News – Russian TV channel on 2010.12.22

Russian embassy in Minsk has managed to clarify the fate of all arrested Russian citizens. Nine of them are arrested for 10 to 15 days. Alexander Astafev, photocorrespondent of St.Peterburg newspaper, was released by court. Diplomats have visited Russian citizens in pre-trial detention prisons of Minsk. There are detained also hundreds of Belarusians, including candidates for president post, opponents of Alexander Lukashenko. Accusation against ex-candidates is very serious – organization of riots. Fate of one of them, Vladimir Neklyaev, is unknown both to his relatives and lawyers. More details are in upcoming reportage of Ekaterina Kibalchich. This footage was shown on TV worldwide. Candidate for president post, poet Vladimir Neklyaev, was attacked by unknown forces. In police sight, group of people peacefully going to demonstration was beaten. Attackers used stun grenades. The last by date video of candidate shows him unconscious, laying in snow and afterwards taken by ambulance. Since that moment 3 (UPDATE – already 6) days passed but even his wife still doesn’t know about his whereabouts. Today Olga Neklyaeva is trying to bring him some personal things, even nobody is sure that he is in KGB’s pre-trial detention prison. He was not arrested but kidnapped from hospital room plain clothed agents. “They blocked me, everyone ignored my screams. They put him on blanket and pulled as he was unable to walk himself.” Election day has ended with demonstration in protest of results. During that night about 600 were arrested, including 5 candidates In fact Neklyaev was beaten before polling stations were closed. “The matter is that Neklyaev was acknowledged leader of campaign.” “He was considered as main opponent of Lukashenko.” “His rating according to independent analysts was about 17-18 percent.” “With large certainty he was expected to compete in 2nd tour against Lukashenko.” There was full audience during Neklyev meetings with electorate. Not only intelligentsia present but also traditional electorate of Lukashenko… “Did you vote previously for Lukashenko? – Yes! But now we support Neklyaev. Good luck to him! He is from our “family”, son of the war generation too.” His literature works are studied at school, he is laureate of state prize, ex-head of Belarusian litterateurs society. Songs based on his poetry were performed all over Soviet Union. Russian writers are also concerned about him. Poet Eugene Evtushenko sent his message to Belarusian government “I’m scared to hear that one of the best Belarusian poet was almost killed. That Belarusians attacking him, I’m sure never read his poetry… He is the best contemporary poet.” “I would like to scream so I might be heard and he will be released as soon as possible.” Alexander Lukashenko was asked about detention of opposition and whether Neklyaev can be come another missing opponent. “Would like to talk to him? Go to pre-trial detention prison! Do you think we kidnapped him and hided somewhere? No more such gifts…” “No more such gifts” means that Lukashenko slipped that such approaches [disappearance of opponents] were already used. According to unconfirmed information, all 5 candidates are currently detained in KGB’s prison. Significant prison terms are expected. Belarusian TV is already showing confessions of their allies. Head of election campaign of Vladimir Neklyaev says that “Fight has started. Arrived police managed to stop it.” Police is not guilty at all for what’s happened.” Praising police is Andrey Dmitriev, head of election campaign. Here he is shown only 3 days before, at demonstration in Minsk, asking people not be frightened. Trials of candidates closely resembles similar activities in 30s of last century, during Stalin times. Innocent people admitted guilt and repented.

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