Nigel Farage Answers Listeners' Questions - European Elections - LBC

Nigel Farage Answers Listeners' Questions – European Elections – LBC

Ferrari at breakfast good morning – it's three minutes after 9:00 on Tuesday May the fourteenth we are just days away from elections that many people think should never have been held in the first place indeed if had been successfully prosecuted they wouldn't have been and more than a hundred million pounds but there's an extraordinary story seems to be developing around elections which is a party that is in its infancy only baby steps if you look at the polls and yes one has to look at polls with health warnings at all times well it seems to be bashing all the others out of the park I speak of course of the brexit party and I know from conversations that I've had about various matters there are many of you who are supporters and there are many of you who have concerns over its leader Nigel Faraj he's here taking your calls first one for me Nigel welcome to the show give me more thanks Camille I've got to ask you about that interview on Sunday with Andrew Marr some commentators said and indeed on this program said it will just secure your support you were absolutely people will see that and they will see that you Nigel Ferrari reacted in some way others will say you were found wanting when you were put under this under Searchlight certain questions all those questions a thousand times and many of the comments are alleged comments that mr. Marr put to me the things I said over a decade ago and what quoted to me out of context and quite how the BBC researcher doesn't know that I advocated a no deal during the referendum but I did it in the 8th 2016 holiday yet the head-to-head debate with David Cameron so factually wrong but here's the point the week before I'd sat in this very chair with the endale sitting where you're sitting and Ian had asked me a whole series of questions about the brexit party its constitution what democracy there was within the party how we could have left wing fingers and right wing figures working together did that mean splits were inevitable what use would brexit Party MEP s be what he was asking me questions about the birth of this new party a month in and what potential problems and pitfalls there might be all legitimate sensible stuff LBC is a commercial station people can listen to this or not listen to this is entirely up to them we are all taxed and is attacks effectively isn't it a hundred and fifty quid yeah to support the BBC every year paid on two weeks ago you know I did it I'm bigger than regretted outfit what we come to that brat that mustn't be too naughty but but the here's the point there's a brand new political movement that in as I say a month goes from not existing to topping the polls in a national election and our public service broadcaster right who we all pay this money to had not had anybody from the brexit party on a major program until last Thursday when I did question time and I want to ask you about that how much can you write in the daily telegraph today Nigel and you say I was on question time last Thursday but I'm quitting I had to fight like crazy to secure my seat on the panel why certain wasn't confirmed to Wednesday that I'd be on because they wanted to have a woman right for gender balance I was at well fine we've got some great women we can give you an Whitaker more or Claire Fox or all the got some wonderful women standing for us but actually you know what I'm the founder of this I invented this thing I've developed this thing I'm leading this thing don't I deserve a chance to present to the country what it's for I had to battle like crazy because the BBC now have the gender balance everything and I'm all for equal opportunities but it did strike me as being bizarre so I go on ma and you know we are fighting this election as the brexit party our theme is democracy right we think that democracy is breaking down we've been betrayed by Parliament and it's time for us to stand up and fight back right or wrong that is what we're standing on I didn't get a single question on that what I got questions on were alleged comments I've made about Vladimir Putin he didn't want to talk about the election in any way at all he was an out-and-out ad hominem attacked and I did not go on there you know with the intention of having a rail with the interview what happened at the end you know how normal you say thank you very much over that Sunday I'm out of here did it end in a pleasant tone with mr. mark no what did you say well I mean sometimes in the heat of the moment we say things dick you know something like I shan't be coming back here again how did he respond he didn't didn't bother you no would you go back if bricks it is the success of the polls yes do we need the BBC anymore you tell me I'm not sure I mean I mean you know it used to be absolute I mean we've managed to we've managed the brexit part is managed to get to the top of the without the BBC having us either on main programs or more significantly you may have seen I've been going around the country day after six days a week I'm out around the country doing events street walkabouts rallies at which thousands of people have been turning up I don't see any BBC cameras there but lastly before we go to the calls Alistair don't go you will be the first caller to those who say this is part of being held to account Nigel Farage this is what you need need to answer questions about your life you won't yeah I can give you my school report from 1982 and you can ask me questions about that about that if you want to this was ludicrous there was nothing in this interview that had anything to do with a national set of elections that are happening next Thursday I thought the whole thing was a disgrace and how someone like that is paid 400 grand a year to ask me questions like that bit personal mentioning his salary what you're paying for it I'm paying for it we're all paying for it look this is not a commercial organisation it's a public service broadcaster that we all pay money to we deserve better Alistair is in Stirling Alistair you're on the radio good morning your question to nigel Faraj good morning you know who is funding the Baker party well that's the remarkable story Alistair and I have to say this I think of all the things we've done this is our proudest achievement we are approaching 100,000 registered supporters in four and a half weeks all of whom Alistair paid 25 pounds through our website on PayPal to become registered supporters we've also got coming through the door sacks of mail I mean sacks of mail so Alistair we funded over 90% of this through 25 pound donations and I don't think anybody in British politics has ever managed to do this before response from you Alistair just surprised well don't be surprised Alistair because I tell you what there are a lot of people out there who are really upset that Breck's is not being delivered who are the prominent supporters financially well as one person who's given a big amount of money who's who's named himself didn't need to because this all gets registered with the Electoral Commission and after the election they tell you who's given what but Jeremy Hosking yes big conservative donor and he's given two big donations to the policy and our if there are other people who've given similar amounts of money no but there are people who I think might do in the next few days what I'm seeing Nick what I'm seeing are people who have been lifelong conservative donors saying well what's the point of the conservative party anymore who are we talking about well that wouldn't be fair because they've been giving us money yet and they may and they may not but but but but but those who have given money wake up with large sums of money you know why can't we you know there I do you do his name's Jeremy Husky rather than so there's nothing else there's not tens of thousands or no but I think but I think there may well be and and and we are now actively in conversation this has to be made public at some point after you've closed but isn't it funny nobody else cannot gets asked this question I mean the truth of it is politics generally you know the trade unions fund the labor movement all right simple as that that's what the vast majority their income comes from the Conservatives are funded by you know a lot of very very wealthy individual backers I'm nothing wrong with any of that what I'm telling you here is there's a remarkable story here of grassroots funding of a political movement but can you be as supportive without paying 25 pounds not a registered supporter if you're registered supporter you get so copy it like you can be a member of the Conservative Party or you can be a member of the liberal dome you can't be a member of BRICS it can you unless you're us unless you give money you cannot be a registered supporter unless you give 25 pounds yes that's right is that fair it's working is it fair it's perfectly reasonable isn't it what's wrong with it I mean look the Labour Party of course signed up loads of people for three pounds a pop you know we're not doing that we're saying look if you want to be part of this you want to be part of the club we need a reasonable contribution and people are responding in the most astonishing way you must have millions if I've got my sons right millions and we you as Diane Abbott found out you're very good at something so you've got a good fighting fund we've raised a lot of money and the state the vast majority of it through grassroots donation let's get to more grassroots calls thanks for Alastair for getting us started Carol in Twickenham Carol yes organizer for us go ahead good morning well I'd like to ask you is you say you want to be an MP but an MP needs policies and you seem to have one what Carol we are fighting next there as day a national election in this country it is a European election and we're fighting on European issues and in particular you know I'm fighting it the brexit part is fighting it on the issues of democracy and trust so I'm not going to talk about other domestic issues because that would cloud what I think and you may disagree but I actually think Carol we are facing one of the most fundamental questions for centuries in this country are we a democratic nation or not well I say to you mr. Prize is how you seem to pop up all over the place when there is a crisis in this country and then here we are seeing you starting this party back it with the backing of so-called quite wealthy people no 25 pounds of individual people have a thousand please make your point had read that these people are coming up with cash to support you you're not giving out names but there are certain names that are popping up all over the place and also that one other thing I'd like to ask you mr. let's do the first one you please magical you really are very good at listening Carol because I've made it clear I'm gonna say it one more time we are approaching a hundred thousand people who've paid 25 pounds to become registered supporters and that is where over 90% of our funding to date has come from what's wrong with that Carol it's absolutely outrageous let me tell you something fascinating without these people because I instead of the Yorkshire that's where you had your rally is that correct I had one there yesterday okay 70% people voted to leave the what's your point yeah I would say to you mr. Raj why don't you do it have your rally in Parliament Square and we do that we had 60,000 people there on the 29th of March we go to Richmond nicer for us very happy to go to Richmond and in fact have been campaigns Richmond sorry by the way but the reason I was where I was yesterday is because that particular constituency it's the Pontefract constituency that was quite rightly as Carroll says or something right 70 percent leave and their Member of Parliament is a very high-profile person called Yvette Cooper who said in the general election she'd respect the will of the people boasted that she'd voted for article 50 and has spent the last two years trying to stop brexit from happening and that to me sums up what is going wrong in this country now it's very interesting because both labour and conservative MPs and vast sections of mainstream media don't think there's any problem at all with the cam being kicked down the road repeatedly on brexit one of the things I learnt sitting in that chair doing a show for OBC is you get outside the central London boroughs and there's huge anger in this country and it's not just coming from leave voters a lot of it's coming from remain voters as well and what are they angry about democracy if we don't honor the will of the people what kind of country are we what does the rest of the world remains vote is gonna vote for brexit part other well the remain note that there will be remain voters who will vote for the breaks indeed we've even got a candidate standing for us in in in eastern England who voted remain in the referendum Nick if you for us to be a credible nation the bedrock upon which is founded is our democratic system because that's the bond of trust that needs to exist between people and those that govern them and that at the moment is fundamentally breaking down Carole thank you for your call we must move on Carole thank you mark in Sunbury on thames mark you're on the radio good morning Nigel morning while I applaud the success of your party in the past few weeks I'm a bit concerned to find out that people that pay that 25 pounds to become members don't actually have any votes in the future and the say of the party and of course they don't have a say in choosing a leader which is unlike any other political party in the country tutorial mark you are gonna be amazed but what I'm gonna tell you now this is gonna be the most open political party you've ever seen in Britain we are getting we are getting rid of those delegated layers that political parties have like national executive committees where everything tends to get lost and what I'm gonna do mark and we discussed this with the board is we are going to directly Li A's and have votes amongst our registered supporters to shape policy and shape our future direction I want this to be a really really engaged group of people as far as they'll vote via email presumably not absolute rallies every you know it'll be an online platform and we are going to consult them and and we will produce policy on the basis of what our supporters think and that I think is amiss it's quite a radical departure on will the leader serve how long how would leaders be changed what Nick remember this this was set up effectively like a company and as opposed to a political party we had no time no time because suddenly you know it was becoming clear that a European election was being set up so we have a limited company we have a board of directors so the board can move the chief executive effectively I you you and and and this would evolve over time but we set this up very very quickly so that we could make decisions and we've made good ones but you say that your quote come yours it's going to be the most open political party yeah but you still won't share with me the big name donors you've had it already once Jeremy lost so no one else in the 20s and 30,000 pounds it was wallets here in that range yes of course yeah the ordinary citizens yeah and ya know and all of it and by the way all of that's gone to the actual Commission but I'm sure but it was the gentleman himself as who made him his name public you didn't give it why so what there is a concern as to who might be given them as long as you're asking Vince Cable the same question as long as you're asked you look at service law and of course you'll get no answers from them either if I was to give you a name of somebody who'd given you know not a massive check but one over seven a half thousand pounds right you'd have 150 media smashing his front door down it doesn't work alright okay but responsibly mark I'm glad to hear what you've said the other concern is should you now not be coming up with some form of ideas for a future manifesto because let's hope God willing that brexit will be kept on its way by October mark the word manifesto I'm never going to use it ever I have a legitimate use instead I have a word association with manifesto and that's lie because that's all we've had from these other two parties election after election making manifesto pledges mark that believe at the time let alone intend to carry out later so we'll have a policy platform a mark I can tell you I can tell you the high machines there is a lot of work going on as we speak but what will you call it principle alone a declaration of trust Gettysburg Address put up a contract with the people so every minute it would be a contract with the people Marx Thank You Jake and Darby Jake you're on the radio good morning good morning Micro since Assad is that sir you talk about life on that token why did you use information either to to deceive the people intelligent directives but I didn't deceive anybody mark as it as you may or may not remember immigration was the absolute number one issue in this country in terms of the political conversation it had been for a long time and of course across the rest of Europe too it has completely reshaped politics in Italy and elsewhere years go by things change the issue right now mark I would put this to you the burning issue right now is this fundamental question of democracy is the will of the British people together is going to be respected them that's when I'm campaigning on quick response from you Jay immigration to whip up as friendly people I remember you say good singers like four to five million people can come to this country I know so yes using things like we're sluggard and that kind of thing yours you used the president's fears of the ordeal working people under under under on the premise of a lie Jay Carney are you not going but and you put nice for you cuz you were criticized for that remember the poster mister for the photograph here the truth the truth and it has radically transformed European policies yeah here's the point as members of the European Union we all have European passports we have a total open door to the whole of Europe I think that's wrong irresponsible that we have to have an immigration policy based on skills that does not discriminate against the rest of the world you don't regret that poster now did you know what it was of its moment absolutely right mrs. Merkel made a huge huge error in saying anyone that wants to come concurring point and you're there and there's of the the II can I use the word of flood of migrants has that word anybody the EU has failed us or it surgically annexed of course that was right and it's completely transformed European policy and has it got worse so no no actually that the the flow of people coming and across the Mediterranean partly because of deals done with Turkey is much much lower it's not the number one issue anymore but would we take control of our borders because that was the purpose of that purse and that's what we absolutely mistake but not with this deal oh no I mean with missus Mays deal we will take a drop of anything in my opinion quick response from you Jake I did say I would let you back in Jake yeah I think there how can I kid does civil immigration was not the number did not have on this you can look were you like he's not that was me that was me talking that was me talking he's don't think if so I didn't mean to smoke if that's came across in my tone I was simply saying alright because I have to move on Jake thank you I mean there is this you said at the end of last month's mr. Raj speaking to the young America's Foundation I can take your town called Oldham in the north of England we're literally on one side of the street everyone is white and on the other side everyone is black the Twain never actually meet there is no assimilation whole streets in Oldham of people who've lived in my country thirty years don't speak the word the it's terrible it's terrible I mean I make it I'm making an argument here for integration and making an argument here that if you have divided cities it's bad news at every level and the the person that first put put me on to this was the late Sir Charles wheeler the veteran journalist oh yes after the riots in Oldham in 2001 Tony Blair asked him go to all of them find out what's going on and I talked to Charles wheeler about this and he said what a tragedy it was that almost like Northern Ireland had been where you had divided communities on religion you had Asian areas and white areas and Oldham and I'm sorry to say there's an Asian areas or black hairs because you say black well well it again and we all get caught up in this terminology right you know what's allowed one days not allowed man okay but they are Asian areas they can call that black or whatever you need to call it but here's the point even today in 2019 you've got one warden Oldham that is 97% white and the next-door Ward that is 66 how would you address that what I think that of that is about having a responsible immigration policy having numbers are already here of course mr. Verma oh I know I know are we gonna have we've got a devil of a job to deal with the problem already exists I do not want to live in a country where we have people divided and separated out let's go to other calls Adam in Leeds Adam you're on the radio good morning morning Nigel the original referendum you stood for a deal you can't say that we were going to get to deal and now you keep saying that we as in the general public voted for No Deal I don't remember that being on the the original referendum so surely to get a mandate for this why not have a second referendum No Deal be clear with the people for a change versus remain Nigel Brown here's the point for 25 years over 25 years I have said that a simple free trade deal with the European Union is a very achievable thing the problem is our prime minister has never asked for it but equally Adam I did say during that referendum that no deal is better than a bad deal which is obviously true I first used that on June the 8th when I did a debate on ITV against the Prime Minister I used it all the way through the rest of the campaign so no deal is better than a bad deal that is absolutely true and I now think Adam given where we are and the absolute holics of it that this government has made the only way we can deliver the Democratic will of the people is to leave on W ta terms but here's the good bit the good bit is we go to Geneva we go to the WTO we use article 24 of their treaty and we would have two years Adam two years of no tariffs and no quotas we could sort the whole thing out quit response from you Adam I'm sorry Nigel just don't believe anything you say all right okay let me make you change your tune every single time you ate June 2016 it is actually documented Adam but do go on with your point then I must move on one final point on a platform constantly saying Norway's a good deal Switzerland is a good deal we would get a better deal yes oh now you're changing a tune again to WTO how can we believe and you say when you change your mind everything as I say I said no deal is better than a bad deal all the way through the negotiations we shouldn't be where we are but we are and we must deliver the Democratic will of the people and that is leaving on WTO terms the brexit party you found it Nigel Russia's a Yun sent a couple of days old what happens in the next thirty days of the BRICS apart is like would you suggest well we'll see what happens next Thursday obviously at the moment we're doing very very well but as you said said yourself polls polls are very diverse very volatile of course they are and a lot of this depends on who actually turns out to vote so let's see where we go and clearly in terms of the future of the Conservative Party in the future of the Labour Party what happens next Thursday is very very important indeed it is my hope and belief that we can win these elections we can put WTO back on the table we can get brexit party business people as part of a negotiating team because I think that voice democrat alluding you should be that if I'm too controversial let's choose some of our business figures you know but let's at least be there and be part of this I think that's very very important after that there is going to be a bellwether election that'll take place the significance of which will probably be as big as the European elections and that's Peterborough the by-election that takes place on the 6th of June and that could be a quite a big decisive moment you're going to stand as an MP I read well I think they'll be my duty to do so where I've known it I know I know I would intent I am fighting I'm leading a brand new party into a national election next Thursday I can't really I'm struggling to think beyond that and Peterborough alright let's go to another call will in Wimbledon go ahead we'll hi the last two years is that we've learned that there's kind of a lot of forms of brexit and i think it's all well and good campaigning sort of exit party but I think you do have a responsibility to outline what your exit plan would be there's not a word about it on your website and you will equally there are lots of forms of remain including a European army United States of Europe and everybody having the Euro so you can argue that both ways but we we assume up what is the BRICS it breaks it we issued our pledge car we did it week and a half ago will we want to leave on WTO terms we're not paying thirty nine billion we're not having any jurisdiction from the European Court of Justice and we're absolutely confident that once we've left on WTO terms in the negotiations thereafter we will come to a sensible tariff-free deal with our friends and you despite many businessmen and businesswomen saying a WTO deal would be the death knell for this country we had that argument during the referendum didn't we you know I mean we we have debated these you think people knew what the WTO was during the referenda they're far more aware now than they were three years ago they may be they may not be I'm is always difficult to judge you know how deeply people read in Toulouse they these businessmen I mean wrong Nigel warned us that corporates their big corporate they love the European simply because their corporate because they love it it's a great lots of regulation put out of business all your small and medium-sized competitors what's not to like from their point of view the trouble is we keep doing the economic argument I think we'll be richer you can argue with me would be poorer but the real point here is we were told our vote would be implemented our vote would be respected it has not been that to me is the key point here last question and a sentence if you would is Britain more divided now as a result of the referendum three years ago than it was it is a difficult situation when so many establishment figures refused to accept the result of a democratic election that is responsible for that division with the work you did three years ago no I will do unite the country let's leave and get on with the rest of our lives and you know something I tell you where the majority really is the majority is let's end this let's get out let's move on Nigel Raj your founder and leader of the brexit party thank you thank you time here on the LBC this phone is since part of a series you heard from jacobs mark for the Conservatives yesterday coming ups of Vince Cable after 9:30 and other main parties leaders or senior members ahead of next Thursday's elections this is LBC it's 9:30 news for Thomas was

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  1. just reading about jeremt hunt money laundering,and not paying income tax.why has not boris ask him this question,
    if the people all knew this who would vote for jeremy hunt.

  2. I'll leave this comment here just so nobody can say I didn't see it coming.
    If brexit comes without a deal: a lot of people will be broke. There will be a colossal amount of chaos. People will notice that 2 years are not enough to create trade deals.
    And a great deal of people will manage to blame the EU for it. Hate and division ensues.

    Please show me that I'm wrong.

  3. Truth hurts and love him or hate him, nigel has the balls to voice what we are all thinkin but too afraid to say as the worlds gone P.C bonkers I'd join nigel I just dont have a spare £25 lol

  4. One of the great things about Nigel Farage is that he has HIS opinions and allows others to have THEIR opinions. He does not take a stand of who is right and who is wrong. He is a fresh start to the new world of British politics.
    We just need to keep looking and try to find more like him.

  5. Once a politician always a politician. Part timers, here today gone tomorrow. The legacy they leave behind when they have gone can be catastrophic.

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  8. I voted Labour. When I grew a little older and began to see through the bullshoot it was the LibDems. Then I moved onto the Conservatives even though it was done sort of holding my nose somewhat. I voted Brexit in the EU elections. I will never vote for the mainstream parties again. I hope The Brexit party can finally bring some honesty and integrity and actually real democracy to politics in this country. I have paid the £25 to give some support and I live in hope but not expectation.
    Time will tell.

  9. I’m a remainer who voted for the Brexit Party. We need to uphold the vote. It’s democracy, sometimes the vote doesn’t go in your favour.

  10. Jokes, every last thing here is a joke, every little bit of this is jokes. End of the day the world a joke. Enjoy the jokes.

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  13. I need to put this out there as the Media BBC etc will not release this factual Information !! The Info is in the european elections NON brits were allowed to vote !! and that changes everything as if you take away them votes Brits Voted by over 60% brexit party !! meaning 60% want to leave the EU not what the fake news tells you !! and the turn out was low 31% and that was because many brexiteers couldnt be bothered to vote as they feel let down by politics !! So if a referendum was called again with the numbers that didnt vote and the NON brits having their votes taken away !! It would be a larger number than the 60% i said !!

  14. So you got the same sort of crap that Tommy Robinson has to put up with.
    You get smeared.
    You don’t mind putting the knife in to Tommy??

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    GB Austria Australia Hungary Italy Poland. The list goes on and on !!!!

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