12 thoughts on “Northern California 8 a.m. weather update: October 9, 2019 | PG&E power shutoffs

  1. Wind & power lines didn't cause the fires, directed energy weapons did; but dead men tell no tales. Must be nice having your house listed for sale and no power to show. lolz

  2. If our government wasn't spraying us like bugs from the chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction from the toxic bunker fuel and poison chem trails. from the air planes California would not be dried out like it is.
    There is no climate change.
    The only change in climate is where our government is targeting areas with weather wars be it from fires or floods.

  3. There's plenty of reasons not to live in California and this is another. A lot of people will die because of this. I have to use a breathing machine and I would die.

  4. Why isn’t the weather app that I have followed for years shows no signs of wind tonight in Redding??? We understand how it works. But, how many miles away, far away is not accurate, honest reporting!!

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