Nozzle Governing

Nozzle Governing

today we will discuss about nozzle governing what is nozzle governing regulation of quantity of water or steam from nozzle for controlling the speed of turbine as Lord changes is called governing or nozzle governing firstly we will discuss about parts of the nozzle governing process we have a impulse turbine for different sets of nozzles this is first set of nozzle this is second set of nozzle and below is third set of nozzle these are the nozzles for providing water or steam to the impulse turbine this is the inlet for steam and these are the valves for operating steam this is connected to the impulse turbine nozzle set with the help of pipes first set is connected second set is connected and this third set is connected directly now what will happen at the starting stage all the valves are open and steam will go through these three connecting pipes and reached on the nozzle and impulse turbine will start rotating with all the three openings but if in the case of load changes we can open and close these valves according to the requirement what will have convened steam will in net then this one we can close then this supply of the steam or water we'll be stoked by this one and steam or water will not go to the first set of nozzle so turbine speed can be maintained now this second week valve will also work for top water or steam to go to the second set of nozzle so from these set of nozzles we can maintain the speed of the turbine by opening and closing of the valves this is called nozzle governing thank you for seeing this video for more updated videos you can subscribe me on my channel learn and grow thank you

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  1. Seriously tysm I have seen ur videos on steam turbine machines governing all of them are tooo Good u explain very well ty 👍

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