28 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky interviewed by Canadian journalists at round table, 1988

  1. Peter Worthington: "I'm very impressed by the mass of evidence that's been arrayed , unfortunately it's not always accurate and it's very selective." OK., then, why did you just sit there and not challenge what was being said by Mr. Chomsky? And when you did speak, why not bring up these inaccuracies?

  2. This interview reminds me of Noam Chomsky’s only appearance on William F. Buckley’s ‘Firing Line’ in 1969, a show to discuss the war in Vietnam and American military intervention in other parts of the world.

    That program in its entirety is on you tube.

    Mr. Chomsky debated Buckley (favoring intervention) on American intervention and the use of force in places such as Greece, Central America, the Philippines, and Vietnam. After 35-40 minutes or so (approx.), Mr. Buckley had nothing really left to say. It was a civilized discourse, the likes of which, unfortunately, you do not see on mainstream television today.
    No one on television today possesses Mr. Chomsky's knowledge or intelligence. Sad, really.

    I read somewhere that Mr. Buckley was mad afterwards and vowed never to have Noam Chomsky back a second time.

    He was right.

  3. Who's the dumbfuck that thought it was a good idea to talk shit to Chomsky?? I mean, this is what 88? This was public knowledge by then. lol

  4. Wars are also the best opportunity for Military Industrial Capitalists to make the world safe for Corporate Plunder.

  5. Chomsky claimed 9/11 was not a conspiracy by the Bush administration when obviously it was because his alma mater MIT produced the inept and fake video of planes passing through the steel and concrete walls of the twin towers – a physical impossibility. There were no planes, no Islamic terrorists and no Osama Bin Laden. The Israelis set thermite demolition charges months earlier to synchronise when detonated with the imaginary aircraft. An Israeli TV crew was on hand to record the catastrophe even before it happened.
    Chomsky like Chris Hedges sold out, as did the late Christopher Hitchens over the US invasion of Iraq and 9/11.

  6. 39:06 sadly the younger baby boomers have a strong sense of me first as a result of this brainwashing back in the 80s. i see it at work when i bring up issues their response quickly goes back to.. "what do i care? i don't have time to worry about other people." they even shame their younger kids for having more populist thoughts. he mentions "sitcoms" I immediately think of Family Ties where they glamorized Alex as the Reaganite and his clueless hippie parents.

  7. 18:57 WOW! They proved Chomsky's point about media censorship. Talk about the Queen and they cut the feed.

  8. “We should give much more attention to one priest who We’ve
    killed then to a hundred priests that They’ve killed.”  — 
    Morally obscene no matter what spineless ‘caveats’ he wants to throw in
    later (as always).  Sad the Left can’t
    see it.
    I’m sure he would see it differently if it was closer to 10,000 priests killed
    by Them.  And wouldn’t that be an interesting
    answer coming from a man who claims no consideration of body count.

  9. This has to be the dumbest motherfucker that ever lived.  Going to a baseball game is dangerous Mr. Chomsky?…  LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    Oh, and I'm glad you've decided that the only atrocities we're allowed to talk about are our own.  Very constructive.   Jesus, what an idiot.

  10. Chomsky is the perfect example of raising up people with memory and processing power 🙂 In science it is very common that such people write history (not in the sense of fake history, I mean make a progress to find the truth). It is just a cultural upbringing, which any person of any race can enjoy. Please learn about Resource Based Economy 🙂 You are welcome, your children can thank me later through you 😀

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