Nigel Farage blasts BBC for being 'ridiculous' and 'ludicrous' on Andrew Marr show

Nigel Farage blasts BBC for being 'ridiculous' and 'ludicrous' on Andrew Marr show

Do you still believe that
worrying about global warming is the stupidest thing in
human history? –I believe that if we
decide in this country to tax ourself to the hilt,
to put hundreds of thousands of people out of work
in manufacturing industries, given that we produce
less than 2% of global CO2, that isn't terribly intelligent. But as I say, here we are
with one of the biggest changes in politics that's ever occurred
and you're not even interested? What is wrong with
the BBC? – Do you still want
to roll back gun control and reintroduce handguns
into this country? – This sums it up.
Do you know, I've been going around
the country speaking at packed rallies
every night and do you know who's
not there? The BBC, and from this
line of questioning now I can see why. You're just not interested,
are you? –Do you still feel uncomfortable
with foreign language with –You are just not
interested – foreign languages being
spoken on trains? – Let's talk about democracy,
let's talk about trust, let's talk about
competence in politics. This is ludicrous. – Do you still feel that people
with HIV shouldn't be allowed into this country? – Do I think the National Health
Service is there for British people? Yes, I absolutely do. –So you still do? Do you … –This is absolutely ridiculous.
I've never in my life seen a more ridiculous
interview than this. You are not prepared to talk
about what is going on in this country today. You're in denial,
the BBC's in denial the Tory and labour
parties are in denial. I think you're all in
for a bigger surprise on Thursday than you
can even imagine. – We have talked about it.
Do you still admire Vladimir Putin? –No. I've never admired
Vladimir Putin. I said I wouldn't like to live
in his country. – You were asked which current
world leader you most admired. You told GQ magazine 'as an
operator but not as a human being, I would say Putin.' – Well there you are.
So there you are. So there you are.
Not as a human being –'The way he played the whole
Syria thing brilliantly. The way … –I don't like him as a
human being. What is your question?
What is the relevance of this? –I'm trying to work out
who you are and where the Brexit party,
which wants to destroy the party system, is going. –You haven't asked about a single
other member of the Brexit party. You haven't commented on the fact
we've got the most diverse list of candidates of any party
fighting in this election. –From the revolutionary communist
party right through to the right. –Well that's worth
discussing, isn't it? How have we managed to
get left and right together? These things are really
interesting to your viewers not trawling back through a
series of quotes from years ago.

44 thoughts on “Nigel Farage blasts BBC for being 'ridiculous' and 'ludicrous' on Andrew Marr show

  1. My French teacher called nigel a faciest, i told her to not talk about our leaders like that and she sent me out, how very labour of her

  2. The scumbag is pretty threatened when asked a few searching questions. The cretins who vote for him don't seem to like these questions either…why would that be???

  3. The USA has a Public Broadcasting Service, PBS, that is government funded and ONLY supports the liberal side. It is disgusting how tax money is stolen and used for things people don't support.

  4. Pardon this Aussie making a comment.. Oddly enough, I came across a video with Peter Hitchens in an Archive, reading a document to do with Britain voting to join the EU.. No mention in this document of it being a Political Union… Bit of a worry, this is.. I can't find this video on the BBC site ( although channel 4 did it ) but found it on Peter's Daily Mail site… Does this mean that everything that has happened, as far as Britain is concerned,  is illegal??   Go, NIgel..

  5. Hi I’m Andrew Marr
    I went to a Private school that my Financial Investment manager father sent me to.
    I earn £400,000/ year at the BBC
    I was a Marxist
    People call me a hypocrite

  6. Lol just watched Andrew Niel doing the same thing to Ben Shapiro!! Trolling through quotes from 10 years ago! Lol BBC.

  7. Why is anyone paying the licence fee when you can see what they do? Left wing ideologues posing as impartial journalists insulting our intelligence and drawing huge salleries for it.

  8. Wow i am supprised thay havent Disabled the Comment section yet . Nigel for PM , Get rid of the BBC and all the Guadian Readers earning 400k a year .

  9. This reminds me of the Andrew Neil – Ben Shapiro interview. Nothing but gotchas. That was a shame, because Mr. Neil is quite talented.

    The BBC truly changes people.

  10. How dare Marr ask perfectly reasonable questions regarding policy? This Pravda-esque persecution of the millionaire, career-politician every-man by the globalist crypto-trotskyists at the beeb must end now!

  11. Marr is pathetic, just going through pre-prepared questions all of which try to ridicule Nigel Farage. BBC definitely stands for the 'Brexit Bashing Corporation'.

  12. Why not simply throw a milkshake at him on live TV at this point ?
    BBC you suck so hard. You completely lost contact with reality.

  13. Reminds me of Paxman's grilling of George Galloway. Instead of congratulating Gallowy of winning the election he asked, "Mr Galloway, are you proud of having got rid of one of the very few black women in parliament?" The question should have been posed to the electorate not the candidate.

  14. Oh dear, that was a nightmare Mr Marr…………..shows the public what the BBC are all about – whatever you think of him, you have to admire Nigel for that one !

  15. BBC forgot to ask him what colour under wear he had on and if hid pants ride up when he sits down … bbc your a joke

  16. Well done Nigel and the Brexit party on the massive support from the British people , who yet again have shown they want democracy and self government over corrupt EU rule.

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