38 thoughts on “Nigel Farage eviscerates crybaby German media

  1. you are a refugee until you get to the first place of safety that is not Germany the UK or such like, if you move on from that first place of safety without registering you are a migrant
    next, these are mainly young men should they not be fighting for there country no it's easier to go to Stockholm and over new year touch and assault young women because your own women cover themselves not out of religion but to stop being touched

    if you are genuine and need help you accept the help that is offered not demand housing jobs etc you choose to flea and not fight you take what is given or go home

  2. So full of shit that guy that says refugees from Syria are refugees. The ones the government is looking for are hiding. Is the ones that support the government that are leaving Syria you morons. Talk to them and see for yourself . And since when muslims are not increasing the number in Europe. Is this guy blind as fuck

  3. My partner is from braman Germany she said the opposite to what that German guy is saying there muzals everywhere and it frightening can’t even go to car park at night to get too her car , I believe her not the governors

  4. but it's bloody true they out birth us 8-1. Do THE MATHS,!!!!! Europe will look like Afghanistan in 50 years. I'm glad I'll be dead. I have no grandchildren THANK GOD. just one son. So hopefully we'll both be dead by then..

  5. Guess whicxh one the common man is sticking up for? Also they should be sent back now the war is over?

  6. Problem.is not all are from Syria.. idiots… then why are their Muslim brothers not helping? Like Saudi.? UAE? Qatar?

  7. Radical Islam is the majority of Islam. Just look at % of those in muslim countries who are for sharia law, or think that stoning adulterers is ok…
    Moderate muslim is a minority.. "Extreme muslim" or muslims are the vast majority.

    Look at what they preach in that one mosque in London..

  8. 5:50 Holy shit that German dude is blind.. He's living in a bubble.. Does he really not see the de-nationalisation of the white people in Europa?I mean, just take a walk in London for fucks sake.. Where are all the British people?!?

  9. Haha, Donald Trump is the best that has happened to the US the last years..
    Why do people refuse to look at facts?

  10. There was not a civil war in Syria,there was a proxy war paid for by Europe and America because they wanted to overthrow the elected government.

  11. It's hilarious seeing a German cry for the "Rights" of people that he honestly couldn't care less about.

    It's ALL politics with the media.
    The Media NEVER really says what it means…
    and the media NEVER really means what it says.


    Nigel Farage has the patience of Job.
    Honestly don't know how he has NOT snapped yet.

    Proud of you Mr.Farage…
    You sir should be The Prime Minister of Great Britain…


  12. Virus of leftism/socialism will never be eliminated using "logic".
    We've tried before … you cannot sit down and "reason" with a PARASITE whose existence RELIES on your misery.

  13. Oh my God! The arrogance of Euro-leftists-progressives. I cannot stand it. Makes me go straight to WC.

  14. Elmar Thevessen how is this for logic – Poland shuts it's borders to Islam immigrants and total number of terrorist attacks = 0. It is particular kind of arrogance to say there is no Islamisation of Europe – shall you tell that the the victims? Or is it OK with you, provided you aren;t the one standing outside the coffee shop?

  15. Why is this reality so hard for some people to accept? Its a new plan for Europe! No Globalists, No Socialists, No Pan Europeans, No Communists,No Kalergi Plan No Fascist plan, No Planned Parenthood Plan, No Rockerfellar plan, No UN plan, No World Bank Plan, No International Bank plan. Its going to be a simple plan, we Europeans are going to live in peace and security, with our white babies and families growing up in peace and harmony. Well fed well bred, well educated and FREE. You are all done, go find another host to suck and feed off! You parasites!

  16. New era! New stuff! We the Europeans will trade verily well with one another, in a peaceful fashion. No wars we already did that shit.! We learned our lesson.I am excited about the New Europe! Nation States, free movement of Europeans. No more immigration. Closed borders to non white Europeans. Can't wait! Its gonna be great! All of the traitors locked up, stripped of their posts, their pensions and their free lunches! Globalist's chopped off at the knees! Oh dear lots of keys are going to be thrown away!We are a free people! And we are going to stay that way! White and FREE! Oh now who is upset by this vision?

  17. by the way nige your little rapist friend has just been arrested https://gizmodo.com/julian-assange-dragged-out-of-ecuadorian-embassy-and-ar-1833964012

  18. White people have two kids one wife Muslims have four wife's all with 16 kids in therty years their will be more Muslims kids in Britain than white and black kids ..truth work it out

  19. My God!Please let us get the fuck outta the EU!I would love to have a modern day [Nice]British Empire than work with corrupted EU muppets,WE DON'T NEED THEM!

  20. Those 2 germans talking soundedlike: "nha nha nha nha nha"… Poor idiots. Thank God I'm not German, I feel embarrassed for them.

  21. Such a big german idiot. I say that as German. He CAN'T let Nigel Farange finish his speech! HALT DIE FRESSE!!!

  22. A Stupid MSM Journo (??) tries to make every migrant from Syria a Refugee? Bombed by your own Government? We see so many False Flag shit from MSM about Assad bombing his own people? Sick and tired for the same old tune replayed over and over again!

  23. Muslims often times become majority by getting more children, of course we will have a way too high percentage of Muslims in the EU in the next decades. It was a wise decision to leave the EU. You are now a normal country again, as Farage said.

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