20 thoughts on “News Now Stream Part 1 10/11/2019 (FNN)

  1. I hate to sound hard and uncaring because I am NOT. Its time people stopped blaming others and took their future into their own hands. I live in the UK by the way.
    This land was NEVER meant to be SETTLED! It is too built up. It is too populated. This land is SUPPOSED to catch fire, and replenish the soil, to grow the plants and trees! It is TOO unstable to build cities in. With the constant burning, flooding and earthquakes it is not conducive to a heavy population. People need to accept this and move away.

  2. I see a lot of dead brush , instant fire starter . Calif. used to clear that out . Maybe they should start doing prevention again !

  3. Other reports have satellite imagery showing 5 explosions all within 1 minutes time and then the fires starting. I saw comments from people saying they heard the explosions and wanted to know if anyone else did.

  4. This is all caused by the government news anchors can’t talk about it they work for these corporations!!! They do let you know ahead what they plan to do!!

  5. The DEMORATS started these fires they are in bed with PG&E they create fires to steal from emergency funds It's been going on for yrs.

  6. this is all man made crap and it is very sad cause people are getting killed and losing a lot and you know who the people be hide it all they do NOT give a crap about AMERICAN people at all it is all about MONEY and I know I am going to get hit real hard for saying what I am saying but it is so flipping TRUE It's the Dem's look what States and County's this is all happening at just sick and very wrong they are killing people ENOUGH ALREADY All the money in the world is not worth a life … God Help us all !!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE IT IS ALL COMING TO A END IT REALLY IS !!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE !!!!

  7. So we're predicting forest fires now huh??
    This is hella b*******..
    I mean they think people are f**** idiots??
    This along with the last one was clearly f**** set up!!

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