NLP Techniques: NLP Anchoring Explained

NLP Techniques: NLP Anchoring Explained

you listening to Tom Akana from NRP – times that come in the final truck video I wanted to run through a couple of examples of NRP style anchoring in action anchoring is a fundamental skill of NLP and it's nothing more than the process of learning it's our brains get two things linked up sitter's if this happens then it automatically knows that that will follow in the following example just taking a couple of snippets from different video clips so you can see different types of anchoring in action the first one looking at is Darren brown in his colour blind video which I did an analysis on so if we could play let's start it off the first thing before he gets into the anchoring is in order to be able to anchor something you have to have a space that's fundamental NLP most people get confused thinking that anchoring is all about the technique when it's anything both so before we get into the actual anchor that he sets in order to do that first instead listen to stays and here we see anchor so here we see Dern anchoring a state of uncertainty yes three lady in this case to think of something that she wasn't quite sure of you know it wasn't a strong belief and she picked particular one and then he reaffirmed that with her and got her to validated by going yes you know I'm not so certain about it and as she was in the moment of that state which she is right now he's touching her left shoulder to be able to have anchors what we've known is kinesthetic anchor bill maybe it doesn't feel solid is that maybe not mixing yeah difficult to grasp Olaf doesn't feel solvent doesn't feel certain no we're gonna move on to another type of anchor in this case a visual anchor and we're gonna look at a video by Tony Robbins video we're about to join Tony as he's been interviewed by John graden this videos I believe sometime back in the 80s and I picked it specifically because a most people who are watching it's probably well aware of Tony Robbins be is that it's a good example of showing an anchor that will be familiar to a lot of you already if you study the name Tony Robbins material and furthermore it's an example of a natural anchor that Tony's got conditioned for himself that I exposed as an anchor but also a trigger for Tony when he fires the anchor or about two giant Tony he's talking about procrastination and talking in this case about was actually getting motivated now that was three examples of Tony using three different anchors the first one was that clicking the finger the second one was the hand movement and the third one was that hit the chest and straight out each of those if you've been to any Tony Robbins seminar as you know are things that Tony has conditioned and anchored throughout many of his seminars particularly the chest and the movement of the hand down like that which is all really about taking action so what a one of the highlight is that again when you're setting an anchor and in the NLP anchoring product and master trainer Michael Green will be going in a lot more depth in terms of actually to certain to be rewiring what it is to understand how to anchor and specifically had a little anchor and multiple representation systems but in this case one of the high leg that Tony when he's doing that he's also firing his own anchor for when he feels confidence when he feels action when he's got that go for attitude now for the last video clip we're gonna look at a what I consider a very funny comedian who's doing a sketch on George Bush so this is a sketch from Saturday Night Live and I'm gonna play this clip in a moment but what I wanted to highlight again with this is anchoring isn't something that's mysterious in this case this comedian gets up he's doing a short three-minute sketch and he's going to effectively steal an anchor which is steal an association that is already linked up in people's minds and applied to a different context so in a moment you're gonna see him do a bunch of George Bush jr. I suppose visual expressions and visual anchors things that you will have seen many times if you ever seen George Bush speak and at the same time as he does that he applies it to a different context and brings new meaning to it which makes it very funny so let's watch now I'm only gonna stop this a few times because it's very funny clip but one of the highlight in case you're not familiar with George Bush how we got the laughter with my name is in this case firing the anchor of you know flickering his fingers and looking hesitant and that particular George Bush mannerism and so let's continue to watch so everybody do me a favor and hand me a pair of sunglasses somebody give me a visor sir you mean advizr no a visor what are you stupid it is the only person I've ever seen do this when he talks turkeys correctly that's why the United States will lead us and as you seen there he's done lots of George Bush mannerisms and visual anchors the thinking of the eyebrow and each time that the audience is busting up laughing is directly because they're they've seen that before george w bush and he's making fun of it and doing it in a very comedian lake way I realize he's kind of like a slot machine every time he opens his mouth he knows he's gambling just a little bit he could never have got them some other stuff Clinton got himself a new there's no way Clinton was so smooth he could lie his way out of anything he can stand in front of you right now with you all directly in the eyes and say I am Bob here what is here this look here just bear without a T if the Monica Lewinsky scandal half of the President Bush there's no way it gets audited put him on the stand mr. president Jeff relations with that woman Monica Lewinsky what did they tell me to say here that was out loud staying outside working out that time an inch awkward blob down that's the end of a short little overview of anchoring literally very short not designed to teach and in any major sense but just to demystify a bit that anchoring isn't an unique in terms of human beings are doing it all the time and it's happening all around you I hope you enjoyed what you've seen here feel free to visit NRP – and watch out for the upcoming 30 day – masterful anchoring program that's going to be available on LP – anchoring calm

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  1. This NLP shit is for the dummies.  Those who are ignorant to reality and don't think, just feel.  Those who go along with the "programming" because they know nothing else.  This is what the movie the matrix was touching on.  That's not quite the point I'm trying to make though.  It's just that hypnosis is horseshit and is not real.  What's real is people who were raised in such a way, taught to believe such things, that when they got to the age where you should actually be able to reason rationally very impressively.  Instead we have a majority of the world who are lemmings and they follow the program, not because they're scared to question it but because they don't even know how to question things.  Sure they might question why the backup wide receiver is in the game or question why The Bachelor chose "that girl…"  They do NOT ask why Israel is committing genocide to a nation that is not theirs, they instead cheer "good for those "tunnel building" terrorists!"  This world makes me sick.  "Anchoring" they call it.  It's just like the "DSM" of psychiatry, PSEUDO-SCIENCE!  Everybody makes gestures and facial expressions.  So the "specialist" at the beginning, whatever his name is, hypnotizes people on their birthday…calls them up and says write what you want for your b-day on a piece of paper and bring it to this location…he then proceeds (and they give you highlighted captions to show his magic hypnotism) ie "so you wanted to be, B, for umm M for your birthday, maybe an X box etc etc etc."  The "NLP master" has a big shiny wrapped gift from the get go with a red children's bmx bike in it.  The grown man lemming acts stunned because he said all he ever wanted for this birthday was a red bmx bike.  They unveil his envelope and it says a leather jacket etc etc.  Such horseshit.  Ya I actually might believe lemmings who need to be lead are eager and so out of it enough that they might just be "hypnotized…"  No wonder Obama and anyone else gets elected.  Masses of lemming lunatics who cheer on a criminal mafia who handpicks a puppet yet know no better and cast their ballot with smiles on their faces and warmth in their heart.  Propaganda is the science, NOT "hypnosis."  Ok so people can be hypnotized, if that's the term we want to use and I'll use it lightly (it's more stupidity and dumb ass-ness), but it's over years and years and slowly and especially when they're being conditioned as children how to think and what they're "allowed" to say and "allowed" to even think.  Some parents scare their children so badly a young child will grow so frightened when they're thinking rationally for themselves and shut down their real personality and grow a fake person inside of them and block their curiosity out completely.  I'm rambling.  "Valar morghulis…"

  2. Where have the reply buttons gone on comments? Youtube is going down hill so fast, at this rate something else will take over.

  3. These video clips are awesome. I'm here simply because my best friend all of a sudden started to be awesome with chicks. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he failed to realize. He finally came clean two days ago. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you'd like to learn about it… He's dating a beauty… Lucky fucker!

  4. @4:04: "So this is a sketch from Saturday Night Live" Nope, this is Frank Caliendo who starred on "MAD TV" (now defunt) which aired on FOX, SNL airs on NBC. As you can plainly see, the CBS logo is in the lower right corner of the screen. Judging by the backdrop this is not on Letterman so I will venture a guess and say this is from a broadcast of "The Late Late Show"..

  5. Hi Cosmic Rob, the comedian is reinforcing existing ideas people already had about Bush… and so building on existing ideas that we have been primed through other comic clips of Bush goofing up.

  6. I think the idea with this video clip is to show that people "Anchor" feeling with other things all the time. Even when we are not aware of it. So this video was simply a dissociated look at this phenomena in action. I personally find it disturbing that, us humans, are very influenced despite our best efforts to be aware of deceptions. If that makes sense! Just my $0.02 worth!

  7. further to that i don't believe he was (the comedian) using bush like fingers to anchor at all. I think his act was simply about showing that bush was not very memorable. i.e. the comedian was simply trying to recall his name, hence the flicky finger thing.

  8. HI Tski007, anchoring is not behavioural conditioning aka Skinner and his dogs that lots of folks mistakenly refer to. An anchor, when set well doesn't require multiple conditions to work. Anchoring can and does happen in an instant – it's the nature of how things get wired up in the brain.

  9. I love studying NLP! Also I've studied the 3 different types of people (Kinesthetic, Auditory and Visual) and more!

    The Human mind fascinates me!

  10. Did you notice how Derren Brown noticed her location for where she keep that limiting belief and held his hand up in that location.

    She looks down to her right, and then up two her left…He actually elicited two beliefs:

    1) She didn't believe that should could do in school
    2) The belief that she could get all of her homework done

    good stuff

  11. This video is completely wrong. The reason people laugh is because the punch line is the immitation. Thats not anchoring. If it just does it again without a punch line people will not laugh.

    Also most of Derren stuff is fake so I wouldnt use him as an example.

  12. good set of examples. been studying a lot of derren brown but i have a very funny personality and i notice a lot of my humor comes from anchoring and i didn't even know it. thanks for pointing that out!

  13. Very good explanation. Many people do indeed believe that anchors is some sort of hypnotic wizardry. I always explain we anchor continuously. You hear a song during a nice summer holiday every time you hear it you will feel that same emotion only a little more dull.
    When you smell a school building's interior you are warped back to your schooldays.

    Anchors are normal human behaviour we subconsciously create. But you can also consciously create them.

  14. love your videos… you really should do paying with paper with derren brown, i think its great example of embedded commands.

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