39 thoughts on “NHL players admit to giving cliché answers to the media

  1. You know, like I said, obviously
    Get pucks deep, get pucks to the net
    Keep it simple, play our game
    Score goals and win some hockey games

  2. Talk about a misleading title. And ‘why’ might you ask? Simply because not one of these dullards used the word ’obviously.’ The most over used word amongst NHL hockey players I have ever had the displeasure of hearing every damn time one of them open their mouths.

  3. Best post-game interview was Viktor Arvidsson playing for the Milwaukee Admirals. Interviewer: "Amazing play. Describe the goal for us." Arvidsson: "I shoot. I score."

  4. in this age of snowflake sjws, anything the players say could be taken out of context and used against them
    so they play it safe by using these cliched answers

  5. 2019 the year when the NHL realise they been boring AF and not letting players be real or having fun while the other professional league have been doing it for the last 10 years. (NFL still is boring AF tho)

  6. “We have to give it a 110% each and every night”

    “We Know we gotta do better”

    “It’s a tough pill to swallow but we’ll learn from this and move on”

    “We didn’t follow our system”

  7. Anders lee is still pissed he lost the role of rose’s overbearing fiancé in titanic to billy Zane

  8. This is an interesting video that is more illustrative than one would think on a growingly divisive aspect of hockey: letting ego and personality shine. The league does not like celebrations, individual exploits, players coming out and expressing themselves etc. As a result you get these interchangeable stale pavlovian responses to similarly stale questions because the players, as individuals, have no space to grow. Hockey is loosing in popularity in the US, and I suspect one of the reasons is that talent does not suffice to market the game to the uninitiated. For a league that is SO focused on branding, I don't understand why they don't let their players represent the "brand" in other ways than on the ice. No wonder 90% of them evolve into Blandy Mc Bland at the end of their careers.
    For better or for worse, the NHL should take a risk, let players "be" a bit more and see where it takes the league in terms of national and international visibility. I live in Belgium, and everyone here can name NBA players despite no games being broadcast. But NO uninitiated could name or recognize Crosby, Ovi or McDavid. It says something

  9. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. Ask that stupid question every time, get the same stupid answer every time.

  10. There's only so many things you can say on a specific topic honestly… should have an episode on cliche reporter questions because they tend to ask the same type of questions game after game, which is why they end up getting pretty much the same answers.

  11. They don't like giving interviews between periods. Why would they. It's actually a distraction for them

  12. I really want NHL players to have more personality on the ice and in interviews. Like why aren’t players celebrating goals more creatively nowadays? You see nba and nfl players always coming up with new cheeky cellies so why aren’t nhl players doing it???

  13. If someone answered this interview about cliche questions with a cliche answer I would be his fan forever.

  14. Remember when you were a kid & you thought sports stars were saying something important? Good times.

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