Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 06, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 06, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

tonight as the world gathers here in Normandy a fatal accident back home at the US Military Academy at West Point a five ton truck loaded with cadets on a training mission flips over in the woods one cadet has died and at least 20 others are injured today was a tragic day for the West Point community in our United States Army tonight growing questions about what went wrong and here in Normandy a stirring remembrance of the scores who stormed the beaches 75 years ago today the bands of brothers who gave their lives and those who lived to tell the world you are the glory of our republic and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and tonight we're with those heroes what could be their last major gathering here also tonight we're in Iraq with a top commander of the US forces in the Middle East as he issues blunt warnings about Iran I think the threat is imminent tonight our team in the region as the u.s. builds up its military presence there are late developments in the mystery in paradise 3 Americans dying at the same Caribbean resort just days apart we now have what the autopsy results reveal this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt reporting tonight from Normandy good evening everyone 75 years ago today this was a battlefield American troops shed priceless blood just to get off the beach and onto the high ground it was the Allies opening gambit of the fight to defeat the Nazis and here at the American Cemetery today President Trump and the president of France paid heartfelt tributes to those who waged this epic battle on d-day and beyond we'll get to that coverage in a moment but first to tragedy at home tonight the horrible accident involving cadets from the West Point Military Academy that's left at least one kid at dead and more than 20 others injured our Stephanie Gosk now with late details at the US Military Academy summer training had only just begun today was a tragic day for the West Point community a 5 ton truck carrying cadets rolled over early this morning on its way to a tene training exercise one cadet was killed another 19 sustained non-life-threatening injuries all seniors from the class of 2022 soldiers one of them the driver were also injured in the accident but it's not common for these vehicles to turn over it's very rough terrain you can see the hills we have here the truck described as a light medium tactical vehicle is used to transport cargo and people this one was covered by a soft roof I am surprised that there weren't more injuries or worse injuries it does have an open-top a soft canopy you're exposed to the elements including a tragic rollover in 2016 at Fort Hood nine soldiers died after their vehicle flipped in a flooded stream in 2009 13 were injured after their truck overturned near Fort Bragg at West Point they have only just begun asking questions what is this investigation going to look at the investigation is going to look at absolutely everything where proper procedures followed was the vehicle overloaded or not was it going too fast they might just discover that it was just a tragic accident let's go to Stephanie now on the ground Stephanie what do we know about the cadet who died in the accident well we don't know much right now West Point is keeping that name private until 24 hours after notifying the family as for the Academy itself the superintendent intended telling us today this is a United States Army we are strong Wester Stephanie Gosk tonight Thank You Stephanie now to this remarkable day here in Normandy France marking 75 years since thousands of American troops launched the d-day invasion along with the Allies that changed the course of history today hundreds gathered to honor the heroes who returned to this battlefield today and those that made the ultimate sacrifice it was a powerful and emotional moment celebrating those bands of brothers who put everything on the line for our freedom you're the pride of our nation you are the glory of our Republic and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts president Trump and world leaders joining these humble heroes 75 years after d-day even a message in English from the president of France on behalf of my nation I just want to say thank you later a flyover over Omaha Beach where brave young men turned the tide of history launching the invasion to liberate France from the grips of Nazi Germany there were five Allied invasion beaches Omaha of course the most deadly for US troops but the u.s. was assigned another sector codename Utah Beach and this Beach held its own deadly surprises for the Americans as they came ashore in history 94 year old Irving Locker was only 18 just out of high school when he landed on Utah facing the barrage of German bullets see it nowhere no way to run nobody you can't go backwards no you can do is go forward and all I kept saying to you believe me when I tell you get off the damn Beach Army medic ray Lambert was at Omaha only 7 of a31 man in his landing craft made it off the boat I was convinced that I was going to die right there still he kept treating the wounded even after he was shot today the president honoring raised courage at 98 years old ray is here with us today with his fourth Purple Heart and his third Silver Star Omaha ray the free world salutes you so much was riding on their shoulders that day Irving telling us what they talked about in those boats before the invasion began you know what was history oh well what we talked about to be honest with is the long life we thought we were gonna have could be shortened very fast and all we got is today and the hope for these heroes that we don't forget the more than nine thousand Americans in this cemetery alone who never made it home I wake up at night and lay there for hours thinking about those days it never goes away memories like that never go away their stories continuing to fulfill our information and our understanding of that war in this battle we're going to have more from Normandy just ahead but first a lot of other news developing at this hour including a startling warning from the top commander of US forces in the Middle East about the threat from Iran he says the threat is imminent as the US builds up its military presence nearby NBC's Courtney QB has our report from the region tonight an alarming warning about the threat from Iran to American forces in the Middle East from the US military's top commander in the region do you still consider it something that could be imminent that might require some more forces to counter it I think the threat is imminent we continually evaluate our force posture in the region we spoke to General Frank McKenzie in Baghdad who's concerned Iran might reintroduce old tactics in Iraq for example the attacks have typically always been some form of roadside bomb perhaps short missile attacks things like that he says one new threat facing Americans here likely from Iran and iranian-backed militias are small unidentified drones probing US bases in Iraq and Syria nearly every day the US has already surged troops and military equipment to the Middle East to counter possible attacks by Iran yesterday President Trump did not rule out the military option with Iran but he did say he'd prefer a dialogue there's always a chance do I want to no I'd rather not but there's always a chance I'd much rather talk general McKenzie said there are some signs that the additional US mil pterri presence in the region is deterring Iranian behavior in certain areas but tonight the threat to Americans in Iraq remains high Lester all right Courtney QB thank you tonight there are new signs of progress of the high-stakes trade talks between the US and Mexico as we are just days away from the US imposing a tax on all Mexican goods it's the latest threat in president Trump's growing trade war and experts warn Americans will pay a price here's Tom Costello tonight administration sources report progress in talks with Mexico aimed at avoiding a first round of tariffs on Monday a potential compromise would include Mexico deploying six thousand troops to its border with Guatemala to stem the flow of Central American migrants earlier in the day the president doubled down on his threat of tariffs if a deal isn't struck tariffs are a beautiful thing it's a beautiful word if you know how to use them properly Republicans should love what I'm doing but most analysts and economists say American consumers would pay the tariffs not the Mexican government starting at 5% as soon as Monday rising to 25% by October US automakers with plants in Mexico could be forced to raise car prices CNBC's fillable is in Mexico it has the potential to drive up the price of a vehicle imported from Mexico by several hundred dollars if not several thousand dollars meanwhile half the ingredients of Tio's Mexican restaurant in Ann Arbor Michigan come from Mexico owner Jeremy severs expects he'll be forced to raise prices this is going to hurt local small businesses and this is not good for America this is not good for us it's not good for anyone high-stakes diplomacy with everyday Americans caught in the middle Tom Costello NBC News Washington the bitter showdown between President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi is intensifying after Pelosi told top Democrats behind closed doors she doesn't want to impeach the president she wants to see him behind bars here's NBC's Kristen Welker tonight House Speaker Nancy Pelosi escalating her war of words against the president Politico reporting that during a meeting Tuesday she was pressed by Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler to start impeachment proceedings NBC News has learned from a congressional source in the room Pelosi then said about the president I don't want to see him impeached I want to see him in prison Pelosi has indicated she wants the president prosecuted after leaving office a spokesperson for the speaker would not confirm the comments at the somber ceremonies in Normandy today Pelosi didn't want to get political telling NBC's Andrea Mitchell with all due respect to your question I'm not here to talk but against the same Normandy backdrop the president took aim at Pelosi when he was asked whether Special Counsel Robert Muller should testify he made such a fool out of himself Apollinaris Nancy Nancy Pelosi doesn't talk about it Nancy Pelosi is a disaster okay she's a disaster and let her do what she wants you know what I think they're in big trouble tonight Pelosi is facing pushback from a growing number of Democrats calling for an impeachment inquiry up to 60 House members but Pelosi insists it's too soon we're following the facts we'll take them where they lead us according to Politico Judiciary Chairman Nadler told some Democrats he might subpoena Robert Muller in the next two weeks never has said he's confident Muller will come in soon but it will be behind closed doors Lester Kristen Welker tonight thank you this evening a formal apology nearly 50 years after a police raid that galvanized the modern gay rights movement in America New York's police commissioner saying today that the actions taken by police at the Stonewall Inn back in June of 1969 were wrong discriminatory and oppressive the apology comes during Pride Month celebrations and just weeks ahead of that 50th anniversary tonight officials in the Dominican Republic have released preliminary autopsy results on what may have caused the deaths of three American tourists and what they found inside the Maryland couple's room NBC's Gabe Gutierrez is there and has the latest tonight tourism officials here in the Dominican Republic are scrambling to reassure tourists after the deaths of three Americans in five days they never had of this nature today the country's Attorney General released preliminary autopsy results revealing the first American Miranda Schaub Warner of Pennsylvania died of a heart attack at the luxury Bahia Principe Bougainville on May 25th according to her husband she had just checked into a hotel room like this one and she was having a drink from the minibar when she suddenly collapsed do you think it was something inside that minibar the spokesman for the dr police told us he did not think it had anything to do with the minibar because every room has one on May 30th officials say Nathaniel Holmes and his fiancee Cynthia day were found unresponsive in their hotel room by staff at the Gran Bahia Principe La Romana today's preliminary autopsy results reveal that painkillers along with an anti-seizure medication were found in the couple's room in a written statement the hotel group says in part to date there are no indications of any correlation between these two unfortunate incidents and that in both circumstances establish security protocols were followed the company also saying the deaths occurred at two different hotels though both are owned by the same group and are located yards from one another tourism officials here in the Dominican Republic say they don't expect toxicology reports back for a month Lester we're back now with a new salvo in the fight against those annoying robo calls the government taking new action but there are critics who say it doesn't go far enough with more here's Gotti Schwartz tonight numbers massive enough to leave your ears ringing 48 billion robo calls made last year five billion just last month alone the FCC now responding to what they say is their biggest consumer complaint if there's one thing in our country today that unites Republicans and Democrats vegetarians and carnivores is that they are sick and tired of being bombarded by unwanted robo calls the Commission voting to allow cellphone carriers to start automatically blocking mini robo calls by default while letting calls from numbers deemed safe ring through in this case we can take action proactively and do the right thing by the customer so this is a big deal the trade organizations say calls from those like doctors or pharmacies might get screened out a lot of cell phone carriers already offer robo call blocking but you have to manually opt in this would flip that giving it to you automatically but you'd have to opt-out critics of the FCC say the plan lacks teeth because it's not mandatory I think a good step would be requiring the phone companies to comply as of now the plan also doesn't prevent carriers from adding more fees to your phone bill to stop robo calls before they ring Gotti Schwartz NBC News we're back now with the headline tonight in our ongoing series America under pressure and this one involves not only you but also your pets a new study finds that when dog owners go through a stressful period their dogs feel that stress too Swedish researchers came to that conclusion by examining hormones released in response to stress bottom line is when you're stressed out chances are your best friends at least the four-legged kind feel the same way finally tonight we have often honored those who served in Normandy for their heroism but on this anniversary this ceremony had a different feeling the next time world leaders gather here to commemorate d-day the men who took part in the epic invasion likely won't be here to witness it I remember being mixed up half excited half scared there were more dead Americans and you can shake a stick at most everybody was looking out the window trying to find out where we were but it's dark dark dark our first battalion got chewed up really bad on the jump there first-person stories will be left to historians to share about service duty guts sacrifice and a raw acceptance that failure was not an option it was my colleague Tom Brokaw who famously dubbed them the greatest generation no matter where they were there from privily families or over there they were farmhands and highschool dropouts when the time came they knew what they had to do soldiers of course don't get to choose their Wars much less how their time in history will be remembered we're not heroes really heroes you're all gone they're the ones who get killed that's true true of every war whether the quagmire that was Vietnam the success that was Desert Storm or the secretive counterterrorism missions across Africa today's wars are nuanced the physical battlefield often ill-defined the victories not sealed in formal surrender but what is clear is that Duty guts and sacrifice don't belong to a single generation and this is my people huh who was part of the island-hopping campaign in the South Pacific three generations of Hallie Huggins family have served in the military Halle herself flew army choppers in Afghanistan what made you want to serve my grandfather's but tell us what their time like was serving the World War two vets there they saved the country everyone that's served since has been kind of maintaining the country as it is today and those freedoms that we have and so it was it was a duty of mine a duty that then and today defines an American credo freedom is not free there was a lot of people who gave their lives so that the children today could be free such an honor to be in the presence of these heroic men and women that as NBC Nightly News – this Thursday from Normandy I'm Lester Holt for all of us at NBC News thanks for watching and good night hey NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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  1. The only ones that do not remember are the lead public servants in Congress. With their insane obsession 2yr Quest & the Vendetta that was mentioned about the President via disrespecting our country most of all DDay Veterans, are they crazy. When does this stops. They lived a good life becaz of them.
    Right now Every day they waste time ,
    Time that belongs to our children’s future to solve problems and get these dysfunctional systems corrected so we can all live dignified lives here in America and abroad.
    Why do we have to tolerate these public servants. Could you imagine if we have the heart of the DDay people as PROXY , how advance we would be.
    We the people Reclaim our time.

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  11. I just watched a Documentary called HellStorm. I have never ever heard of that side of the story before. If it is indeed true then we were no better than our enemies. We have to remember Germans that were aware of what was happening had no say or else! Again I do not know if it is a Documentary made in truth. It is painful to watch.

  12. More b.s. about the military. What transpired between 1933-47 is nowhere close to what America calls military intervention. Funny they seem to find an adversary only in the middle east worth fighting. N. Korean adversary ignored, Chinese also. Why? Because the USA understanding that the collateral damage to civilian lives will be catastrophic on both sides, but especially American. They dont have the stomach to endure those kinds of numbers. Moreover, the words of this man mean nothing. It's a speech without substance or foundation. Because America has left them far behind, and had zero moral credibility to even connect with those men. They still returned to America, and what little or much, we've gained is attributed to those of the "greatest" generation.

  13. I just noticed that Trump said that the war veterans were the pride and glory of his nation. Guess Almighty God is cool with taking the back seat these days.
    Your pride will be broken and the nations will mourn for you! Your arrogance will not be enough to save you when torturous calamity strikes. Repent and seek the Lord while He may yet be found! The time is at hand!

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