41 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic – 9 minutes of ARGUING with a journalist – Rome 2019 (HD)

  1. So the journalist is Ben Rothenburg of the NYTimes.com and No Challenges Remaining podcast. The topic is completely appropriate as Djokovic has a leading role in tennis, not least of all as the president of the council. The way this works is that the "board" that Djokovic mentions, includes 3 representatives from the tournaments and 3 from the ATP players (one of whom is Djokovic, one was a convicted felon Justin Gimelstob [until a few days before this interview], and the third is thought to be in the pocket of Djokovic). 

    There are a few issues going on including how to replace Gimelstob and how to replace the head of the ATP (Chris Kermode) who Djokovic assured would not have his contract renewed at the end of 2019 when it expires. Of course, there are lots of other issues going on, including player unionization and pay issues.

    Djokovic takes a position of claiming innocence or persona non grata even. We see this tactic often in use by American President Trump. Of course, Djokovic could say no comment, but he takes a defensive position, and it's no clear why he doesn't state his reasoning for his actions as President of the Player's council.

  2. Wow Novak speaks very good English. Way to keep your composure and dropping knowledge on that reporter. Go Novak!

  3. It's those times that you realize someone is smarter and more logical than you and you try to argue but keeps making you look like an idiot. That reporter is in quicksand. Respect for Nole.

  4. USA will probably declare him some sort of tennis dictator and bomb his residence,erase everything Serbian and all the Serbs from the face of the earth.

  5. WHAT A STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLE JOURNALIST. If i was in that room i dont think i would have enough patience to not shout at him "shut the fuck up" towards the end of his unending attack and disrespect towards Novak when clearly he didnt come to ask questions but to personally take out his anger on him. This is why I have no trust on some journalist. The simple ones from Italy themselves were so very humble and nice and the one from the big city New York is so fucking rude and arrogant. Still lucky that he's allowed to continue his free run at being an asshole journalist. Ughhhhhh i have more respect for my pig than that scumbag.

  6. Novak: So you trust your source? (with a wry grin, strongly implying the journalists source is wrong)
    Journalist: What information have I got wrong? (he asks this multiple different times in multiple different ways)

    I understand people thinking the journalist comes across as a bit of a prick, but part of being a journalist is asking questions you know are a bit touchy for the interviewee.

    For any journalist who gives a damn about their own career and their profession as a whole, they will take the reliability and trustworthiness of their source(s) incredibly seriously. I wouldn't blame any journalist worth their salt for getting their back up, if an athlete as well known as Djokovic publicly called them out on their source(s).

    To be clear: Djokovic has every right to call the journalist out, if Djokovic believes the source of the journalist's information to be fundamentally wrong, but by the same token, one can't be surprised at the journalist getting annoyed, when Novak repeatedly refused to give specifics about how/where/why/when the source of the journalist's information was not accurate.

  7. Take several seats and go back to school journalist to understand how majority rules work. Love u Novak! Nicely handled.

  8. I'm a massive Rafa fan, that was extremely well handled by Novak. Some solid backhands down the line!

  9. Djokovic answered the questions pretty well. He just gets targeted more than other players unfortunately. If journalists don't have good questions they shouldn't ask them at all. Just shows how some journalists just love to stir the pot

  10. Nole is great! Not only in tennis, but also in IQ! I'd like to pay more to watch him playing tennis! And I'd like to pay even more to listen his seminar in the future! Tennis need Novak! Fans need Novak!

  11. NOVAK you are amazing! This journalist needs another job! He is uselss to his kind! Novak we LOVE you!

  12. Wow it must be annoying to get all these questions from some people who like Nole said just want to create a buzz more that telling the truth. Great reaction from Nole he handled it well.

  13. This was really awkward to watch; I felt bad for Novak but also felt the journalist was doing his job. It was Novak's right to give the answer he gave. The journalist is better off talking g to Kyrgios….lol.

  14. Wow, not only has his english improved, but he's also matured…you have to think clearly to speak like that…I mean, the sentence structure, the vocabulary..everything relevant to the topic and yet completely managed to avoid saying anything that could be exploited by these abject fuckin journalist leeches for some sensationalistic controversy…truly impressive!

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