19 thoughts on “Nokia and Telia leverage 5G performance for Industry 4.0

  1. In this case, the 5G is like a fast WiFi for the factory, where video data is analyzed by some central computer that is in the other location in the building or even a different city.

  2. despointed the priceof nokia 7+ but still nice smartphone nokia must use new processor over all nokia is the best

  3. Mau nya menjelang piala Dunia 2018 nokia membuat hp INI DIA HP TERKEREN DI DUNIA
    Kapan ya Nokia mau membuat hp Nokia S9 Max Pro Dual Kamera Utama Dual Camera with Dual OIS
    – Wide-angle: Super Speed Dual Pixel 25MP AF sensor (F1.5/F2.4)
    – Telephoto: 18MP AF sensor (F2.4) dan kamera depan Dual Camera AI selfie 25MP+18MP (bukaan f/2.0)
    RAM 5.5GB kapasitas daya battery 5500mha sama Memori Internal 64GB Dual SIM, Nano – Jaringan 2G/3G/4G LTE cepat 150Mbps, LTE Octa Core Processor 2.8GHz Android 8.1 Nokia Experience 9.2+hp Nokia S9 Max Pro Tahan Banting dan Tahan Air+IP68 & Tahan debu hp Nokia S9 Max Pro bisa menghemat kuota hingga 50% Ultra Data Saving+Signal Max Nokia dan hp Nokia S9 Max Pro juga bisa menghemat daya baterai hingga 50% Layar 6,4 inci, resolusi 1.080 x 2.280 Super AMOLED dan hp Nokia S9 Max Pro bisa di pakai buat nonton TV atau ada TV di hp Nokia S9 Max Pro & Desain hp Nokia S9 Max Pro harus lebi keren dari pada Desain hp Nokia 9 apa lagi jika Nokia menjual hp Nokia S9 Max Pro harga ya cuma 5.000.000jutaan dan dapat BONUS GRATIS casing buku hp Nokia S9 Max Pro+anti gores pasti bayak yang membeli hp Nokia S9 Max Pro di INDONESIA mantap hp Nokia S9 Max Pro Super Keren Sekali?????

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