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  1. Way too cliche. The old rubbing some dirt on the air filter trick. Nobody actually does that. I bet 80-90 percent of the time people who are wronged by a mechanic, it’s due to incompetence on the mechanic’s part, rather than trying to outright scam them. Maybe add in to that 80-90 percent some miscommunication between the shop and the customer. There’s bad people in any profession, but most people are honest and just trying to make a living. You don’t stay in business by ripping people off

  2. I feel like if two different people brought in two cars of the same make and model with the same identical problems within a few days or weeks of each other, then almost anybody would smell a rat. I woulda wrote up an estimate that was more than the car was worth, and then when they came in to check it out, congratulated them on being our ONE MILLIONTH customer! You owe us nothing for the repairs, and you’ve also won a lifetime supply of don’t ever come back.

  3. Actually if your wiper fuse blows your wiper motor can be going out the reason a fuse blows it can get is it gets hot too much current flows it which would electric motor wearing out would do. This is not a good.

  4. Oh, we're gonna need to put in a new transmission, maybe 2 – it's good to have a spare. Also, do you want premium headlight fluid? It's really best to go premium, standard headlight fluid tends to gunk up, then next thing you know your fuel filter will seize! What? No no, all connected, will you be paying cash or credit?

  5. The guy was "giving them what they want." I had to actually LOL, hilarious. The guy should go into acting himself.

  6. People think they get away with shit, but they don't. You will have to explain all of that on the day you face God. No excuses then. People will say, send me back, I will be good. Ain't no coming back Jack! I would love to have a wife like that mechanic! Smart as hell and we can screw all night LOL

  7. Hospitals, Lawyers, Cops, School system, Insurance companies,Banks,etc….all corrupted.
    The 💯% sure way,is to do it yourself….. especially a simple oil change..
    We have corruption just like a 3rd world country does , it's just covered with more honey ….but shit underneath !!😒

  8. happening not only in the automotive repair indusrty,but in ALL repair industry.Electronics,computers,motorcycles..people should be AWARE of this dumb syndicate.

  9. I don't trust any mechanic other than Audra. At the end of the video Audra say to know your car and that is just what I am trying to do but getting the detailed info on the car is not easy.

  10. If you pull up to a mechanic shop and there is an 80,000 diesel in the owners parking spot more than likely you are going to help pay a payment.

  11. Biggest scam is easy to not notice. Say for instance need water pump replaced so they remove alternator to get to it, then convince you alternator needs replacing too. Lots of shops will then charge you labor to remove the alternator even though they already had it off to access water pump in first place.

  12. need to do the same in uk garages . in Ipswich I already found 3 like this. cheap oil and i pay for the best one. and another in colchester fiat, chrysler. I paid for what they did not change.

  13. If that was my shop. This wouldn't happen. If it did. I would fire the mechanic and the counter guy immediately. Places like this piss me off. Especially dealerships that do this and charge way more.

  14. Midas sucks!! Rip offs that do shitty work..i took my car in to have caliper pins put in since one was siezed..for a alignment, and 4 tires and new caliper bolts oh they somehow screwed up my master cylinder so i had to pay for that.1,107 bucks .never again..i rather pay a regular shop mechanic

  15. before you buy a car , find the right mechanic,. I Drive BMW and i never had any issue with my mechanic easy life

  16. BECK'S in downtown Dallas was paid to replace the engine in my car, and install my new carburetor. They did absolutely NOTHING! When I went to pick up my car, I had to find my own breather cover, put it on, drive the car out of the shop myself, as they were all of a sudden "closed!!!" NOTHING WORSE THAN A THIEF!!! 😡😡

  17. First it was a "mistake". Then it was "I recognized you". That asshole "mechanic" should be fired anyone who had work there should get refunded for "possible" wrong doing.


  19. The first car that I purchased from Billy Auto Group in Redford on Plymouth Road the first car that I purchased from him he's sold at cash to me for $2,000 cash it went out on me within that third month he knew that this vehicle would go out on me I truly believe that he set back to the meter it was so low the mileage I could not believe it the oil change man couldn't believe it neither he told me a old lady driven this it was so low the mileage I could not believe it the oil change man couldn't believe it neither he told me a old lady driven this vehicle and she didn't drive it much so I took his word for it he was so nice to me in the beginning then I took it back to him when it went out and ask him for my money back he couldn't refund my money so he said let's Finance you something go and pick you out something he just gave me options I picked out a Jeep this vehicle had problems from the first day I driven it off the lot I took it right back to him the next day he said let's fix it there was so many problems wrong with it I didn't pay attention I didn't take anyone with me at the time but this man prayed on me he financed me this Jeep and I continue to pay for it every month this car is over $6,000 to be fixed this Jeep he has financed me something that did not work shame on you Billy we the people has to make this a law for these dealerships to not sell us salvage vehicles that come from other cities and floods tornadoes they're selling these vehicles that has been sitting in the water and we don't have no knowledge of this this man told me not to get a fact he said he'd take his word for it he's going to fix it he's going to help me he promised me this but never once told me there was an engine and it was right it up under the Bottom now they're not going to tell you these things they just sell it to you so now I'm stuck with a vehicle over $13,000 to pay for this vehicle that he financed through Credit Acceptance he already got his 13,000 when he sold me this vehicle shame on him I told Credit Acceptance everything they swept it under the rug also just like Better Business Bureau no one really pays you no attention when you don't have money to fight I'm going to fight with all that I have inside of me because I'm hurt by this man I've been going through #hell since I haven't had a vehicle to drive at all this vehicle is still in the shop I have really no money to pay for this vehicle this is a crime!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I have went to Better Business Bureau I have went to Secretary of State I'm still waiting for Secretary of State to tell me something because I truly believe that this was a salvage vehicle Even Better Business Bureau did not even continue to go out to this place of business and asked why he selling bad vehicles so who do I contact fires this concern this man is taking your money taxpayers money

  21. We the people need help putting a stop to the dealerships used dealerships that has taken our money putting our lives in danger help us today help us today someone to stop this this is not fair to us that have to go to work have everyday needs in our lives this has been a stress this has been under think about some me as a person as a human being to have a right to have a decent automobile that you pay for that you have saved up for these dealerships have getting rich off of of the poor the middle class those who just trying to make it out here to have something I I'm so sick of this happening to each and every last one of us that has went through this this is unacceptable for a person to take advantage of people like this they need to be accountable for their actions selling us a car that work for almost 30 days so they can keep your money the fine print is by as it is it's unfair we don't look at this paperwork all the time most of us don't pay attention we take their words for this we're going to put you in a reliable car and they act like they like you and care about you these dealerships does not care about the person at all shame on them shame on them Shame Shame Shame someone step up to put an end to this this should be a law that they cannot sell a vehicle to a person that does not work that will put their lives in danger this man has done this to me Billy Auto Group in Redford Michigan on Plymouth Road and he still Sells Cars buying them from salvage yards my jeep was a salvage vehicle nobody can tell me it wasn't the whole bottom of it was rotten he financed it there was a problem with the engine from day one he made me believe that he was going to help and take care of this vehicle for the minor stuff I didn't know that this truck has so many problems until I really took it in for Servicing poor service this man has put my life in danger if I had it took this Vic Jeep on the freeway I could have killed myself and others driving it not knowing it was cutting off the way it was cutting off everytime I driven this vehicle it kept cutting off on me so these people that sells these vehicles to you they do not care about life Billy's Auto Group Finance office 3 1-3 5 4 3 3 3 5 23615 Plymouth Road Redford Michigan 48239 place of business l313 706 9 9 9 1

  22. I went to school to become a mechanic for the simple fact I figured I'd always need a ride. On top of that, I could barely afford parts, let alone paying someone for diagnosis and labor.

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