100 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 20th)

  1. Tratior Trump. Republicans all are tratiors as well for allowing Trump to conspire with foriegn powers to undermine American democracy,

  2. Notice that they talked about soldiers that died in the USA right before the Kurds and Turkey news so that they can emotionally oblige the viewer into supporting more wars. The Military Industrial Complex has our Media by the balls. FAKE NEWS. Bring the troops home folks.

  3. Lol once she goes to prison she is just a number and a name…? Thats what we all are to the government. Prison or not

  4. I live in Georgia Tropical Storm Nestor is said to have dumped 8 inches of rain on us yesterday and during the night.

  5. Curt's can't defend themselves if we give them anti-tank rounds. Tulsi gabbard 🖤💜💙 is the only candidate who can defeat Trump no other candidate can defeat Trump 💙🔴🖤

  6. Mr. Trump, who, with his infinite wisdom and brilliant mind, will manage foreign affairs on his own. Oh, perhaps instead of laughing, I should cry.

  7. I think Meghan and Harry wanting to be left alone and taking time off is great and nobody's business.
    Leave them alone. Get a life people

  8. A friend of mine uses medical marijuana.  He insists its a cure all.   I am a skeptic.  I've never tried the stuff, not for medical or recreational use.   But if a study shows it's safe and effective in a refined form, then I say go for it.   I may even consider it as an alternative.  But I want to see the study results first.

  9. Thanks for ending your broadcast on a high note.   After all the bad news we see every day, it's nice to see some good news in the end.

  10. We got to in Peach Trump now because the people died in the water is called bad climate change we have to impeach now

  11. Apparently the Military Industrial Complex is in charge of this country. I see no end in useless unnecessary wars in my lifetime. Good luck to all the younger generations getting the military to stop raising the national debt at your expense.

  12. So he pulled them out of Syria after capturing Isis. They abandon the Isis prisoners. And now they are going to defend against Isis.. Makes no sense.


  14. 15:10 – CBD does jack for pain in and of itself. It may help some people with anxiety and depression be able to move around more an consequently deal with the cause of their particular pain; but in and of itself it does NOT effect pain levels.
    How do I know? I have severe chronic pain from an inoperable injury. My dad takes both CBD and medical marijuana for his depression and mood swings.

    I have graciously tried the CBD in many forms to zero effect on pain levels. Sure TCH helps, but it’s not a feeling I care for.

  15. CBD does not relieve pain!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a scam!!!!!!!!!!! If you claim that CBD relieves your pain, you have no idea what real pain is!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doctors have failed those of us who have real pain!!!!!!! Pathetic!!!

  16. Wait … why do they have to look for a replacement for Doral? Haven't they already evaluated eleven others? Wasn't there a first runner-up?

  17. Are you kidding me?! NBC is broadcasting “royal” news? Gossip tabloid sensationalism propaganda is NBC Royal FakeNews.

  18. Remember Jared's portfolio, including peace in the Middle East? Remember his close ties to Israel? Trump just stripped away their buffer. Rumor has it that things are not good between Jared the Invisible and Trump. I believe it.

  19. 0:20 Kate Snow wants to jab Trump that troops were diverted from Syria to Iraq… as if Trump assigns each individual soldier. Some mid level officer would decide based on when their tour is over. Now, an Iraq soldier whose tour IS over can return home. Their is then a net return home of troops… Exactly what we all want. Kate Snow's reckless words could cause a fatigued soldier who deserves to go home killed, wounded, divorced, or any other myriad of problems because he now has to stay longer than he needed to. Kate Snow is educated and knows that she is messing with a soldier's life. But, it is more important to here to make a quip about Trump. Her hate for Trump far outweighs love for our fighting men. Boo Kate Snow. Low life.

  20. Trump hasn't been having the greatest time. The problem is he is way too confident what he says without thinking twice.

  21. Kate Snow fails again. Instead of reporting more important and actual news, she wants me to feel sorry for a royals and a felons life. You've lost your compass Kate Snow. Boo

  22. 20 Oct 19 की Nightly News of पांड़वों,नन्दवंशी ग्वालों, गोपियों द्रौपदियों व बन्दरवंशी जीव जंतुओं के महान कारनामों की!

  23. Center middle of the opiate crisis, NBC wants to push a replacement pain killer on America and wants me to feel sorry for NFL players who are happy to charge me $30 for a ball cap worth 50 cents. The NFL can go ahead and die. I don't want it or any more pain drugs in the US. Boo NBC News

  24. Tonight on NBC news; US troops are appalled when they hear they're not going home after all, but are just moved to another middle eastern sh*thole. Shouts of 'huzaa Trump' changed to 'f-k you Trump' accross the compound.

  25. Children from all walks of life should always be encouraged to pursue their dreams. They should be encouraged to be happy, encourage to believe anything is possible regardless of any circumstances.

  26. With all the costs of his SS detail, and others, when he travels to HIS properties; just how much of our money has flowed into his pockets? His idiotic followers bought the bs about him not taking the POTUS salary, what F&^KING idiots.

  27. The real truth is Price Harry and Megan Markel are coming to America to meet with her Father, Mother and Oprah for Thanksgiving. Watch for the TV special on OWN- Oprah's network. They are only taking a break from the UK to push their own agenda for more headlines in America.

  28. It's not just me but sometime somewhere there will be somebody else in the world asking this same question. What changes has the Trump administration brought in spirit to the flag? I look at it that when I was growing up the Statue of Liberty meant people of America cared about helping others. This meaning has been replaced with bullying and it's just not the same feeling with pity I had growing up. It's a real bummer that we are no longer our own brother's keepers under the skin. To put it simply because of Donald Trump and the Republican Party I don't like people as much as I used to. It starts to get sad when people are no longer able to be trusted and a death spiral starts to take its place.

  29. 13 days??😂😂
    what a joke of a sentence…
    Others get 13 years… for putting their kids in the wrong district…

  30. Trump doesn't know what he talks, disaster for America and world, "bring them home" means send them to Iraq " Disgusting wicked filthy pig. Death to Turkey and erdogan the pig, Trump friend.

  31. Trump “ it’s time to bring them home.” “Now go home to Iraq and fight isis.” You can see trump in this clip looking senile.

  32. That kast segment with the aspired little dancers was the best i have seen for a long time.And their pediatric surgeon helping them dance🌟

  33. usa doesn't follow the science when it comes to cannabis…pffft….they just follow profits…if they looked at the science done in Israel , and other respected univ.'s globally….they should be hanging their heads in shame for not being honest….

  34. Way to go Gronkowski! Always rooted against him. Now, more power to him. Cannabis is good medicine. CBD is very beneficial, especially for pain and mitigating and easing opioid withdrawal symptoms. Athletes today are especially in need and deserving of legal access.

  35. So Trump takes troops out of Syria, this allows 1,000s of IS prisoners to escape, then the troops are deployed to IRAQ to fight IS in that county!? It if wasn't so serious, it would be funny.

  36. This wannabe princess and prince are becoming more annoying by the day. Are you serious they are crying and feeling sorry for themselves?? For what?! I will smack your face.

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