No Bootable Device in ACER ES1-571 Laptop | Bios update error fix.

No Bootable Device in ACER ES1-571 Laptop | Bios update error fix.

hello! I want to tell you that before updating BIOS my PC was functioning normal and after BIOS update it starts throwing error ”NO Bootable device” . lets begin. Hard shutdown your PC. now restart it. press F2 key repeatedly and go into BIOS setting menu. look for F12 Boot Menu And enable it. Go to Boot set it on legacy boot. now press ok now again press OK: save setting and exit. Restart your PC voila! if you liked my video please subscribe my channel. like it. And most important thing share your experience in comment box. Thank you!

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  1. Thanks man, but at laptops with ssd will do an update with them at startup do not turn off laptop because your files will be gone

  2. A true hero .. U saved my life too .. Thank u very much! Still can i ask a question it said that the uefi is better for win 8 and above ..?

  3. This worked for me when ; I change to legacy, saved and exited, then changed back to UEFI , saved and exited- then rebooted

  4. fuck you dude ! you need to tell the people to boot into bios before the 'No Boot Device Found" screen, they have to keep pressing F2 to enter to the BIOS as their ",del" key won't work!!

  5. I just want to share my experience regarding the tutorial you shared. Yes, it was truly a legit process of rebooting your computer when the" no bootable device" was shown on my Acer E14. After you have completed all the steps for this tutorial and your laptop still went black and something showed that "no bootable device, press any key". Try Hard shutdown for your system again and press F2. then change again the boot mode from Legacy to UEFI. It should be okay after that. mine went back to normal after I did that 🙂

  6. is it possible to fix it while it is in UEFI – ENABLED by not ENABLEING to LEGACY ? BECAUSE IT SAYS FOR BEST WIDOWS 8 AND UP BEST PERFORMANCE is in UEFI .

  7. Dont do that if you have windows 8/8.1/10 because it will brake your os this happened to me and i needed to reinstall windows.

  8. hmm I wonder what it means when this pops up after a while of inacitvity. rebooting, startup, everything is fine, but sometimes when I go away from the laptop no_bootable_device pops up.

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