100 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich weighs in on Dems’ closed-door impeachment hearings


  2. What everyone needs to understand is that, this stuff has been building for years. It's probably mostly do to illegal behavior the the Dem's don't want to come out.

  3. Gingrich knows better. The Democrats are in the investigation phase only, and following the rules laid out and signed by the speaker at the time, John Boeher. The hearings are not yet in progress. 47 Republicans are in the room while testimony is given and they have equal time to question witnesses. Reporting indicates that they don't bother to participate. The Republican house majority at the time changed the rules, now they don't like it. Similar to Moscow Mitch not allowing President Obama's Supreme Court nomination. If a Democratic Senate would have done that the Republicans would be incensed. Crying like babies in contagious in the WH and Congress. GET OVER IT!

  4. Why on Earth is nothing being down with this out right Open Coup taken place as we speak in the house now! Republicans, do the right thing and call in the military to stop this open rebellion. The left is using the legal system to do something that is illegally done by this blantant Open Coup. I never thought that it could get this bad there are no democrats proof, most of the leaders on the left running for President are stone cold socialists case closed. Wake up before it is to late. Folks, the reason why we have anarchy is because good people do nothing.

  5. Am firmly voting straight R ticket next year. The madness of the last 4 yrs that is even getting WORSE has guaranteed never another single vote for a Democrat.

  6. There is no real whistleblower if they are not shown to the American Public by the demorats !!!
    The President was chosen by the people for the people. Nothing happens unless God wants it too.
    President Trump is and was the chosen one in 2016. Go Trump in 2020

  7. Outside of the GOP TRAITORS & Fox FAKE News bubble, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Americans are for IMPEACHMENT and REMOVAL!

  8. How does the overall public allow this to happen? A trial with no defense? Heck, we went to WAR over a 1/2 cent Tea Tax. How cowardly, and selfish have we become?

  9. In this country you will not be allowed to be a juror if you are in ANY way BIASED! These doors are closed because they are ALL BIASED!!! Do they even have to swear that they are telling the Truth , the whole Truth, and nothing but the TRUTH?? They want it closed so only they can hear what dirt is on them and they can try to stop it from leaking!

  10. The reptilian party passed the very law they now say is illegal nothing about any of this is illegal American People please wake up to what is really going on and soon.

  11. As long as most Americans are working their azzez off just to make ends meet, these traitors can slip whatever they want by the people and the media is complicit. The Republicans should kick down the doors of every “secret” meeting to impeach our president. Kick the fing doors down. And someone needs to punch Adam Schiff square in the mouth. Let that fuker swallow some teeth

  12. I do hope the Republicans remember way back in 2015 when the Republicans ran the Benghazi hearings in secrecy. I can still picture Trey Gowdy standing in front of the cameras to explain – defending the secrecy – why public hearings of sensitive information are, as he put it , a “circus”. Such hypocrisy. Little wonder Americans are sick and tired of them.

  13. Demon-rats worshiping Satan for Halloween with Shifft as the Grand Monster – they need closed doors because the Devil hates the Light and Freedom The Demon-rats sold their soul for a handful of coins ad their time is running out and they are scared and pedophiles and liars all! Pray to Jesus to protect President Trump and his family, the USA and the World from these vile creatures and pray for yourself and your loved ones too because these are dangerous times!

  14. What kind rule of law the Deep State & Democrats dirty politicians doing?? Are they impeachment of their own butt because of corruptions?? What is behind the close door Kangaroo Court Democrats socialism?? Is it Communist Courts?? Democrats dirty politicians better going back to school learning American Constitutions!! Traitors!! Republicans, went to see the impeachment Adam Schiff & crazy Nancy Pelosi close door Secret Kangaroo Courts??

  15. Here's the deal, no more meat, no more cows fart to much, no more free speech only politically correct words, free food, free college, free health care and if your Parents say anything against the government send them to re education camps and if that does not work labor camps yes lets get it on. Let everyone cross our borders because we need more votes and more drugs and more crime and if you do not bow down to Allah well say good by to your head. Plus we are going to re educate your kids that bathrooms are for everyone boys in girls bathrooms and girls get to go in boys. No more Merry Christmas all statues must come down they insult my values and that is what we want for America.


  17. What bull about 12 of those idiots were members of the hearing committee and could go in…Republicans were in the hearing and could ask questions…Republicans had set the rules for this sort of thing and passed them years ago…a stupid stunt…how much lower can the R party go. Tnank God I jumped ship with this disaster of a group several years ago…Trump is getting nailed by the truth everyday. Thank God people have had guts enough to come forth and show what has been going on behind the scenes even though they were told not to. They are the heroes of the day…

  18. I don't know what's going on .. Sounds to me like they're waisting time trying to find a path to impeachment… So far it's an inquiry not an actual impeachment .. An actual impeachment would be brought to a vote.. In other words "yes a witch hunt lol".. They haven't found concrete proof yet to proceedings for impeachment is the reason it hasn't been brought to a vote in Congress.. They're still searching..

  19. There is nothing democratic about today’s Democrat party. Lies, cheating, deflection, deception, conspiracy, illicit collusion, and ruthless authoritarianism. These are the traits of the New Democrat party and the legacy of the Clinton era. America and the world will never again enjoy civility, justice, or fairness as they did before the Clintons arrived in DC to immediately begin their campaign of infecting all the world with vile corruption and darkness. I pray that God will forgive my generation for allowing this to happen.

  20. Lie lie lie lie….lardy did dah dah. We know Grand Jury statements are taken in secret. The actual hearing has not started. And Muller has not faded away; far from it. Plus this ‘fellow’ says he knows there is no evidence in what has been said in secret? PS. What throne has Hilary got? She is a has been.

  21. Seems the Democrats are afraid they will end up with egg on their face like all the other investigations. The Democrats are the Geraldo Riviera and the Lost treasure of Al Capone.

  22. Schiff doesn’t wanna share his alleged naked pictures of Trump 😂😂😂 We have seen this it’s called a Soviet Star chamber.

  23. President Trump has done more in 3 years to improve our country without the democrats support than Obama did in 8 with their support.

  24. When we pray in secret, Father God exposes what the wicked are doing
    in secret. THE LAWLESS LAW IS FALLING. revival is starting.

  25. By not allowing his "loyalists" to testify is sabotaging his own case. All we are hearing are those who accuse him of violations, those that might present evidence of an exculpatory nature have been forbidden to testify.

  26. What the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi doing with these Fake impeachments Hearsay Whistle Blowers who is Bogus need to Stop ! " Do Nothing Democrats" Treasonous Traitors need to all be arrested ! Trump2020

  27. Stop relying on what Polls say. You could ask 20 people if they think the impeachment hearing is going well and they will say Yes, then the majority of the country must agree with their results? Who does these polls, who are they asking? Keep in mind, every Poll had Trump losing the election so we know how reliable Polls are!


  29. The degree of opposition that Trump receives from the Deep State & the Left is only equal to the degree or level of deceit that they represent to American Democracy…Their opposition is evidence of their betrayal of a Free Society…Or their Huge effort to erase Trump and the will of the American voter would simply NOT exist

  30. Global Luciferian Deep State Human Trafficking Child Sacrifice Pedophile Pedovore Empire.
    Red pill of all red pills!!

  31. Democratic hatred is way overdone. Some people love to hate and others hate to love and some feed off of both of them as a form of entertainment and function and they can also be addicted to it. There are many ways to get fulfillment and the ways we choose to get fulfillment spells out our direction and who and what we are as individuals and people. Logic, fidelity, veracity , courage and integrity are always the better path for us all. Some are so confused as to truth and principles that they cannot separate these mental dichotomies in their minds and prefer to feed off of emotions anyway. However this out of control phenomena is not what civilizations are made of or from. Consciousness, truth, knowledge and self control speaks loudly in the finals. The Far-Left feed off of these lies and emotions some in both Republican and Democrat Far-Left personnel. It is not so much about political party as it is about a Right and or Correct. We have a very good President that cares for we the people and yet the Far-Left fight him incessantly and as they do, they are also fighting against the American people.

  32. Has anyone else noticed that the democrats have abandoned every other "crisis" in the country, like the border crisis and DACA, and put all their efforts into this impeachment basket?

  33. The Republicans who hesitate to support President Trump are weak-minded and care more about their social life in Washington D.C. and their careers, rather than the American people.

  34. Uh, it was closed doors with Clinton, lying Nazis. And 47 Republicans are present at the deposition! What's the problem? Trump is guilty that's the problem ! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  35. "Where r the Constitution experts this is a secret circus"-Uh, your leader Trump says the US constitution is phony.

  36. Our FOUNDING FATHERS and the FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS are rolling over in their graves and wondering why are the baby boomer's doing something to take back their Country we left them? What the Demerats need to see is 400 thousand people standing around the house waiting to rush the house. I'm calling on all PATRIOTS to March on WASHINGTON, we need to stand behind the PRESIDENT we voted to drain the swamp, run them out on a rail..

  37. Why in hell is anyone listening to Newt his own party threw him out of Washington cause they realized he was a lying crook DUH!

  38. Gingrich, you sound like some half baked hill billy. And with that comment I am really biasing hill billies, but I have no other way of really getting the point across. You speak like a fool. your points are foolish. You must be a fool.

  39. This Has not been seen in 400 years 1641 Now this Prayer Mantel of Elijah Had Not been Seen in 400 year with Mr. E.J pasting Will The Spirit of Elijah COME To The front lines for such A TIME'S as This RESTORE Our Kingdom Law & Orders 2019 Year of GOLD JUSTICE A Ruler's ROD of Authority King Lee—per Holy Spirit FIRE POWER !

  40. The polls are crap everybody knows that.the front runner only has 30 percent so that says 70 percent for trump.these polls are fixed.they know it

  41. I'm from Canada and by rights shouldn't be allowed to comment as we just voted in the biggest walking shame of a leader since Barack'badact yomama' Obama in Justin Trudeau for the second time……ON PURPOSE. I wouldn't be a democrat but if forced to Tulsi Gabbard would be the only option as i see it. Not because she's got the coolest name on ballot but the act of calling out that wicked old turkey neck Billery Clinton. She's long passed my prediction of retiring and offering her neck as a windsock to a local airport where she's stand there on a lazy susan with the 'axel of evil' assending up her wazoo with her mouth open and one hand held high….just smile and wave for ever more Hilly baby. Smile and wave.

  42. I believe there are Republicans in the closed interrogation, 47 to be exact, to 57 Democrats. Obviously, the Dems have the majority and Schiff is directing the whole thing…ARGH! But even Jim Jordan is in there and asking questions. That's what Newt means by "The Republicans walked out and they demolished his entire testimony".

  43. Fake polls…..they did no ask me, they did not ask my family and friends, they did not ask my neighbors and acquaintances …

  44. Democrats are worried out of their minds because they know the inspector general report is coming out soon about the origins of the Russian investigation.

  45. Nadler , Schiff, Schumer, Feinstein, Cohen, Warner…this crew of inbreds did the same thing to Jesus ..do you get it yet. Or do some of you need a brick 🧱, to fall on you’re head?

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