Nunes lists questions for whistleblower in opening statement

Nunes lists questions for whistleblower in opening statement

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  1. Hello my friends do not be afraid because our mighty God is with our president Trump. There will be no impeachment and trump will be our last president before the second coming of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Peace

  2. People this is important however do not lose sight of what is happening on our southern border.Our president is not being forceful enough to protect the invasion of those that will do this country harm.There are those that need help but in the mix are those that will take your head.We are being invaded. Never lose sight of that.

  3. I noticed Schiff was blinking like a drunken prom date…..this according to body language experts indicates he knew his actions to be dishonest…..look it up. On a lighter note thank God Nunes is there…….still proves there are sane people in California.

  4. We all are now very much aware that there is corruption in Ukraine. And more than circumstantial evidence is showing that the Biden family is involved in that corruption. Is it the position of the Democratic Party led by this clown show that the Biden’s are exempt from any investigation of involvement in Ukraine’s corruption? This is the question I’d like to have Jim Jordan address with these clowns led by Adam Schiff. Just how is it that the Democrats get to have their own set of rules and laws and make things up as they go?

    He NEEDS to be CHARGED with a CRIME and PROSECUTED to the FULL EXTENT of the LAW !!!!

  6. We the people of the United States need to know who the Whistle Blower is. I even though my God what if this Whistle Blower don't exist and the Democrats are lie,ing. Why are the Democrat hiding him or her my God is this person is real or a lie. To get Trump out of office.

  7. Have to love Nunes , like the dad in the committee ,with the spoiled brat sitting next to him looking ready to spew ,or run ,like a roach in the light , WAKE UP AMERICA , please ..from the rest of world ..


  9. I don't understand why the supreme justice allow crook shift Adam to do what ever he wants and no body do anything about this reputable individual.


  11. I contend that ideological allegiances are upstream from emotional/political responses; what is at the heart – ideologically – of the enmity towards this president?

  12. I can't believe the American people from both sides of politics are allowing this behavior to continue from the Democrats. Traveling down a corrupt path US… Fix it whilst you still can.

  13. no wonder the white elite has been leading white nationalist person by the nose for 200 hundred years …you really are ill equipped to make fair, integrity-based decisions

  14. Why would anyone (republicans) question Hunter Bidens qualification for the job (which is irrelevant to this inquiry) when their own chief Trump is sooooooo not qualified for anything but cheating on his beautiful wife and selling what he doesn't own – USofA…shameless bastard will burn in hell

  15. All you dumb libs pay attention. You will lose again so keep on whining like the weak little pecker heads you are. It won't save you. 5 more years cry babies. Hehehe.

  16. Where is the Coward In Chief?
    If he's not going to testify, he should stop crying about due process. The impeachment is in the phase where he is allowed procedural due process.
    If you're innocent, get up and show the world!! Or sit back and tweet like the cowardly snowflake we all know you are DonnieBoy!!
    He should be impeached for war crimes and everyone knows. The problem is, with those charges, he could take half of Washington DC down with him. Why? Because, so many politicians and lawmakers take money from the same groups who profit from war crimes.

  17. CNN: "We will now return from our 8 minute 30-second commercial break and rejoin the Impeachment of our orange Cheeto, er, President Trump."

  18. Rep. still doesn't understand a all. Whistleblower is right [listen to Mr. Trump and read the "transcript"!]: a day after the release of the transcript, the acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, said that the whistleblower complaint on President Donald Trump‘s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president is “in alignment” with a memo the White House released on the conversation. Even this raw version of a memo, which is called the "transcript" can't hide the frase "I would like you to do us a favor though…. " [quid pro quo].

  19. By the way: Even the ASKING a foreign country for influence on election 2020 is a crime; delivering of the requested item is not important at all. There is asked for interference by Ukraine, by China [what a joke!] and of course Russia.

  20. Pondering whether the ambit (law) of immunity protects the whistleblower/s who lied especially when his/her so-called claims were entirely different from the POTUS transcript.

  21. Rats always turn and feed on each other when desperate. Once the real truth is exposed by the release of the FISA and Durham report, the Dems will scatter like the cowards they are… all while desperately trying to distance themselves from this obviously constructed plan. Some will stay quiet, some who are the most guilty will propose plea deals to save themselves from prison. Some will say they were forced or pressured into voting for this conspiracy. Well, I can only speak for myself but I would urge the White House to show no mercy. The current Democratic party is just like a flesh-eating mold. If any spore is left behind, the infection will resurface again. We must purge all dishonesty and resistance to freedom from our government. This is the American people's fight more than the GOP's. All the GOP and other honest leaders left in the government can do is help us, but it is up to us to finish this. We will finish it at the polls in 2020 and take back what the corrupt Democrats have stolen from us for the past three decades. It is time to show the world that we will never knowingly commit crimes against them. And our tarnished honor is all due to actions that were hidden from us. All we can do is admit it and work to right as many wrongs as we can. However, this does not make us weak in this admission. We will rise stronger than before and countries like China will no longer get help from within our ranks. The time of China's corruption towards the USA is coming to an end. No more financial aid to the corrupt, no more aid to our enemies. America will refuse to pay the bulk of all international aid agreements. Never again will we sacrifice our children to fight your wars. America needs to look inward now. Not outward. We have to fix our own sickness before helping others.

  22. You can always count on “tRump TV” to portray tRump’s innocence. Right wing sanctioned television at it’s best. Smh

  23. Pay back time for the republicans !, there is a pack of wild dogs in the demonrat party ready to be put DOWN ! Happy Hunting…!

  24. Wow! Rep. Nunes is punching gigantic holes in this sham impeachment inquiry. Get back to working for the American people and pass USMCA!

  25. Time to go after the press it needs to be rebuilt there are going aginst America and eventually ppl will leave this country and restart and leave these morons to be scavengers of nothing, that they created

  26. A telling exposay and he doesn't hold back the punches.
    Would have been great to see the look in Schiff's eyes, some of his body language as well, as his impeachment push just got shredded.

    Those involved in any treasonous behaviour and the many that no doubt profited by these dealings with both the Ukraine and China during Obama's administration will be found out.

    Lets hope justice will give them a big serve in a criminal court.
    Truth reaps its own rewards ….
    America and the World has Mr. Trump.

  27. Yes Rep Nunes,we are and have been listening,why are they afraid to take these matters to a "real" court of law,where "everybody" will be under the penalty of perjury including the "puppet master" sitting next to you.

  28. Excellent, Congressman Nunes! but realize that the media is not simply “biased“ – They are not “botching“ these stories. they are corrupt. They are a propaganda machine and they are doing exactly what they are setting out to do – lieing to and misleading the American public.

  29. This is proof each of them heard what the record show the president asked for nothing outside of the law on a doucmented phone calls. Were is a foundation of a crimes? For the last two weeks all I have witnessed as a taxpayers voting citizens is statement of disgruntled interdepartmental government employees that should have no opinions only a duity to follow orders .The one in uniform should be termanited for cause because presidential interpretations of speech and conversation is not part of his job descriptions IAM willing to bet.
    45 🇺🇸 2020.

  30. Theyre gonna impeach him in house regardless just do it move it to senate where he will still be the president atleast these losers can get back to actually doing something

  31. This is another huge distraction, from the far left evil deep side. A serious bunch lies again trying to do anything wrong to make our great President look bad. It’s a witch hunt! Find out who was behind this and bring them down. They never tried to impeached Obama. Obama should have been impeached 4 different times. The Clintons are just as bad. When are people going to wake up?

  32. I believe that what the Deep State is doing is to continually harassing and smearing tour President so he won't get re=elected.

  33. I’ve been so proud of the Republicans in these inquiries. Nunes, Jordan, and Stefanik have been incredible. Keep it up!

  34. More taxpayers dollars wasted America. Look how much money they are wasting of yours. These Democrats caused so many problems. They have to go. They don't care how much of your money they're spending radically this is why they allow illegal aliens to Rampage our country. It is a crime with these Democrats have done to our nation. We need to get rid of them.!

  35. ALL media has a married couple in the government and in the media, these people talk in beds at night make whoopi and laugh at how they will spin their stories against the President. Military intervention is needed.

  36. see the thumbs up vs thumbs down on this video….That will be the difference at the box!!!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  37. This whistle blower sounds like a pro. I wonder if the Blower will be by paid well. Whistleblowering is an old profession. Look at Judas. Iscariot.

  38. Devin Nunez is a weasel through and through. He's the kid in school who on the last day of school would shout "Hey Miss Hayworth, you forgot to give us homework!" Pee Wee Herman incarnate.

  39. The Dems said moving the phone call transcript to a "top secret" classified system was a ''COVER UP"!
    I just heard Mr. Morrison say " the call transcript was MISTAKENLY moved to a classified system."
    This is BS! Take this to the Senate & TOSS this whole impeachment debacle out the window!

    Nunes: "Mr Vindman…."
    Vindman: "That's Lieutenant Colonel Vindman" (He doesn't like to be addressed as "Mr. Vindman".)
    Dude thinks his $hit don't STINK

  40. Every politician that signed off on this farce of an impeachment should be charged with treason for trying to overthrow our President. Along with fines to cover the cost so taxpayers don't pay for this circus.

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