46 thoughts on “Novo Amor- Anchor (official video)

  1. Hello I'm a fans from Indonesia,can I use this track on my engagement video please? This song is too beautiful.
    Really love ur work on birthplace and terraform too :))

  2. very beautiful song….Can I make this song as a backsong of my video, its not comersial video just a documentary as a behind the scene…. I will credit this song in my description video at the below

  3. For all of the people who searched this after Five Feet Apart: if you like the song, I recommend you to keep listening from this group, because it just simply has some beautiful songs that deserve recognition

    That, have a beautiful day <3

  4. Ive created a playlist on spotify called "for the universe.by kevin santiago" ive got tons of music just like this saved. From bon iver, coldplay, john mayer, james blake, jai wolf, hozier, ben howard and many more.

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