Nintendo Entertainment System - June Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Entertainment System – June Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

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25 thoughts on “Nintendo Entertainment System – June Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

  1. Please! Make the membership optional when playing online! You are starting to ruin my innocent gamer image! You are vandalizing my heart!

  2. Dear Nintendo: I love most things you do. But the way you are handling retro games on the switch is abhorrent. Stop bringing back all the crap games that are yesteryears equivalent of mobile games.

  3. OOF, the ratio on does not look good. Look Nintendo, we're all waiting for the Virtual Console. You had it for the Wii and everyone loved it because it gave us a chance to play SNES and N64 games, as well as formerly Japan-only releases for the TG-16.

  4. Add “Devils World” “Duck Hunt” & “Somari”. & Here’s Some Results For “Somari” #Somari

  5. Nintendo worker: So should we put in games that lots people actually enjoy and love or only pick trash games that nobody cares about?

    Nintendo: The second one.

    Literally everyone else: Wtf Nintendo are you drunk?

  6. Nintendo, if you’re releasing obscure games, any chance you can also release Tengen Tetris on here? That game means so much to me and I’d appreciate the addition here. Salutations.

  7. 2006: Lets add in the good NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, DS games and many more
    2019: Lets add in just NES games like volleyball so people can have more fun

  8. It is obvious that they are proving their relationship with third parties so they can put a whole 80s to early 2000s series in a collection for a company so they can do the same with their various videogame series.

  9. Nintendo if you ain't gonna give us snes games for the online service just please give us the virtual console

  10. Nintendo:you guys wanted banjo kazzoie for smash here ya go. Nintendo: here’s botw 2. Also Nintendo: let’s not put virtuale console on switch.

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