18 thoughts on “News Now Stream 5/29/19 (FNN)

  1. Who watches this Nadler, senile sac of pus?

    Nothing new in Mueller’s TV appearance. If they could have indicted, the report would have recommended that the next administration follow up with a grand jury. Since they did not, there is nothing new, other than Mueller made a public ass of himself.

  2. America paid the schmuck 35-40 million to learn what we already knew.
    1. The Russians interfered.
    2. The President didn’t collude.
    3. You can’t indict a sitting president.

    Since we knew #3, why remind us?
    1 Distract from the declassification of the FISA etc.
    2. It muddies the water for low information voters so that Nadler and his ilk can hold on to votes because they are justified in continuing this bogus investigation rather than doing the people’s business.

    Everyone else know BM is taking a page out of Comey’s playbook.

  3. Nancy Pelosi the gum sucker needs to be put out to pasture. Everybody want Hillary Clinton and her goons and goblins to be in JAIL. DemonRats don't have any policy for the people all they do is bleat, bleat. Go and get a real job.

  4. You say this is "live" but it's about 4 hours old. Please drop this video regarding the Tornado warning in north texas

  5. Kamala Harris has enough intelligence of a plank of wood. She would make a great President of the United States Toilet Cleaning Corporation, please apply…
    Didn't your parents disown you due to your statements made in most public which they stated was not the way they brought up their daughter. You are a liar, liar, liar and a sore loser, loser, loser.

  6. San Francisco ……I think The Dems Are on Drugs. Please Make it Manatory To Ge t Them Tested At lest Twice a Week…..

  7. Ok so the United States government has spent three years deciding if the election of 2016 was rigged so Trump would win. What I don't hear is why Hillary Clinton hasn't been imprisioned on her role of being a traitor and her emails WERE proven to be messages to our enemies with top secret documents about our military and our weapons. Instead, she got to run for president. And three years later,she still blames everyone else for her losing the election. Oh and for the record, I didn't vote for either.

  8. It's incredible that American news doesn't actually cover international news any more. You literally have to go to English speaking broadcasts from other countries, like Al Jazeera, DW, Sky News to hear news of international importance. "American" media would like Americans to think we are the center of the world. The rest of the world is aware that Modi got re-elected and only mentions that the US is trying to ally with India as the world's biggest democracy. Let's hope they do because we don't have any allies left

  9. Utube???Why r u cutting off Watters world broadcast from Fox News???? And putting someone else on????

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