9 thoughts on “News Now Stream – Part 1 – 10/10/19

  1. ANTICHRIST(satan)DanielCH2 is coming in the form of christ with his fallen Angel's and fake Kings Dont be Deceived!GenasisCH6MarkCH13LukeCH21MathewCH242ndPeterCH3RevelationCH13 God bless screenshot!

  2. The most bothering subject to me is that most people in the know that talk about 9/11 almost never mention that 9/11 was a deep state inside job.
    THREE very large buildings collapsed on themselves, PERFECT DEMOLITIONS!!!, I beams melted like no kind of cutting torch and why was there dust deposits of Nano -Thermite resting on the immediate debris pile after the textbook demolitions. Proof that Military Grade Thermite was used in all the collapsing World Trade Towers and NOBODY says wait a minute here?

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