Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 28th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 28th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

67 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 28th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Call me crazy, but how about you do a gender reveal the old fashioned way. "Hey, we had a baby. It's a girl". Instead of:
    "Good news, grandma is getting that granddaughter she always wanted. Bad news, we blew up grandma with a stick of dynamite surrounded by ten cans of pink paint during our gender reveal party."

  2. He died like a dog. He died whimpering screaming and crying……… Sounds like how a guy with bone spurs would go down………. trump makes me vomit.

  3. "People's homes are burning down. Some worth millions" Does it really matter who's homes are worth more. They are all families homes!!! If they can afford a million dollar home they can afford insurance.

  4. Sodom and Gomorrah going up in flames. Don't look back or you'll turn to salt. The wrath of our creator for the abuse of mother earth.

  5. A dog is the hero but yet Trump says the ISIS coward died like a dog. WHY DID HE HAVE TO SAY DIED LIKE A DOG.

  6. The United States of America should gather the informant and his family that was so mistreated and help them come over to the.. Land of the free.. Home if the *Brave* because that took some balls to carry out the plan and to lead us to the culprit.
    Bagdaddy ?? Should be BadDaddy after murdering his own children to prove a point.

  7. Why can't they do a controlled burn ahead of the fire makes sense to me , that's right they don't want to they want the money

  8. Forty years ago, large parts of the borough of the Bronx in New York City were torched by arsonists. Firefighters then risked their lives and health fighting these man-made fires. Now, in California, large parts of the Golden State are being razed, from Paradise to Malibu, by fires whose intensity look man-made, triggered by Smart Meters and DEW microwave technology. And once again, firefighters are paying the price.

  9. trump still sucks, ill applaud his efforts to take down terrorists, but his next mission should be to stop lying.. that mission might be too difficult for him, so i doubt he will succeed,

  10. The Kurds provided the Intel that the military acted upon with exceptional precision. Their reward , to be denigrated & abandoned by self congratulatory & aimless Trump.

  11. She only got 15 months in jail really that's one of the reasons I'm not impressed with America and I am not proud to be an American

  12. the Guy doesn't know when to shut his mouth even when hes guilty of crimes… god bless that Pup ty for your service

  13. Katie Hill made a mistake when it came to judgement but she did the right thing by resigning to keep it out of a distraction but,her ex husband must be punished for his actions too. God be with California's people during a time of destruction of fires.

  14. The idiot's are the liars setting fires. Do you actually think God does not see the evil of the wicked ones. Those who are setting these fires at night will not escape the curse of Gods wrath. God has promised he will return ten times the evil upon those who act evil upon others. They always set fires at night just like the Klu klux Klan setting homes on fire at night. Sick wicked cowards.

  15. It drives me nuts that they point out celebrities homes being destroyed. Everyone's homes are being destroyed. Prayers.

  16. I'm going to stay at my house and protect it from the fire even though the fire has destroyed every house it's came across!!! R.I.P to the crazy old man in the video saying he's not going to leave, smh…

  17. The biggest leaker leaked a pic of the dog🙄
    He always describes himself when describing the worst in others. Another trump tell….

  18. How ironic that K. Hill steps down for the good of her party but the sexual predator in the WH doesn't. Really shows us who loves the country enough and who doesn't give a s – -t.

  19. Gender Reveal Party? Is there an Idiot's Guide if ever invited to one? What is appropriate as far as special effects, explosives, and toxic chemicals? I would hate to make a social gaffe, or rookie mistake!

  20. Everyone on earth is a sinner, but when one sinner acts with violence against another sinner that man is wicked what sinner has the right to judge another sinner and act violently against him. The violent sinner is evil and will excite Gods rage. God will judge that wicked sinner without mercy.

  21. Not a ton of good news today. Only good news today was the stuff about the ISIS leader's death and the dog who got him. Now that is a good boy.

  22. The military dogs need to be treated better after their services has ended.Most never come back to U.S. And the ones who do are lucky because their handlers request for them but it takes alot of government paper work and sometimes years.

  23. Nancy reverted to playing checkers w/ dump-the-trump, she should have called a press conf,. got the brownshirt repugnantCon sycophants discussing why they want the "vote on impeachment" and then tell them she was willing to work with them and then call for the vote, if we get this psychopath (which of the 40 signs does he not meet?) syphilitic brain out of office it will be time for Nancy to retire.

  24. It’s still weird that The isis leader ran into a dead end tunnel… Like wasn’t he trying to get away? Lol why would he run into a dead end tunnel.

  25. The firemen said they need to set control fires they let the control fires burn out of control that is called arson.

  26. I don't care about the movie stars and elite of Hollywood, they have money and insurance. Like last year, they can hire private firefighters. I care about everyone else.

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