cover and reveal their identities to Trump so that he can deal with them in whatever way he chooses.

  51. I have the perfect disguise to protect the whistleblower…👃(fake nose) 🕶 (glasses)& 🎮 (fake mustache) in case it’s a male.

  52. There was a sound of strumpets, and the angels did come
    down through the clouds, but in their wake, the Devil too
    came down, in a ring of fire. And he did blow his devilish
    tune. The Devil was whistling Dixie. But, he was told in no
    uncertain terms, *we have the transcripts.* You go now,
    and you can blow it out of your arse.

    The Devil then pissed on all the Democrats, because they
    had made him look bad. And he did smoke their arses with
    the fires of hell. And the Democrats were left screaming at
    the sky from whence the angels came. All were looking for
    the Devil, behind every cloud, in sheer terror.


  53. Prove how serious you are Democrats, warning investigate the Biden's and while you are at it lets see all the emails Hillary deleted

  54. Since the 1st whistleblower didnt work, the Demonrats will try with a 2nd whistleblower. The worthless Demonrats will never give up. They havent done anything for the American people for 3 years. They have earned their salaries for lying and cheating. Fire them all. Make them earn their money from a real job.

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