Nickelodeon Studios 2019 Update

Nickelodeon Studios 2019 Update

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  1. Quick Correction: Stage 19 is actually being used for Impact Wrestling and not for boxing. So everyone can officially cease the corrections that have been filling up my comments.
    Thank you kindly,
    Jake Williams (who never gets anything right)

  2. I also think it was not successful because Nickelodeon is NOT owned by NBC Universal. As some may know they made a Jimmy Fallon ride in the park and the reason behind that is because the parent company, Comcast, owns NBC Universal the large company that owns everything. Nickelodeon is owned by Viacom one of the main competitors of the brand and therefore I presume housing a studio there was not only a large expense, since contracts in that fields aren't as long as the one that Marvel did with Universal (which funny enough Marvel is now a Disney Brand) but also because in the industry you wouldn't want to record your shows on your competitors lot for threats of leaks. Just a fun fact for those who didn't know…I worked with Nickelodeon for a while hence the information.

  3. Bright sun films recommends I watch a Defunctland video. Finally getting closer to the crossover we all want and need.

  4. I remember, Studio have carried with slime. So how did smell and taste of slime when you were prized? You was children to visible slime spill and clean up. I never visited to Nickelodeon Studio before was closed since in 2005.

  5. I tried to get close to it when i went to universal last march. They said i would have to exit the park and not come back😭 wtf😂

  6. breaks my heart. i went there as a kid in the 90's, all i really remember, aside from seeing the set for legends of the hidden temple being built (!), is that it was the coolest looking place i'd ever been. every surface was covered in those awesome murals. death to those who paint over them!!!

    also, not a boxing match. it was TNA wrestling they had set up.

  7. Cool everything about lot of NICK of each other STATES AND OTHERS STUFF cool *mad*. But they still on Nick Jr about 2019. Called. Rayn Mistry playdate my lilltte bother wacth that AND I HATE IT SINCE Nick death in this vid

  8. This is one of the places I went to and my mom was talking about the memories there with my older sister

  9. I had a dream that Nickelodeon Studios reopened and the Blue Man group just threw one of their drums at the logo

  10. Man O’ man Nickelodeon was so much fun to watch when I was a kid 😔. I really miss those tv shows and it pretty sad on how this studio went from a iconic to a boring dull building….sad 😒

  11. it so sad to see what they done to this place it really is i wish they would reopen Nickelodeon studios and make it into a Museum it is a Historical place after all we need to keep it alive and the memories of that place all my favorite tv shows came from Nickelodeon studios

  12. Duuuuude one of your old videos just came up on like a shuffle. I totally forgot how bad you use to suck 😂 most improved for sure. Love your videos ❤️

  13. GOD the Impact Zone looks tiny. I've so far only seen one wrestling show at Universal, that was Hard Justice 2005 (main event: AJ Styles d. Jeff Jarrett (c) for the NWA World Heavyweight championship w/ special guest referee Tito Ortiz. I clearly remember saying to my sister and brother-in-law, "Tito seems like a nice guy; it's a shame Chuck Liddell is going to EAT HIM (next UFC event)"…), and it was in Soundstage 21. You could fit a LOT more people in there, though it honestly didn't matter since Universal didn't let them charge admission, but it FELT more like at least a good indy show in there. The new setup looks only a little bigger than the corrugated tin shack my brother's friend wrestled in on Long Island.

  14. I had went inside there for a class of stem for the rip ride rocket and it was fun I had went backstage for blue man group

  15. I went to Nick Studio in Universal Studios in 2017 and video shot it and sole about the memories of the place!

  16. I feel like they could've really capitalized on the huge "90's Nick" resurgence a few years back and turned the studio into a nostalgia attraction, but hey. I'm not a millionaire producer. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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