Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 24, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 24, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

tonight turning up the pressure on Iran president Trump levels new sanctions against Iran's supreme leader in several top officials days after calling off airstrikes in retaliation for Iran shooting down a US drone Iran now threatening to do it again as tensions escalate hundreds of migrant children removed from a border detention center after appalling conditions were revealed inside children unable to bathe not getting enough to eat exposed to illness and tonight what Nancy Pelosi warned the president about before he delayed mass deportation raised the mystery in the skydiving crash in Hawaii that killed all 11 on board family members of the victims speaking out about the tragic loss he was passionate about his family and he he was just full of life tonight new questions should that plane have been in the air after a previous close call new details on the desperate search for a missing college student police say she took a late night lift to a park at 3:00 a.m. more than a week ago and hasn't been seen since this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt reporting tonight from Miami good evening everyone we're here in Miami getting ready for the Democratic presidential debates on Wednesday and Thursday the brewing crisis with Iran certainly on the candidates radars as President Trump today turned up the pressure on Iran with a bitter taste of that US drone shot down by Iran still fresh the president imposed more economic sanctions this time targeting Iran's most powerful figure as Secretary of State Pompeo traveled to the region hoping to form a united military front against iranian provocations our chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel has the latest the u.s. dropped another hammer on Iran today more sanctions this time targeting the very top Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei the supreme leader of Iran is one who ultimately is responsible for the hostile conduct of the regime well the supreme leader hasn't set foot outside of Iran for three decades and may not be personally affected the sanctions are a broad stroke targeting anyone or any institution believed to do business with the Ayatollah or his inner circle the president says the new sanctions were in part driven by Iran shooting down an American drone last week the president deciding not to launch military strikes in response a lot of restraint has been shown by us a lot of restraint and that doesn't mean we're going to show it in the future Iran is already floundering under US sanctions and has been lashing out in addition to shooting down that drone it's accused by the u.s. of attacking six tankers in the Persian Gulf Secretary of State Pompeo traveled there today to convince Gulf leaders to create and pay for a military alliance to patrol the waterway to catch Iran if it tries to disrupt shipping Iran responded to the latest moves with a new threat saying it's capable of shooting down another American drone an action which this time could easily lead to a military confrontation Lester alright Richard Engel tonight thank you and this evening hundreds of migrant children have been relocated after they were found to be living in squalid conditions at a Texas Border Patrol Center and there are new details about the president about president from surprise decision to delay deportation raids there's NBC's Hallie Jackson tonight a new move for nearly 300 migrant children detained in filthy crowded conditions they've now been transferred to a tent camp after a national outcry set off when lawyers like Laura Mukherjee visited there is no access to soap there's no access to toothbrushes there's also a lice infestation and these are the most appalling conditions I have seen in my 12 years of representing children and families who are detained that facility in Clint Texas is one of many packed past capacity as the government struggles to find space for the surge of undocumented immigrants being apprehended crossing the southern border 144,000 in May the highest monthly total in 13 years now the countdown is on President Trump in an abrupt about-face announced on Twitter he's holding off for two weeks on deportation raids planned over the weekend he's hoping to pressure Democrats to cut a deal to change Asylum laws unlikely but a goal of the president says he tries to crack down on illegal immigration the reversal on the raids prompted partly by a one on one call with the House Speaker so when I spoke to the president I said look I'm a mom children are scared you're scaring the children of America not just in those families but their neighbors and their communities you're scaring the children Congress is also considering approving four and a half billion dollars in emergency money mostly for food and medical supplies for unaccompanied children at the border but why let the political debate hurt these children they could be infected they've been impacted for you if the Democrats would change the asylum laws and the loopholes which they refused to do because they think it's good politics everything would be solved immediately but they refused to do it and Hallie joins us now Hallie it doesn't look like those sweeping changes the president wants are going to happen within two weeks so are we gonna end up back in this same place it's absolutely possible Lester keep in mind that even though the president says changing the asylum law would solve everything it doesn't take that act of Congress to make sure to change ildren have toothbrushes for example as for that big a back edge the house could vote as early as tomorrow to advance it Lester all right Hallie thank you when Democrats take to the debate stage here in Miami this week a lot of eyes are going to be on Pete Budaj the South Bend Indiana mayor who's risen from obscurity to become a contender but buddha jizz is now facing heat back home where emotions are running high after a deadly police shooting let's get more from NBC's Kristen Welker tonight South Bend Indiana mayor Pete Budaj facing the first firestorm of his presidential campaign sparked by racial tensions boiling over in his with many at a weekend townhall saying he is not doing enough how can we supposed to question it comes a week after a white South Bend police officer shot and killed Eric Logan a black man allegedly armed with a knife the officers body camera was not turned on get the races off the streets it's disrespectful Budda judge stepped away from the campaign trail to focus on the fallout if anyone who is on patrol is shown to be a racist that is their last day on this training Budaj edge has struggled to connect with african-american voters criticized for failing to diversify the South Bend Police Department and for forcing out the city's first black police chief who had ordered the taping of phone calls of senior officers who the chief said made racist comments about him over the weekend Budaj marching alongside angry residents trying to calm the crisis tonight the county prosecutor where that shooting occurred is calling for an independent investigation something Budaj says he supports all of it his first major test with the Democratic debates just days away Lester all right Kristen Welker thank you this evening investigators in Hawaii are looking into the maintenance history of a skydiving charter plane that crashed on Friday killing 11 people on board NBC's Gotti's Schwartz is in Hawaii for us these are the flaming remains of a flight carrying 11 skydivers which crashed less than a minute after takeoff from Hawaii's North Shore this is the deadliest accident involving a civil airplane in the United States since 2011 tonight we're learning more about the 11 people on board including brian and ashley wykel from denver celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary if you wanted a true image a true love there's just a picture that lieutenant josh drablow's who was a graduate of the u.s. Naval Academy Paula Jerome rank leaves behind a 13 year old daughter as investigators comb through the debris a look at the plane's history shows another alarming in Siddhant happening three years ago when the same aircraft started spinning out of control those midair rolls captured on camera in this YouTube video that the NTSB team plans on reviewing as well in the video panic on board is this guy divers scramble to get out of this finally plane part of the aircraft's tail coming apart and falling from the sky the damage blamed on pilot error the Oahu parachute center didn't respond to our request for comment as for the NTSB team they will review all repair records in addition to other factors like weight distribution to determine whether that plane should have been allowed back in the air Ngati Schwartz NBC News Yahoo and from a tragedy in the air to the horror on the road in New Hampshire the driver of a pickup truck in a crash that killed seven motorcyclists as tonight been arrested here's NBC's Steve Patterson tonight the 23 year old truck driver involved in a horrific New Hampshire highway crash charged with seven counts of negligent homicide Friday police say Vladimir zukov skis pickup truck plowed into members of the jarheads motorcycle club killing seven it was awful it was absolute chaos Zukowski was charged just last month with operating under the influence of alcohol he denies the allegations police also say they located what is believed to be heroin residue in the suspects apartment the crash one of the worst in New Hampshire's history shattering this community of veterans these are some of the greatest people I've come across in my life a brotherhood bound by a love for the road now riding through catastrophic loss Steve Patterson NBC News Tonight Chicago police have just released some 60 hours of video connected to the Jessee small @ investigation the new footage includes officers approaching the actor in his apartment while he is still wearing a noose shortly after he claimed he was the victim of a hate crime other video shows the arrests of the brothers who carried out the alleged attack police say the actor orchestrated the hoax to drum up publicity felony charges against smollett were eventually dropped he continues to maintain he is the victim of a hate crime there is a deepening mystery over an in med school grad believed to have been kidnapped in Mexico only to turn up alive in the US here's NBC's Miguel Almaguer when Jesse Pacheco arrived home safely in Arkansas police in Mexico were stunned to see him alive I thought my life was over the 29 year old newly minted doctor was feared dead after Mexican police suspected he was kidnapped by organized crime members in the state of Jalisco where 319 have gone missing in the first four months of this year I can't recall anything I mean it was just complete blackout after a press conference in which Pacheco said he didn't remember what happened while missing nearly a week today he tells NBC News his arms were tightly bound both wrists showing deep gashes by Chico Jesse after graduating from medical school Pacheco and his friend Carlos Delgadillo were attacked leaving this bar in Guadalajara authorities later found Delgadillo dead Pacheco says he was hit in the back of the head and blacked out his family remaining silent on what happened while he was gone we were just celebrating and next thing you know blacked out and then ended up showing back you know back home tonight Jesse Pacheco is safe but what really happened to the young doctor remains a mystery Miguel Almaguer NBC News Tonight a major firestorm is pitting religious doctorate against LGBTQ rights at the center of it whether teachers in same-sex marriages should be allowed to teach in Catholic schools here's NBC's Anne Thompson in Indianapolis to dramatically different responses to the archdiocese demand that teachers in same-sex marriages be fired today Cathedral High School bowing to Archbishop Charles Thompson its leaders Sunday rioting keeping the teacher on would result in our forfeiting our Catholic identity because of the teacher living in contradiction to Catholic teaching on marriage last week the archbishop announced he would no longer recognize four buff Jesuit prep as a Catholic institution because the high school refused to fire a teacher in a same sex marriage it's been about a demand that we felt was not in keeping with our values as an institution the archdiocese considers Catholic teachers ministers of faith and all ministers must convey and be supportive of all teachings of the Catholic Church though it would cost Cathedral hide the ability to celebrate Mass and it's nonprofit status more than 6,600 people have signed an online petition opposing the decision to fire the teacher wallet for both they are standing firm diversity and inclusivity are values that we that we are hold dear here values defined differently by different members of the Catholic Church Ann Thompson NBC News this week marks 50 years since an infamous raid and revolt that sparked the modern gay rights movement in America NBC's Joe fryer looks back at the Stonewall riots and the triumph and tragedy since long before the Stonewall Inn was a rainbow spangled symbol of pride it was the scene of a historic uprising is it sentimental when you come back here extremely sentimental Jonah Greeley was a regular at Stonewall back in the sixties a time when gay bars were often raided by police just the mere act of going out and having a drink it was risky wasn't it it was a girly risky but when officers raided Stonewall on a hot June night in 1969 the crowd fought back there was rioting there was significant rioting and people were setting fires to all garbage cans as you're sitting there just taking this all in what's going through your mind I couldn't believe it I thought it was it did seem like a movie the riots continued for several nights and the movement lasted much longer and immediately afterwards LGBT groups were formed to combat – screaming and fight for liberation over the years the Stonewall Inn took on other identities including a bagel shop and Chinese restaurant but today it's once again a bar attracting tourists from across the globe can this walking I could feel like my journey and is feeling the importance and significance of the fighting in 2016 Stonewall became a National Monument it's where people gather to celebrate milestones like the legalization of gay marriage and to mourn tragedies like the pulse nightclub shooting this is the gay Church I mean this is where pride began you just say that one word Stonewall and it has a lot of meaning to people absolutely it's bigger than a bar it's bigger than a brand it's bigger than anything else because it really is it's the movement this friday marks half a century since those riots began on the fiftieth anniversary what is it you want people to remember that nothing occurs without a spark 50 years later the fire lit by Stonewall spark still burns Joe fryer NBC News New York and just ahead tonight the college student who vanished new questions tonight did she meet someone at a park in the middle of the night tonight a family is pleading for answers after a Utah College student seemingly vanished without a trace NBC's Stephanie Gosk has new details no one's heard from University of Utah student McKenzie looook in more than a week her phone turned off according to police the 23 year old arrived at Salt Lake International Airport at 1:35 a.m. last Monday after attending her grandmother's funeral in California at 201 she texted her mother that she landed safely 242 she booked the car service lifts to take her to a park north of town Mackenzie was met at hatch Park by an individual in a vehicle Mackenzie did not appear to be in any type of distress the police don't know the make and model of the car Kennedy stoner is one of her best friends I do know that she was you know casually dating around like a normal 23 year old but nothing was ever suspicious to me police say they have no reason to doubt the lyft drivers account in a statement lyft writes the safety of our community is fundamental to lift and we are actively assisting law enforcement for now it remains a missing person case I just want her to be safe and I want her to be okay until then another day goes by without any word Stephanie Gosk NBC News New York that's Nightly News from Miami we hope you'll join us for the first democratic debate Wednesday and Thursday night starting at 9:00 Eastern I'm Lester Holt for all of us at NBC News thank you for watching and good night NBC News fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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