News Updates & Some Non News: Water Creativity

News Updates & Some Non News: Water Creativity

last night it was raining cats and dogs that's what we say in English when the rain is really hard it was lightning and thunder all night long in town the the roads are flooded to about six inches of water in many places I came out to the river and the riverbed is dry so it shows the land absorbs all the water water is a mystery isn't it we get told it's h2o in fact as many things as age 100 age 3o it's always in flux and it it's got a mind of its own it swirls down a sink a bathtub in one direction in the Northern Hemisphere and it swirls down in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere so one day we might learn the mysteries of water water used to get enriched in the primary forests on earth and that's gone and water isn't exactly as strong as it used to be having read viktor schauberger a little bit but moving on there's some headlines the show you the Defense Minister of Russia is saying how marvelous it's going it is to Co collaborate cooperate with Saudi Arabia how to develop their military together the defence cooperation and this is my thesis all along that the Zionist police force known as NATO or the United States is being moved over to Russia Russia's gonna take the Helms and of course they're gonna give Saudi Arabia along with it and I wouldn't be surprised if Trump was privy to all this and he's just part of the package to you know take America to his end it's been has been sapped dry for so long I mean it never had any semblance of balance in his policies with regard to Israel in the Middle East has just been sucked dry not 911 of course is the big one and the insurance claims that came but it's that's just a drop in the ocean it's it's it's going on all the time and another headline is on the similar topic is Kushner he's um Trump's son-in-law he's a member of the Habad and they all go together and visit the the last big grab either I think the founder of the Chabad movement a messiah figure so they go to his grave and worship Him and Trump goes along and Schneerson or something like that is his name and you got to wonder why Kushner's like this billionaire of 30 years old member of the Chabad and he's clean-shaven it's expressly forbidden in the Jewish religion to shave well the answer is by way of deception that will make war and the deception is not only about physical war it's about psychological war it's a psychological war being waged upon us and you know if you can appear to be something that you're not that's part of the deception for some reason Kushner's now moving on having been the the Middle East advisor and I'll talk about that in a minute perhaps but now he's advising Trump on immigration policies I think they're just all buying time the master plan is at work and it's going ahead regardless of all these things we discuss and so forth but it is odd that he should move into the issue of immigration to the United States which which has been a touchy subject in them IIIi don't know it's inflammatory and it's it cannot be taken at face value there there must be major forces at work behind all this not least the exploitative nature of capitalism that you starve people out from their traditional livelihoods which create some to emigrate not to mention the millions of tons of bonds that are dropped on people and that is literal millions of tons of bombs it's not an exaggeration look at Asia look at the Middle East and it forces the migration so um the his Middle East plan the deal the century is just about buying people off Egypt Jordan and no one expects actually the Palestinians can't really accept it because that the people on the street wouldn't like it the leadership might be all corrupted in terms of the Palestinian Authority I was told being anti-semitic is no solution there are good people amongst the Muslims amongst Christians amongst the Jews it will always be the case well of course there are good people everywhere I think we're all born good to begin with but you're comparing oranges with apples a little bit you know if you're a Christian you follow the Christian belief system if you're a Muslim you follow the Muslim belief system but you can be an atheist Jew you can be a gay Jew you can be a non believing Jew you can renounce the religion this is all a PSYOP in my opinion a big big sia reinforced in the news every single day pushed down our throats the notion that there's something called a Jew that is not someone that follows the belief system so it's it's unfair and so is the term anti-semitism I won't go there I won't go any further on that before I move on to the non political just finished with Kim president Kim of North Korea he just had this summit with Putin in Russia as I say everything's been handed over to Russia anyway well soon will soon realize that so he got to go by train because he doesn't really like planes I can share that but that that's an interesting nuance but you know what else he takes a private toilet with him because if you go on a public toilet you you can have your health diagnosed by what you do have it examined and I thought that was curious I hope I'm not being rude by repeating it you know it's not easy to be creative yes we all know that and you know it's not easy to get along with the opposite sex the male and the female was just so different it's so difficult to see things in the same way and yet we complement each other and we're striving to leap over to understand to communicate with the other to get inside another mindset and that's what Spurs us to the creativity that's what Spurs us to being creative this is trying to bond with the opposite sex now the last thing I said came from a video I saw on are you experts I finish I need your help with donations I'm actually packing to move it some is stressful and costly and it will be over in a week or so and so I need your help with donations if you can and I'll keep making the videos I've got a PayPal address I've got a bank account I take cryptocurrencies and I really wish you well and I hope I'm doing okay with you and see you soon you know we're all searching for the great link where do you get the news from who's got the low down and it's a bit elusive because it doesn't exist of course you couldn't surf your way through the web and take a little bit here and there and something makes you think and you can connect some dots and you can ignore a lot of what you see in here but it's odd that you know someone will ask me or refer me to a blogger or so forth and it's the same people being suggested to me year after year after year I mean aren't there are millions of bloggers around on there millions of people with things to say that are saying them why is it just a handful of people a dozen people in my zone ruin my group you know so to speak it's uncanny and I'm not suggesting a conspiracy it's just very hard to fathom and understand that there's just such a small group of people you know having an alternative view that it's compatible with one's own view I don't know how much sense I make I just find it incredible that I'm never shown and I'm not looking for links by the way the last thing I want but I've never shown a link of something I've never heard of or know or don't know about do you see my point more or less true well here you go it's um it's overcast it's green and there's a little cloud up there and the riverbed is totally dry which I didn't expect

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  1. The Zionists want Israel to be exactly what they accuse Hitler of – a superior race! They want white people to disappear! The immigration problem has obstacles, so now the Chabbad son-in-law is now going to escalate it. Watch!! Go watch this to connect all the dots (Goy Guide to World History, censored by YT) –

  2. Yes! You said what I say all the time about the SAME people being pushed on us for years. YT/Goog gets to control the narrative.

  3. That sounds like something that debunks the Flat Earth claptrap, the point about water swirling. Don't think that would be happening if the planet wasn't a globe.

  4. "Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend." – Bruce Lee.

  5. MORRIS; does Cambodia have ticks like in the west? If yes; how do the people deal with them; any ancient wisdom or modern remedies that are contrarian to western approaches to ticks? Thank you for answering; I really am curious about it.

  6. Current Russian government is corrupted criminal system without any morality . Putin is a part of this , despite has been presented as cool superman and Russian patriot . .

  7. Sir, i'm not sure if anyone has told you this before but you make me think of Robin Williams . Your voice and all..

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