10 thoughts on “News Now Stream 10/14/19 (FNN)

  1. Fox what are you guys doing with your bogus polls I cany believe how thirsty you are for fake fraudulent stories that America is well aware of. 51% vote is a bunch of crap. Tell me this who the hell wants to fill the president's shoes? Which corrupt Democrat are you all pushing for? Do the people some real justice for a change is being honest and thinking for yourself that hard to do? Shame on you

  2. I think the lunatics screaming at 3:29:00 ish mark got this stream shut down. They exposed how crazy the sjw's are and the Democrats don't like their true crazy on blast . LOL

  3. Losing the live stream is no great loss actually. Who really wants to watch the Democrats campaign for 5 to six hours a day? I have other sources for real news.

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