Next Dose #408 | 24 April 2019 Current Affairs | Daily Current Affairs | Current Affairs In Hindi

Next Dose #408 | 24 April 2019 Current Affairs | Daily Current Affairs | Current Affairs In Hindi

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Pritchett open nucleonic ushanka big absence a year he would hope to know I hope to be no to G or any code Turk rocky bases pyretic rupee appointee again a trip Rama appointee he to map Maliki yes Tripura the probably a Potemkin Agartala the progressively stuck on a bill of cumulative for trip rocky present them even Akane captain Singh Solanki next ocean him Halima christening Caravaggio Kelly cyber defense insurance Rukia to away holla me SVA general insurance me Caravaggio Kelly cyber defense insurance Rukia Jana kiss cushion can see options ahead Caro varios cybercrime give residue loss of rocked ahead or do we problem us at being who scaly as general insolence cyber defense insurance through yeah of SVA general incidence nurse Rooke ahead to SBA general insurance cover a marathon as be a general insurance historic ability those are normal for a ski present MP MD and see UConn Huson mahapatra kwanghee pushin mahapatra nation Halima Iran or Cassini tone of this okie Beach same pratikriya dull Brannock Yugoslavia to a bahala me Iran or Pakistan name toward is okay Beach say you pratikriya del banana he was not yawning is cushion cut deep oxen say action attack about Sidney persnickety yes salute practically Adel Vanaja Iran or Pakistan cabbage Iran or Pakistan cave into German Peruvian who super saved pratikriya terminal is Kiku's rocky Erica presenting president Hassan rouhani actually Pakistan cage will be present MP prime minister hang in Branca in Iran go away or when he play Iran key president me Kiku's McCarthy of era or Pakistan tonneau cover in Nevada Pella MF Medici year Iran Iran he capital K head Tehran Iran key currency K irani real or Iran keep presented by President Hassan rouhani above map Maliki yeah Pakistan Pakistan he kept them up damn thing Islamabad Pakistan he can see a Pakistani rupiah Pakistan presented to President Ghani are if lv4 Pakistan give present them with promised upon a cricketer Imran Khan as a bath Pakistani head to India or Pakistan could divide carnival and cook Agatha Leiby important mission to India or Pakistan could divide carnival on the Red Cliff line naturally Ali may s mosaic on me the new have recounted to as yeah but distant lake of day or Madras getting a B in car 89 arrangement midden oh yeah Jana discussion can see of say Yeti s Messiah or Inka abouhalima 1890 engagement middle national parliament is this man apart Kalki goes Nikita – abhi Halima surreal and coming apart Kalki gusto contingent here Yonex cushion-cut big box and say AB capito a mr. Langevin bomb blast – in for approximate those Honorable America or who seek about Sri Lankan a emergency he was not guardian of course now Sri Lanka Nikki – yeah him map Missy Lanka Sri Lanka a capital K Colombo or 3:03 promoting Coulomb book commercial capital or three Jerry from Cote administrative capital C Lanka keep present MK promised upon him Randall Vikram Singh II or silica present m2 president conehead metropoliz Sri sana as a Siliguri currency can see Lanka droopy nation Holly may acá para Toulon championship me Jeremy lulling wanna concept proceed ahead – abhi Holly me ASEAN Riesling championship means Jeremy Lally won a gold medal in the high genic is so positive ahead to discussion car a options ay-yi-yi Jeremy la lengua for a no-name Asian wrestling championship me 67 kilogram Bergman world madam cheetah nation Holly me ATP masters ki Tov Etan evilly Pele it'll weaken money to a b'hala me ATP masters Kitab give Nevel a belly it'll be burning have you found any Yannick atanga see often say yay Fabio Fognini for a ATP masters head of the develop paheli it'll be one day it'll be and he Italy game he serie Kaiser I he Little Women of discussion actor Malika 8pp a typical ke baare mein up what I had it without the association of Tennis Professionals necessarily me e iu garage re-index of preparedness may consist pariah to Avila me he I usually index of preparedness me Australia topper aha yeah nice cushion can see options here up a fake term ay yi i you hey you people whom the the economist intelligence unit or is were topper ahead australia to occur top three other day austria top a second number play and midland or turn number Germany at a joke index of cancer preparedness head he ties the soca 8 index a or top three Managua die Australia New Zealand or Germany apana days VAR Atkinson number fell upon ADIZ Virata who needs me number necessarily may L as in equation number professorships tabaqui to a bahala me l as in a hundred the same key number professor system is key Yonex washington big options a a a a play Umbra tenkan Andrew small one you in who noble gremolata or yet famous economist tree of Inc a number professorships turkey leg in yet terms of Albania rava LS yoga lset within London School of Economics actually ii am representing unity cutter silica who knew so be acidic l assimilated or easy valency l as in inky number professorship stop it here ha am Radisson could Nobel Prize comin atcha to in Co noble brhadratha 1998 remain Yahoo yogurt my necessarily me a sea a badminton championship kaha souvenir to obey her limit China miss Ruby a sea a badminton championship began exclusion si si that's a Chanakya Berryman to pitch like aliens imma put regular butter all up magnetic yes China China he gave a token Beijing China currency renminbi or sanity % m president Conan Z's in ping eat chili I hope up we are doing only licking Hui be cheat get any weird cheesy apoyo de chuck up he left my strengths of lagana octopus could revise catherine i revise Kenickie habit opponent road near next to Holly me rusty Bob Dixon POTUS a kiss is a monarchy again to a be Holly Benny and me go rusty Bob Dixon processor Malan yeah Yannick is cushion cut a absence a patent or the cycle catch it remain in chorus tree bug Dix of the see someone idea both dick some pathogenic intellectual property up last we do quick ocean cancer last you do man after question with a Holly mrs. Oliver Davis Cup Managua to obey aliens who need a prelude Monica this should Liberty was yawning his cushion see option SATA or live exhibition askance idea have mostly strain his cavalry me to tell Malika backward pebble mashenka marina puja – na da dada parag aplicar oh you could do Tina flick the to Runa cabina multi-item ana can evaporate out of anna chemical learning who speak in greece our sisters will give up medicine and getting fed recipe or do we do mannequin job working on a vehicle free to sustain or ha fgc egg junkie dedicate okay with recent arrival or an academy sick will be plus cos purchase cannot article to meet description munich link be aware and get weaker case of oppose link per click Kirkuk will be course particular we take referral cork off snyder oppose me ingress are silicon does percent discount vendetta or haha a current a basket dealing with salt kanata to e FM is Kalinka movin me to discussion on the a description of the who get to current the past which kirkuk link to the our abu spec clicker case in store ecology or daily current a pesky quiz Seoul Korea ibaka ask a question oculi advocacy name Holyman be super Twitterverse come on again cherubs and again in mr. Koopman Sabbath on ahead or is scalebar mama Rafi supid but previously cushioned Daily Post at the end the Facebook / next example camera facebook page joint custody you keep previously evolution of Abajo tell contain agora fukusa question without put a yoke opening careers related with coil problem high-top instagram / indrasen see i and b are e as h RC instagram / inrease RC certificate of medicine do something or wave it out cubicle region without any agitation discuss construct the him but urge keep you to come target every other now ask you to cut argot head Charlie's are like to agree you to awkward chalica he he'll pull ahead some obstacle like or see them kana to eat ax at Komara current de pesca video up we do Castle Agha please comment box mr. Rowbotham ha for other a beated me of memories channel go subscribe media do you see up subscribe through ecology of question El Cid Mississippi mother Maliki job be a visitor bring into browser make pair like a man kya a possible a confessor Ookla : the sake of food daily morning my current a pesky video will tear a next example build with you thanks for watching

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  2. 1 april orrisa divas/utkal divas
    2 april world autism awareness day
    4 april world mine awareness day
    5 april national ocean day
    7 april world health day
    9 april crpf veer divas
    10 april world homopathy day
    12 april international human udan divas
    15 april himachal pradesh state day
    17 april world hemofelia day
    18 april world heritage day
    19 april world liver day
    22 april worls earth day
    23 april world book day

  3. 1 April to odisha day,,,,2 April to world autism day,,,,,4 April to international mining awareness day,,,,5 April to national sea day,,,,7 April to world health day,,,,9 April to veer diwas of crpf,,,,,,10 April world homeopathy day,,,12 april to international human space flight day,,,,,,,15 April to Himachal diwas,,,,,17 April to world hemophilia diwas,,,,,18 April to world heritage day,,,,,19 April to world leaver day,,,,,22 April to world earth day,,,,23 April to world book day

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