38 thoughts on “News Now Stream 7/4/19 (FNN)

  1. I thought dudes were shakn the van, like shakn the van. And she has dark brown hair. I would make a dumb blond joke. But…

  2. Hot ,humid and raining periodically, but thousands of Patriots turned out to celebrate Indepenence Day! Noticed too so many more July 4th celebrations just this year! Great to see and gives us hope for our Republic! WWG1WGA KAG! TRUMP 2020!

  3. Again– Murdoch's coverage of DC 4th of July celebration shows again— that they are no different than CNN & the other garbage brains of the monopoly media. I just want to know – who really believes that FOXNEWS is real news.— or just having their Marxist Directors and Producers given direction by the Murdoch Australians…

  4. I just want to know where is the professional Parade?- Even when I was in FtMadison Iowa we had an announcer who described each unit and float.

  5. When the whole of Californication slides into the sea, I'll open that expensive bottle of champagne I've been saving.

  6. I see God finally decided to take out the trash he left in California. Just like a man procrastinating

  7. The free nation dont like you California. How insecure does that make a looser socalist parasite feel?

  8. What up with red coats playing flutes? Red coats were the enemy. Why memorialize them on our birthday? Red Coat is synonymous with British Empire invasion.

  9. To all Republicans in blue states. Do not participate in the 2020 Census if the question of citizenship is not reinstated. This will cancel out the Illegals counted.

  10. This was great, I enjoyed it, since I was working all day and could not go have fun, this was great to watch. I am thankful and please with my indepence and have way to go. Happy Fourth of July !!! WOOOOO!!!!!!

  11. ;-; i woke up to it and everything is toppling down, and i thought Ridgecrest was a nice peaceful community (it is but meant as a joke)

  12. well if all you guys dont like california. i got an idea. all of you guys move out. leave it to us american mexican orales home

  13. Meanwhile in California..shtting inthe streets in Frisco…shells of community with last years fires…and now this. Liberal Republic of CAlifornia…NEXT

  14. This is a mockery of our flag and our constitution any person of color or not of the nationality of Donald Trump has an identity crisis if they support him this man does not like Support care about or nothing else for any human being that is not of his Color. I am not a racist I have never been but I suffer the pain from racism and have turned a blind eye to it for the sake of peace and prosperity. There is only one conclusion to be had out of one who supports our President and his racism you are a racist to doesn’t matter what color you are you are a racist

  15. Same goes for my Christian sisters and brothers to support this man cannot stand for what you believe me you are either living in hypocrisy or you’re not to support Donald Trump you can’t have an ounce of religion in your body

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