37 thoughts on “Not the Nine O'Clock News – Monty Pythons worshipers

  1. i'm a christian and i loved the life of brian, the only part i didn't like was the nudity.
    cuz i like watching movies with my family you can tell that was quite awkward.

  2. I'd heard it said that in Britain, John Cleese was by far the most popular of the Pythons. To this particular non-British Python fan, here's solid proof.

  3. Monty Python can walk on water, ok ok maybe it's just barefoot water skiing but it looks like walking on water!

  4. Watched (and listened – on vinyl!) this many times but only noticed (and love) the subtle touch of Atkinson twirling the film camera eyepiece hung around his neck as though it were a crucifix/rosary. Great stuff.

  5. We need a british comedy about an individual living at the same time as another middle eastern prophet…

  6. Jesus Christ! , priceless comedy.
    No one takes the micky on pompous religious clergy like Rowan Atkinson .

  7. In the pantheon of comedy Not the Nine O'Clock News doesn't get as much recognition it deserves. Clearly Python was the comic messiah – no argument here – but NTNOCN were, at the very least, comedic arch-bishops in their own right.

  8. It's funny how much Rowans movement's look like that of Quentin Tarantino. If I had not known better I would have sworn that's whome he is parodying. ( Just to be clear, He is not ofcourse)

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