41 thoughts on “Numbers are ALIVE and Govern the Universe – The Power of the Number 9

  1. Hi 👋
    Question ?
    My birthday month is 3
    My birthday is 15 = 6
    My birthday year adds up to 9
    So In the end it all adds up to 3,6,9

    On top of that my name adds up to number 7

    What does it mean? How do I use this to help improve areas in my life? Can anyone please explain this to me? Thank you 🙏 ☺️

  2. Laws of mother nature govern the universe . Laws of god in the solar system . Cause and effect a dying sun imploding purified in eye of fire the holy ghost out eye a sun bore the father I AM ALL father of all in all out all.

  3. Take the placement of a letter in the English alphabet and multiply it by 9. Then start adding the letters in your favorite words. Start with Lucifer, then English, then try Jesus. Have fun with the truth.

  4. Gary,
    This thought or theory came to me after watching this video & Your video of "3 6 9 & Tesla."
    I'd like to hear your thoughts.
    3 = Unity
    M = 13th letter = Male
    W = 23rd letter = Woman
    13 + 23 = 36 or Male + Female
    3 + 6 = 9
    9 = Aether = God
    The Union of the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine = God

  5. All this is very interesting especially with Tesla who referenced 3,6,9 and Energy, Frequency, And Vibration. That's good to know but I want to dig deeper and get a pure understanding of this. Is there a connection between 3,6, and 9 with Energy, Frequency, And Vibration? Does 3 represent Energy Does 6 represent Frequency and does 9 represent Vibration? What's the connection if any?

  6. Still not sure how numbers are "alive", though. And I would really have preferred to see some examples of the nines in nature, instead of this. By the way, for those who don't know, degrees are just one of the units for measuring angles – and sometimes you must use radians, which DO NOT reduce to nine.

  7. I had a dream once about numbers of light I'm pretty sure I saw nine I thought maybe it was light language. It was beautiful.

  8. that just like if one was shown "reent do not" with a circle with a square than ye go to another place last rent 500 than there is an illustration of an earth with the number 500 on it and the last rent was 500 so the pictures of the different settings in different places you was at are creating the same dynamic of numbers but in the same rotation telling of the same story foretelling the numbers of those objects before they happen and showing the exact same number within that object given dates earth black creating the number sequence of sum before you even see it co-inside w/the what you are trying to show is of a true story using numbers and objects for anyone can say anything but if can back it up with numbers letters and objects and the reflection is the exact same in the exact number of light than well that shit is fucking weird lol

  9. this is very funny lol wat if one can predict their life w/numbers that already exist and one did it before those numbers popped up to show of a story of truth using number which is physic of law of matter the same rotation of object moving at the same speed of light creating an orbit of numbers using objects to construct an illustration before that illustration was even told or shown sum times physics of law can't be taught but can be shown thru one life story and that shit will blow ur fucking mind into pieces same rotation the same matter in different sequences of events w/the objects which illustrate an illusion of time of numbers which speak w/one another on the same subject but of sum u said back yonder than those object of numbers are now being shown with a story that u told and numbers are speaking of the story that you are telling they are talking with each other across the street in the same rotation of light lol that shit be one hell of a matrix lol

  10. Wow. I count numbers up all the time(like the clock) and see if thry add up to 3, 6 and especially 9!

  11. Well I think that the year 2025 is going to be crucial : 2025÷9=225(2+2+5=9), and 225÷9=25=2+5=7. And isen't 7 considered a magic number too, perhaps even God's number ? Me I'm puzzeld, espeacilly relating it with NWO…NOW… Or not ? End or beginning ? But of what ?

  12. The Creator. Governs the universe.
    Numbers are a human attempt to quantize and make sense of the creation.

  13. 45 is the number of a second coming, or the return of a god. That's why Michael Jordan really wore 45 when he came back from retirement.

  14. So asperger’s autism is basically “being capable to see patterns more clearly, without the capability to emotionally relate to them”… after this video I feel ready to recite pi to the 100th digit.

  15. Bisecting a circle repeatedly forms a Singularity (1)
    Then the angles in polygons forms a Vacuum (0)

    This boils down to BINARY.. Much wonder the computer reads in zeros & ones.

    Convert 9 to binary u get 1001 (a perfect result whether u read from front or back)

    The letters of the alphabet, 9 corresponds to the letter I (1) … Oneness..


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