25 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky – The Political Economy of the Mass Media – Part 1 HD

  1. Assange brought me here. Fight the future pedes. P.S. I miss Hitch. Wish he was still around to talk 2016 with Chomsky.

  2. wow! you could say these exact same things today that he did in 1989!!! we can no longer pretend we don't know anything! it's all right here. and there. and there. and there…

  3. Does anyone know the name of the book co-authored by Chomsky and Herman that was suppressed by Warner's shuttering of its publishing company? The only books I can find that are co-authored by the two are Manufacturing Consent (which was not the book) and both volumes of The Political Economy of Human Rights (later given the titles The Washington Connection and Third-World Fascism (vol. 1) and After the Cataclysm (vol. 2).

  4. "It's not that it 'seems' to be inconsistent with 'the spirit of the agreement'—it's flatly inconsistent with it's wording."

  5. its interesting that the position of the elite is that the average person has no ability to assess their own interests. And yet, a large swath of the population seems extremely easy to be convinced of things that clearly are against their interest (case and point, republican voters and liberalizing the economy). its sort of hard to argue for democracy when you observe how easily manipulated people are and how terrible they seem to be in actually recognizing their own interests. US libertarians are another great example. a group thats been convinced that advocating of total private tyranny is the path to ultimate freedom. it is Orwellian in that what they advocate for is the extreme opposite of what they say they want. perhaps the elites are right, or are these people just the result of decades of indoctrination and sophisticated propaganda? if so, why are people like myself and others seemingly immune to this, or am i equally indoctrinated?

  6. unbelievable how much actual truth this man is speaking , although this was happening 26 tears ago.. Thanks a mill for the upload! 

  7. Rudolf Rocker for sure.

    I discovered Rocker while reading a biography about Chomsky. Rocker wrote an incredible book about the Spanish Civil War with which Chomsky was enamored as a youngster.

  8. Great guy = people should watch and listen to this guy..Noam Chomsky is the man in the know..He could educate the masses with his speeches on whats really going on around the globe..He knows whats in the History books so there for people should sit up and listen to what hes talking about. HE IS BY FAR ONE OF THE GREATS OUT THERE…FOR TALKING ABOUT THE ELITE WHO ARE CONTROLLING ALL PEOPLES ALL OVER OUR PLANET EARTH…THEY ARE ALL FASCISTS WHO BELIEVE IN SLAVERY..KNOW CHANGE THERE THEN.God bless.

  9. wow i didn't even know i was subscribed to this channel. great upload though, i'll always give chomsky a listen.

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