100 thoughts on “NYPD judge says cop in Eric Garner case should be fired

  1. right, because his death has been subject of presidential debates and part of our current "conversations", that's the ONLY reason this is happening now. He should have been jailed LONG ago. Please, what a joke. We need TOTAL reform of our judicial system and we need a citizen's board to oversee investigations of police malfeasance,

  2. Eric Garner was killed for selling lose cigarettes, unlike the Radical maga killer that was apprehended without a scratch .

  3. https://youtu.be/8JvERZossQo

    Man….you guys are full of it. The video shows that asshole cop putting his weight on the guys head with his fucking knee. This shit has got to stop. Cops have got to stop killing citizens. This whole "resisting arrest" argument is bullshit. If you approached people with respect and the attitude of protecting and serving, then maybe results would be better. Quit your jobs. I say the city of New York needs to vacate those positions and recruit candidates for law enforcement that know how to treat human beings. That man Eric Garner was treated like an animal…over some damn cigarettes. But time and time again, white guys with assault weapons survive killing others in movie theaters and schools…and churches…and yet come out on the other side unharmed dressed in bullet proof vests. Y’all are ridiculous. The court is using the word "reckless" because that is a legal term that describes intent and disregard of the reasonableness. Human rights matter. Damn! And you work for the legal system. IGNORANT. Oh, and this whole rant that you give about poor pitiful police getting water thrown on them…well the public has lost faith in you people. And now you attack the mayor. The guy should have been fired from jump street. Stop whining and complaining. If you want to do something change and treat people like human beings. This guy did not have any weapon. Stop taking your argument out of context. Fair would be, let 4 or 5 citizens choke him out until he dies. If you can’t do your job without violating human rights, get another damn job. You don’t have the support of all the public. Your NYCPBA website speaks volumes. First page…no blacks represented whatsoever. And another thing, it is a real shame when nurses and other hospital staff are able to deal with combative, aggressive, violent, and dangerous people all the time without any weapons, but you supposed tough men can’t do shit without a weapon or killing someone. You say his heart gave out. NO shit! He was attacked over cigarettes. I pray that the judgment of God follows all of you for the rest of your days. I pray that God will punish all of you who were involved and all of you who continue to spew your reckless words of hatred on social media. I am believing that justice will find all of you and may you suffer just as much as you make others suffer who have no power and can’t beat and choke people out “under the law.” You are a damn joke.

    Resident of North Carolina

  4. The thin blue line has turned into the huge YELLOW line because the police won't do their job of protecting citizen from the efin cowardly POS thugs in their midst.

  5. de blasio you bastard you did nothing if it was s black cop killing a white EVERY WHITE WILL KICK UP A STORM AND THE BLACK COP WOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED AND FIRED. THIS IS TRUMPS RACIST AMERICA.

  6. Fire the cop would be a start. too many of these cops have behavior that allow them to kill for no reason. In this case the cop was reckless .

  7. What’s wrong with the citizens in New York? This murdering piece of crap cop, is walking around free as a jail bird?

  8. Putting a man in a choke hold was uncalled for. Keeping this man in a choke hold after he said he can’t breathe is simply murder.
    No gun,no knife only selling cigarettes.

  9. Rise up NYC. Arm yourselfs and surround the pig palace and make CITIZEN'S arrest on these pigs. If they resist, kill them.
    Government is corrupt and not holding these pigs accountable.

  10. Firing this murderous racist cop is not enough.He should also be arrested and charged for first degree murder.

  11. It is not alleged god damn it, video shows the officer choking him. This extremely annoying. You are suppose to be the news, present it as news not this PC garbage. Stop trying to offend people with the truth, it is your job to say the truth and let the public decide.

  12. It wasn’t an alleged choke hold… as a martial artist it was definitely a chokehold… point blank… stop the bullshyt… it was death by compression of the neck .

  13. Outrageous!!!!!……we live in a country that is so infested with white supremacists and deeply rooted in white supremacy that it has actually taken 5 years to have a hearing to determine if a vicious white supremacist who murdered a man on video should be fired…….Foundational Black Americans have no friends in this rotten country.

  14. WHAT??? A White cop getting fired (actually punished for once) for killing a black man? This is a historical moment!
    America is a racist whore.

  15. He was a thug who was selling illegal bootleg CDs and decided to fight the police when he got caught and arrested. and he had also attacked a convenient store worker. The fat ass had a heart attack because he was such a land whale

  16. YOU MUST VIEW: At 25.19 minutes in the link below: My face was streaming with tears of deep laughter as I almost choked as I was rolling around on the ground.

  17. Corrupt officer performs a illegal choke off captured on video and we're still talking about it. Should've been fire long time ago and put in jail. The police union are thugs.

  18. Another example of not wanting to follow the written law military policing does not work a good lawyer would eat this up skipping protocol for the situation living in a flawed system cast that man his life and the white still looking for excuses reverse the situation and they want that black cop otta there that's white folk for ya.🤔🤔🤔🤔

  19. Fired???? He should be up on manslaughter charges just like any other civilian would. This cop culture is insane and above the law

  20. That pussy coward dirty cop should get choked out. No tapping out. He didn't approach Eric till he saw more back up coming. Then chokes him from behind with an illegal method. Mr Garner had both hands out when he was down and was pleading that he couldn't breath. Not because of the choke hold alone. There were six cops on top of him. This for selling "Singles". While this was going down, the CVS on the next block is selling oxy like M&Ms. Go figure.

  21. Really anxious to know…how many more Traitor Trump terrorist attacks against Americans before we put him someplace safe so no one else gets hurt?

  22. "Alleged" chokehold. Are you fucking kidding me? You're still using the word alleged when we fucking SAW the chokehold? Look up the definition of "alleged" you fucking moron!

  23. "Controversial involvement"??? You mean MURDER right? What the fuck are you idiots over at CNN doing these days? I THOUGHT you fucktards were "journalists". . . .yeah. . .aight!

  24. De Blasio has ZERO chances of a presidential run and THIS is exactly why. As a "man with a black child" he has done not a fucking thing about this situation. . .he doesn't DESERVE our vote. Fuck De Blasio! He's only trying to do this for votes. . .but if it took you five years to say what you just said. . .then you've proven that unless something happens directly to your son. . . you don't give a shit about black boys/men.

  25. First fire, then life sentence.
    "Criminalizing Policing" If you don't do criminal actions then you won't be criminalized.

  26. All you coward as cops need to go back to training, you cops have lost your way new training earn your respect, you cops think your tuff you not your under trained over worked and under paid, that's what you should be talking about. Instead of allowing and thinking your fellow cop get away with how he proceed to help the situation he had others means, but you all so over rout he chose to . Come on know.

  27. 10 years later after getting a pay raise lol he should of shoot a bunch of people then they would of walked him over to McDonald's and laugh with him all the way to the jailhouse

  28. I was working at a daycare and this kid wouldn't listen to me i tried to make him and i accidentally killed him so my boss gave me a raise and i didnt go to jail 😁

  29. Pantaleo used an ILEGAL chokehold and murdered a citizen. The judge acquitted Pantaleo but said he should be fired….
    You get it? It’s always someone else’s responsibility to fight white supremacy.
    You see how it is embedded in govt social structures?

  30. The female news lady said “alleged choke hold” alleged!!! He DID choke Eric Garner! It’s not alleged dammit!!

  31. For his controversial involvement in his death? really? Say it the way it is, for killing an unarmed man, chocking him to death.

  32. If no one knew, Eric wasn’t even selling cigarettes when the cops killed him, so there goes your “but he was resisting” excuse. He was completely clean.

  33. 1 bad cop down aka fired hundreds more to go strange I haven't seen one cop in the streets for 2 days anyways yaaay he fired

  34. He should be in jail or hanged. Racist Americans. I wonder what White people will say when black people start killing foreigners in Africa. We live to see.

  35. To me there are so many corruptions inside Police Department, as well commissionners it should have a law voted which it could punish very harchly a commissionner when his Officer kills someone for no reason, as well the Mayor by jail time, in the same time indicted this Officer for murder. So the judge shouldn't feel bad no to send Daniel Pantaleo in jail for 59 years behind bars. And again why the tax payers have to pay back so much money for someone else crime? I mean the whole world heard Eric GARDNER begged for his life he couldn't breath. Legislators have to law when a crime is committed by a Police Officer, to avoid tax payers to pay for any Officer crime, the Comissionner and the Mayor should be investigated by FBI and the criminal Officer should be fired, so a Judge has power to indicte him for murder simple is that.

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