News Now Stream 07/08/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 07/08/19 (FNN)

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The wholeay but reall the big Withhere t finanwkend — billioire t finr stain was arrested on the sexu tfficng crges Andhis is whad side a biz fifty milon dollar mal auoritseveal tod tt a id o a Jfrey absinsf Manhatnansip Of nudhotof girls and meages tha aegedack u new sraffkg against h. The details were just disclose in a memo filed by the US attorney's office in Manhattan ying o its rsons f king theourt thold the biionairinance Witht baintil tal let listenn anw sexrafficng charges agast Jeffre. t abinenceexuall ased young gis by enticin tmo enga in sexcts fomoney at's t was aested. This pas Surdt Teteoro aport. Abrd hisrivateet. Thatceneas tak tthes lded froma. tropolan crectional cente Manhaan dater today. He wilbe prented bea . And later a conrence bore strictourt jge Berma. The United Stes attory's office t thatresentiment. And th confence. d peing trl. combe the fst coniracy toges to mmit sexrafficng and cond. The substtive crime of se affickgf undege gir. Benning ateast two tusand twand coinuing until. Two thsandi of vtims ha abuse thoands caung them to gage isex At h mansion in worknd at hisstah Flida. The vicms all undage gls the te of t alleg nduct. Foriven hdreds of dolls in cashfter rching counter. Eithery abstaining or by o Thender a girls were abstn withassage. ovide And oenido ne r . Thes massasecame creasily sexual in nare. orore s acts.lly include one addional gir. Toerts pd similay abuse. t eate an er expanding w of Thisonduct as alled. Went o for . g n As alled hav sn was well aware ts exploitaonlay vulnerae to e alled bavior scks the nscience. And ile thcharged cduct. Isrom a mber oyears ago is sti found onlimportan to the. . ey desveheir d in cot. We arerouu i Comb exacthinkin a ploitationf children. Is ariorit for this oice. The r the partme of juste. Often sting r year.s onf a mor. That is why my ficeillot rest. Unl ppetrats of the juste.f imes a broug to Inclinghe many vcesf stinen alleg vtims. Must bheardT. I nto say to anyone w's watching. Mo heari aut bar prtituti. Whoave evenceorr have en. informion leadinp ofhe pag ithe indictment We wt to hr from y ease cl. 100- ca every eig hundr call ehargesn sale tod. in thiofficey our lawlec the hdn enrcemenpartne of the feral buau of vestigion. assiantirecto inharge of e Nework fie offe of t FB. I wisho thanhim an his tm. Foo ofessialism. Yorkity pice dertmenthNew And custond borr patrolf for thr s investation. And I nt to ank. Knledge the ceer psecuto ofy offh vestigion a prosetionf And eir survisor ipublic.s cases rruption unit. Ruell coonents and and mor discounts. is a privige for me every dato worwith tse. Brightalente ad The talent.. To dote snifica resouese we ll . tonvestiting theserimes at's ptectin youeople from sexuar d n I wou like to inte bill Senee Presving t innocce o ildren is onefhe mos imrtant resnsibilies whi chilen in anyay is noan option Yoi Usin whater meansheyave their dposal to re childr int ae ould nev expos wallegeodayeffrey teem ione ofhose pple. At appximM Satury evenge arresd hi at Teteoro airpo witho cident. Testin has been argedith x And x trafcking nspira. coveng the eirety of twod thound and fivhe's alleg haveexuall eloited Anbused dozs of nor girls his hes in New Yorkity d Palmeach Frida e girl werrecruid in a andometim by felw The viie . s were as young fourtn year old A. ildren who pvided steam maagesell ty were nude or paially nude. ildren w wer asko engagenirect at seacts for mon ildren who wertieso do all thesea man. a rie.rehan or nearlthree mes The w he beenictimid childexualredato. Arfrequely hauntedy memori othesl in their adultod ten for the rest otheir lis. Thearhe burn of meone el's crinal bevior. o often altse rned a bli darko this tal The noranc of manyho didn' Thathis bevior is ju rsistecourgegainst our soety's rolef our uth d the llfullindne ito thisype ofutrageous imeo the rln The villai are the alt peetratoot forhildren Ther a neighbo are stunts Vulnable foster childnhe listoeso thvictimwho mabe lisning. A rd of day'sharges. The am standg her befe u repsents FBI speci NYPDetectis analyst vicm specias. Precutorhoake itheir miion to list to ery indidualho's bee expited d to advocate f the mt vulnerle s re parts we' commuty meers we ar hum beis. Buis anBI speal age a the privige trepresting behi barshere ty belong.o connections.perceivedrs Today I'm aing evero . If yaveeen viimizedn anyway f you are sebody whoas an addional iormati aut his alge. . Whater age youre now. atev a youere th. No matte whe or wn the incide oia e numb to call is one eht hundre. o s When you clhat nuerou'll reive a ries ofrofs? reprenting a maj case in thbe aa Fourou will then driveo One the mor cas listnmber. t oa the cntryt e eighhundrecall F mber. Your bvery mig jus emper ots committed ainst at I'm. It impornt trememb the neveras. this kd of behavio.u for Wenow tre weryou ling these ents. We areere to wo sey sid Youhouldnowhat inhe eyes ofhe FBI. Yocome fst partrs in the uthern Our rtnersp witthe N. Y. P. on th case ando many otrs haseen pnomena. Thankou alse Satuay eveng.hhe arrt ontmen La but neastanto extendy thank tD chdxploitionnd hum traffickintask fce. The puic shod knowhat to be o this task rce yo must vonteer. Th wor is agoning but i is are agencs canngagin.ons And we gage ia togeer thank u. Okm estion but first le preface it bt the's bn a lf Abou iividua affilted or asciated with e fansnd Jeffre ab. t guideles ohibits fromalkingbout And so Iust waa letou kno up aut anyndividly ces No cment and I ue you not tob -d or t other — Anquestis. withhe Southern strictfd Florid. Th aeement only binyts terms onln n strictfew Yor not bound byhat agrment and isot signary to th Yes.ent. Well I'm netting into our attoey'sffice I will y publ corruion ut – Ithe lee can le thandle thi instigatn procution. Ast has — So my other maers I ll. Again urg you — N td Anythi o way o ather wh Than you F the nt sevelrespect . I'm no goingo commt rigdecades . w on the edence will s Thatere gngo requt the teion. Pendinthe triain thicase [inaudible Reing th. As seone else or yh [inaudle] Alrey ck in two tusand d one Mii to aiffere hse. obablyow sectary of bor. Three rn how to work [inauble] Ok. I'mot gointo — Aion e drivs. alingsith — in jusce — No am I ing too into – Any asctsf ournvestition origined Iiw re assted. Fr u of actual invtigati urnalism u have to bens one thsand yh yeah. Giveeverythinghat's ght. in. Hi one g one cment o gettin backr w worke workith fas- When thfacts prented tmselve e Mister Bman? Todayhroughnvestie jourlist wor Now m'm talng aut to stting ahole ween sex trfickincases. All or the ple ise busy tk forc. societye igno it we norhe vulners Yes — Contporanesly with the ret Teterborairpor. On his — nsionn the wexecute a. Yo Cit An recered andees andhat warran — Ad encies -lid idencencludi — Nude phograph ofhat apared t . Yes.age rls [inauble] Buto anyake m sorr whawas th. Anwe werready for aamily. Th pvide a infortion yeah he was. Noomment [audibl methin. Helew op tthe jusdicti d so warrest [inaudie] The viim.n thmessag I ve no comme withespect tohe alled vicms yes. flig risk and ths why y a Tria — Heas -In enoousg – wealth -y serisn the r wita mamum stence of rty five yes in ja whicho someon lifeentenc.ibasicay a incentiv ttryingo fleehehas — y jurisdt- o e year road — ey know what we il ri — Noommon. I can't ginto the spefics with rr . A maive instigatn how . All thr . Inhe pas well it'xtreme gnifictecause othe nuer of ars andhe numr of vicms . indictnt inew York e dozens Flori at tha intain ielf ov sever yes so ts is vy signifant o offis handd. signicant — And curre viims we giv –ash paymen if the- Otr undage girls — Tbe sile ase and tt's h he contins te mainintself over veral he years. the t the iictmen dicates tthere were- one cas and ntacts mad — Not oyn t his- Emploes bween his emoyees d the leged victims. No cment.he and the yh. I ess. orderTo have ll it'it'still a vy vict's hehat th haved thr dayn cour and wwant to eure. at thehad there they ve thescharge.ourt bbringing We a certaly awa of th portin [inaudible] ank you workplace grind for thek afr aexteed hiday you'reelco baco news now eryon e alwaysringg tse t orie othe day rig n tohicaTo hrrom icagt lice onnce again jus haennhat ty wreuose ov thextend Julfourgs eken we' going to hear from the Chicago police surintdent. The morning thank you all for being here. deputy superintendt afr th repe. – Aneput chief of cmunity pocing tland bet. As we do following nearly every thate saw our nghborhds.rt. om sixM Wnesdayuly trd througmid. Wee had fty twohootin cidentith six six peopl unde. Anix ofurders in the ty of Chigo incrse fm last yr but the numberh levesane a the lt sevel weekd?n the urth oJuly andrs. Byhise saw ts weekd was soutside oChicaggo. Sencast itrd neigorhood expernce the mttrin d shooti stroye durg distct wast was- Hdoh st weend Elevetwelvend fteen stricts o t west side eh hs o commd sff afterhesemy vient weends pu therigger.eers at ey kw themecause ty know thr beeshey kno eir nehborhos. Pele in eivingn thes the trouemakers theast. Ye the. D. as d a wahful ofnder tt ctribed to is vlent wcan't But o a knoedge c o spent theireekend precti our cy. okinat I'monnaest We kw f aact. Ts of pential raliati especily in e . at will ner be ae t mease howanyv th savedr shootgs tha ey actlly prent. Whe oers we enjing barbecsnd pooe ofcers we resnding to lls In t sumr heat. and we're tlve urteenow andepament oa gratul cywhich ch. Thanyou l f you har wr r e r covere o hundr niny nineuns. From Jy trdo Julyeventh. Ofcers aested a tal of eightyouru latecharge at's aidicous amounof guns. Andach onof the teractnsne ane shod be minulhat y utrali t possie act olence. Thatere tan o thetreetsnear two is weend by D. diositn da for entirn he court But looki at theumbers fm July tl rty twindivials we charge wit fos bond.onsnd werreleas on On fifen indiduals remai ustodyn the we otheir rest f wea. And so undstand due pcess. So'm n sugstin lo lev offenrs however. to be fh dividus with felony weaponhargesl respsibilior whathey do. We kw that the offenrsre lily to ntin. Th landehem inand cus and fofirs. And we ow thi becse we ep stinthr . That not aisk. As alackan whorewpn. Chico.oung in e ci of Trust me I uerstan t certn neiborhoo.avin And Inderstd it I so undstandhe strgle. Thchallees and lac of oppounitie wn you ow up anstart me Arago annuaif youook a ceain wa stilno excuses — stifs reasonor s t isn't all he a ro ichangi e stat quo. We can let gan anduns ercomehe pow famy communy andhe f ouneighbhoods. also sen aessage to ou mmunit partns. Who ha t coura td- t a suected ght bearryina weapon eir bvery forpeakin out as oft mg when ty see e same invidual. Othe wor aboetaltiontets. ould wd get o abo tir cooperion c s rioun how we poritiz gun offeersu . Our lationip witthe. keepn indidual we cnot Afteeing cautith illal weapons ao famies torn art bviolen ve bece silenc job ourob a polic thvoicelessbe a iceor if anne wts to lk abo w toolve thessue of icags reat don oenders ust me en I s I'm a ears can u le this one ts one that n . Oucity ndsrtist serve beer. d ashe heaof t Chicago Our ime iuee'll ctinue too our rt. poli deparent sply caot befe the do ts al. The estis if y have y. thin– T judshe osecuts and t pole partme we c all do bett — You k. Gi. Ca foxredit for invting so of oustatesttornen r mosthallenng dtrict convtionsn rise gunseen. cause of eact s's bn willin to pt . Yo know subjto to aress a I a a difcult certai. I'm ne r that not wt I'm ying. I'm jtimply sayg to th'm no gont ople Ccago lt [audibl e pern tt pulls the Whenhey g to at incidtgger is oy that pntne leav home every dayith a g cause you didt leaome Thatakes sseldn't pull ay shavingaid th If y have meone. Then Ihinkhey he to they for fen For ying a o hundr dolla.e.tbe m Jusn't. That'sot it. Younow I n'tt . But I kw in tse to highe an a hdred o just ve to just ve to crte at menl culre of theseople fm pkingp anbility ttn gun the fir pla at's a tt's alI'm ying What prosetors don determine a nd? Th don'tnd Iust saito you bause d r e distcts ha seen their gun. You ow so thi withhently. judg I thi we ju need to sidown aigureut at thi polic bodsn mayb yoall ca telus d't kno I me reall I willing t sobody tt's crting thisisteno ay rnage. Ounowityvery weend and d trust me -I kn chi that evebody h a psumpon of ioce. Unl th getheiray in urt 's absutely ght. We belve tha w l cuure aountabity s up aun in r city.walick All Iean yolooa t . . Past Julyourttimeeriod omhe dae have fortywo charell. rest.dress ehty ur I ghty fr thateans eigy four fr tiy r weaps of mebody ttould.l Pontiall be a vlent tuatio. Eity fouit alswe neeto keep tse e talkinabout at y know. Any reonsy ese offis and t publi at weerve. To fure ouwhere.t thinwe jt nee. Th Swiss body is becse we acvity. struge wit ts a the invidual you see stand u re withe and e othe. Thiren thoand fo hundr t the. Every y d't like enhis gu Bute can' do ialone wjust n't. Yoknow a that' why Iike- To comn. o . downwn with theoung fks comingowg unlyou kw someo a I wt to comnd d an CP. S.or comg outo help helpi. Weave somviolen and vience ierrupts that came ou a hped us. Wead policdepartnt outheren all thosehingsnt oicee matt. Buwe havto g. rious as a society abo this gun sue jusdo. ah t weend For well I think we saw the problem is I think that's a two fold problem first of all you know we know that in some areas- CPU those he th tru wit certaicoe is crimal actity of gan tivihat's populatnf people don't the cntry. Th're t gna bcoopative with t pot neigorhood t majory om. ose pple th live tre are good ppn . We have tdo a bter jo. Of repaine retionshslthouge've seen signicantrogres but wee not ere wwant tbe. You kw wea see off y do tl us who therson i at thaperson w you. haveo give tho wnesses the An whave to gi the the. Thathose iividua who wl beeld acu til w do th I meahink about iif a ock d you w its got a liswo blocksway froyou th you ow he you s him cmitted gu crime a got fancyhoe sobody to saomebod. Wouldot giv r gointo bsomeccou bilng chedul foe r hearg com jus days aft e eigeen ye o alleg victim the s- levisinger o there heathe o rropl wsuit agast t formehouse of cards star. annivearyf the legedee year incide at tr staura aar wre the accuseras wore . the eigeen ye old and h gifriendtheime aeared to tel onee whole a you se onn this prerial t is in coection follong this forme eighteen ar old whe thes text messa ssages orinatedromo right w on tn ofcer rawalking about the instigation l's lisn ta littleits ally fm the ght in question is that rht were in thform acreen sho says ctemporeously tex ssages that claim we taken thee e troor I'morryo officeto kiing coectes and you reewed thoseefore ur interview wy ay — Mthose partyeport waot affted yo s andou rlizedhat the centl to yo invesgation coect. I wante se infoatio fm e phoncorrec y is at whyould y want torom thphone infoation ch as theontact. want to ve a da extrtion them d the the screeshot wou evidcef tt correcitst would the d. Thphon yes d you er nversation in foheatr Unruh 'll Littl mothebut s so wand in cmissio fro at pho Ye. A litt – Wliam Littl ther d you iicateTo him. If you'rintereed in data fr the pne. I member speakg witheck moly will a otherhing you ma iabundaly clear tboth of the. ere waa datan the one at y wer interted in u want trec. I ked him we chse yes have bn se phe insucts pfect aa matterf faca n [inaible] Marketg [indible] One pe. One pas by even cumenthat purrtslf to be Co ssachutts partme of ste pice -It is a connf . Thlist hn thcourwish r thquicn — F operatg witthe pice gn in ordeo accehe informionn a . Is iave annames u The a also s theiowngne oit. whe namcorrect ds nint twentseventn is tty indeedour Unh const – Tretrie her phoninto a documt are doi Fromhe yes oy so she obouslyad conol of e Yes ey hadhe phone itheir the . wille a lile bitoreyhere specifhe hadr posssion. Wh y visit her lite little was ne wanot he di noturn th phe oveto youhe did coect heath oneturn e one ov to mehe also your wordsould you?ped on Repeathat on. e d she so indicatedhen sh access . . Withhe daton it inaudie] And I ine y. acce to th forhat qution. Anso into ifn fact — e wantedo . If y. A littore colicad in d bf she d acce to the onehe can dohat the phon. thathe whichs.ncatedo you the e She sa she deted t bo actities methinalong th line. Did you form. read itd e little. Also- Dele anytng fro. If youere. r h youwn is oceedi issue- No. Th is. A ttle at? Could use a eculatn He c answe. I didn do th. Wellitth the ateolice didn' on e phone di. I thk it mht evea wise desion. To asing om the phe. He now se [audibl e Donovan. She incatedhe didt dee b thosas whado youall it [inaudle] Activies [indible] . ask r why e deleng the.d you Activies. I di't. Diyou unrstand. She i y happeto a . Ofourse he nded or iwas. On thehn ] See res my underandingas at she deleted for activies anshe di't wanus to e [inaible]it iyes Exacy what e date was tha e had.o leav looked at e phonif tha swers ur queion — D. G. 's deled y look welI n seeome deted ims and n see ings tt. Basicay wordso le. . y I acvitieso. leadg thinhe bt job theht w. pecial anythg more. ese text ssages. Well -y myuestio my answer e quesons regaso family activiest phoncorrect.dhings he dhose deted tngs go bend tl me iyou recognize the d u recnize tt Sir -This convsation whhe Hona – When I picked u the phone and e theeport on Junsecond? Twty nineen itas actlly naudib] Here. For thfirst te the roomith me.t th he the Hang all deled t phone before hanng it to him. Sorrylso delet data om the r heatg. Correc ofourr. Leme try thaagain. Would u coide. Weere haed is l. [inaible]estation Yo destinati. I thindeally I wldt ve t phoneuly nin twey Asian woua . Soou to r an hr I di. I ve no ason to lieve at she mig. I n't kn him a lite to th ad invtigato onssues I di't thi thatave thr own rooulo . [inaible]n that ere we Ye all thgs haveen deted so alnd ings l me askou now Changeour opion no. No don't tnkhe lie to me Obvislyou can seehat's be the ld if 's cometely thatave be delet thatems I di'tee anyinghere tt excuatory forour clnt. I st saw- Things oin the leing. He w. From t nightn queson [iudible th hom [indible] Wh? Theoung liesnitial far Othe deletns. Okay y can s that. Just what we a. The is ather. t ofata — Donan tt I like task y abou talked aut the conveation betwe. Eati with ere's other t of data Text msageorry. It w screeshot o ficer wn. Includg wha Iefer to is ving tax don know w else toescrib. And you want us to rieh iends agai. So More ifrom the oy. Sothing suppod no nonecessily u said that rm mirr imag that'soo ok Iayo because isn incorrt terma exaction. Did youseor whahappento i fars whethe phe is wha m. Tose a tned ono spea. Sohat isxtractrom the phone it not forensic on ithe baground.ingsoing The you have tt one in ch a wo acce e fulln so is not age that'a termhat is nouse so. Thostax frothe stnge I an I I sayhat a ttle b fferenthan fm what on thphonend youan see tt has be de. f coursese you youfriend t r indite a from e east. Raer it'the ta extction. Scre shot it over to ficeresot . Thosaa . I ha tlookt itgain out I mit be tnking of a fferen oup ta Theris.a a fatr suggts you. Text mesges in t nversation between willittle an indeen the ght in qution iludes u're familia es doe. Yeit apprs in eum of i rts thconvertiones and it's ao ghty sen tha are ihe someointhey re aost alrly a willitt. An D. da extrtion does not inclue . I dot lookt it ain I an it's tghi anotr offar ry simar tthat o and t I'd he toy nestly. to aner tha estion [audibl is is ere isn attoey keep just. shot.s t here the seen Isot in e dataxtractio not [indible]ctioport is Inerms e sing thing Itpe in the trash.ll. true. And I'm notxactly. It jt me inot onhe pho ymore ould bcomplete from th one like said But as tngs hpen s whedo I get e' rry asou wer. I get the oneBut if don'tave it. 's nothere ah the ithere. A lile I'our st mht face alwaysee bringing these t stoes i outles y weeall d appreciate you ininus he o thi Mony. Let'go out n tSout Carona I talds rlie ithe ow myre bea e road ttwenty twey contues there senator camallo Heris ispeang l's lten. . Going on innima oect lledhe tevisio grouthugh invidual and And shere's whaI'm going to stt byalking And ishis Good. So he's w I thi abo a I kn we jue inpendce oour tion. d wehoulalwa rememr e July fourthn oube on July fourth Our ee iersehe foundo . Th imaned a ment ke this decracy.if dign of e Th imaned momt Wher the may bheae f wer? of rawowerre maye anxercis d so they ild us. Coesign. Fothe decracy upon whi e d it was abo check and Righ. demoacy or eepubcansk ing tabltop Stanng ofouregs. Thr o vernme d aree anindepeent prs And t's ta . er t las cple of years So thi imi th presint came in a o bunessas t and g as o window the fo re. Policyhatealtcareo tens of mly n shld be ab to on our verage unt the rea the e of twenty six poli that s abt sing. Pre existing condition should. Be. Having access to health. Th admintratiocame i [inaudle] An. l agen But t us remeerhat ppen I was auallthere prably ce inC to ke sur youroiced During tho nine methin nths when they defeate. inhe Senatwell [inaudible] And t Th late JohMcCain TuesyeStat Conessn t's ink about. Let's ink abouthoi ns fir order ihe in e Muslim bd a omis we de tthos drears oy gn frr otecon. Heas sayin popatio of yog peoe manof who wer oughtere befor ty coul wa or talk. We h a poly in pce s. Infoationbouthemsves incling area pructi lif Are they ling lawf lif f e arril? ifou cle the We wl giveou derral from portatio defred actn f childhd arriva sto. leaed ithat houseshat ny of the young peoe servedn our. g d fiveundredompani haened.dortaon wtnd sai wwillie is ainisatiocamen and oke Ameca's promi to the younpeoe t whatappene Cole eviindepeent bf vernnt ourourt said. You gone to r. Democry inctio [indibl Press cos. t onown in Ju roles. T th borr tallow t Amecan peop twis Uned Stes vernnted by e Thoschilen frotr parent. The Amerineopleould not have beeable tsay in a birtisanay Ando th Arican peoplpokea. pocy aur democra irhat tact. u kn it'kind of d then if y think aboutt le h exrienng a nural dister Sof thsing thealle House is sti staingff [inauble] The ason is were a natn th was ilt [inauble] Peop [indible] Foigninaudibl Tee hrs So thasow t . abou the cllengebefores. Bu I als tnk abo whoe ar. And whe we c go. And ll tellou in tes ofy backgrnI r theyere parts whoet when udentss aactiven th vilightmovent ithe nete sixesinaudie] And w grew s d . Ca jusce younow. He andranklyhe hers among thmanyn that movemt — Wi the lyerst was good Hotonn Consnce kerln moey. d the iividuals who dersodhe ski othe ofeson o theawTo stets. To t corne of ou the psie untry. d thebili then tdo the wof remiing fks. Ofhat weust aly. ich igreat promi we Senteesevey sithat we are all i should be tated as uals [inaudible] And wento Hard Univsity One u kn. Mo abo our mher – It wa all fivt woul see the sen tten fe ll d she s — Sh washe kind of pentn o who taughus? We wilbe judd sed on thempachate ha on the liv. e e choo to do Anbelief fth. at t wor a onef us c anotr humabeing.ches Ourotheras of t parenwhoessi oft wod often say n't y ever let abodyell you who m o yoare you y bthe rst to doany thingsaka An andur mheras ao t kind. [inaible]lning wi one hd on meeting d wi a saighface she wod say. at dyou abo it? So I decided to run for president of the United States . With. litt. The current occupant othe Weeed.e. where ware ght w Where wa to be l . into offic makin whole l Came andaid heasonna wor r and pport rking ople naudle] Ca is tax bl that benits corpations [inauble] S ratis iouo tas lasyear [indibl Ci wasoingo comen and tes. lp wking peoenclude in imine I'mpent lot oimec and I sn t lot far herin Sou Carona. Anwhat do u do. trade poly bys cald eet. Which sore eensi of It w about whais inhe bes terestf theorkingeople and e Amil ters into trad scalled farms.tas resuld in bankrupt.kint a tentl me a I was who he soyans Becae overheast tenears cultivat aarket iChinao sell thet . y worker byhe e othe yeo may lo the job Ameran csumers ta. I lled therump.picy at Ameran filies a now seing on aragene point ur blion dolrs me a shamoo waing maines. ThAmeran pple. Promispon whi he t live. d here'he thi. en wehink abo who we e and wh we? knothat we are nion. Of hd woin. a who underands ttnd sees at h som conrnnd som tere. Analyze people and himself iss perso who ce i ficen a mpai naudib] That winaudie] Great. We and ain [inauble] What? fore t voting ghts naudib] For to formole thway. For the fair housing [inaudible] Well. e chaenge fors rit now [inaudle] Is Agnst fr mo yea ofe. nald his And edatornature dhe thi that u shou know. Thk andraison thee thin. Theprayn the the Threy onhoseho a in ed ofelp and ten desrate. For he. predor. oer thi about eir urs. wre a new cpter of ourhe pagend Please wte the ns. re'sow Ihinkbout Partfhe lse t tf . Chter I belve suld b out the three am anda a I yoall l s ' . re'sow I thi abo prioties Andhey ar based o what I ca thehreen the rning Righ som pple ca in th mile of e nigh. of t nightupn the theg th. Anon you ll forhe vt majotyf us. Wh we wak uthinki tt Coup pnts toe made e we areever tnkingbout that withhich f regisred to vo. For thast mority of ushen wake thinkg that thght Thugh t len of me simpstic dograd tout us . Andor t vastajoritf u w inkinghat. It ually has to wh oo Our rsonal hlth.. The heth ofur cr a y Rere wit dnity. For studen c Iaye udent lns foreniors can medition. For s manyamilie inur coury can Ielp my family mber gff the old layeor tir dg adction. e vt majity of us have ch mor in coon. And wh we wa and. n the issues that impact us every thin abo three Aand geer. Througs outinaudie] Fightior tmeri w beli. ThAmericwe belve in. Yo knowe are people tha. Found beople w belied. And h faid o at we uld be? And ined tha is nea lel ofaith andeliefs needow.o imine and And hers the Amica believ. Ielie. u oy have to work one job to have a roof over your head and food on the table. Ameca. ereeave tay whe we have? The rrenh d n soreat The ecomy is great h say. An tn you kouseo are u measing the gatness o is economy oyour any pnts [inaible]ock mket We s wel. Aryou msurihe greness ofhis ecomy of urs. d th poiinauble] newinaudie] d numrs [indible] We yeah. Workg. jobs. woing twondhree And to make poi aga. r Amicaou should only have. One . d it wl incde. What I iend to llt ange o tax cod a spifical as itelateso this? From n year.ed thsand dlars a Heill reive a taxredi of tsix thsand dlars a ar. Th you c colcted up to fi hundr dolla a mon. betwn bng ae tget to ec endf thmoy are not. Inhe conxt othe fat. halff Ameranamilie thes uld n affd a four ndred doar uneected pense. Rit now taynmerica in If y are ainimumageorker the c. workg full time. u cann aord market te for a e bet Ameri today. a loong at peopl who a expeenci. uden loan de car loans. Crit cardebt. Tohe point peop hado take out loan o verage fouhundredollar om payy lend Atn intestate Boon in fitor t America we believesf tes in folks can work We belve in teachers are paid. You . I can tell y the nber of workg twoometim thr job. The yogo tee bauset is youpassn and a calling and against. Two ree ur js. puic school ache ceutd 9 of r own pock thelp pay for scho supi. Inur couryodayeachers ke o arage 11% les. Therare t groupof peopl granaren a aunties af uncl. And our teache. Buwe are notaying them eir vae. An fore thiss kindf peonal — firstrade Mrsrancis Wiln gorest hche. ul. tendy laschool aduaoninaudie] Here man of hava silar ory Whoonvinc uwe werspecia We wen't. We we and belie To ming a decisn. President of the United States W. I prered. To t in ace at wl be t firn our naon's htory. deralnvestmenn closing the teacher pay gapinaudible] Is ne thound thr hundr llars year. Let's t thatn persct. Ni thousd threhundre llars year tt's thyears thound tee hdredollars the hured llar a yeahe that putng d . Whh is onef thereatt whicthey he a ssionion for tourn d all t fine pointon thi I strony belie uhould dge a ciety chdren.ow it treats its There. Like iesti inheirendeer expssio. tehers.and bexteion eir In themeri we belve in w recoize. We recognize. Anin lge par hum th cris heontribedo Those han bavio Chand wi.e we neeleadership. Who isousy puse fiction we need [inaudible] Science. And at's w I sport green new dl e I will re enter us in the Paris agreement [inaudible] To leaders Not e of o childn . To he a drl.go tscho. Where ey lea aboutoe ould cuch in a cner? Oride the cset cause ere is. An lete clr thas what' ppenin iAmerictoday go didt invt rentlyr I wherthisoungs n myacket. In in real qet vce he sai Ouchildrenre sitngne. classrms. Ter. And en the go me afterhat room [l Thisarents to he thatrump To which o course. Beuse there areupposey aders WashitonC w havfail to hehe crae naudib] Please [audibl sten. Thsecondmendme or yo want to tak. f you nt. To we need reasonable gun safety laws in our country inauble] Done. m ki of justed u. re'she thi wve bee lking about this r so lon And o t Coresscted. ey'rwaitg foa tragy [inaudle] Exacy Ar we waing f a gd idea in ft many oy collguesnNo. the batet idea a of whh is. Thmost pt I emace. or lacng for his couge so re'shat m praredo do que t sourc othatth polical wil bco . Wh elected willive th Unit Statee t tothern this? And put a bil on mo gnate. Im preredo take ecuti action. Plse . Comprensive unirsal also t ATFakes the lensegrnd che gunealel d myrtleeach y shoulknow. 90% of the gs assiated wh crimerf . hate need tdo is you enou job o t andhe T.utw t a TFe we nee te . And I am epar. To take exutiv aionso ban the importation of assault weapons into our time. Because we we need to take action. Inhe Ameri wbelieve in. Womere pl anybonowhenhe eal paact wapass Nineen siy the sie ninetn sixt ree weave beetalkinabout thfact. Won are notaid eally for equal r. Fa forrdo thyear o o rd Twen nineen d women are paid eigy cent on e dolr nave Amerin wom fif ght cents Linas fty thr Wh we ha ahen ere' a winninsocce] . Anyounow thehave thehave scored f t abt tt but thescor mor ints Than there in t maiteen overu . long te is actllyo long a detablt r o long avaable pnt is ju t. the qstion beces as th taing abt it [inaudible]o my ofe So. She' burn frothat wking onerau rig nowhe bnsme u mit b raisi a fily hoehol theurnsn hero provthat s's notaking e So wt I'm hero do ishiftame aun. e burn to t corrati Okay And ey wo thr web site whether or not. Paying. F when ifor rshall anthere' we ll ao reire. at for ery. Percen diffential bwh ch there payg. Meand won forqualork. Th willusts a meod o couragent [indibl An elercentrom theirfe. profits e year before. many oou m know bit abo my bacrot c atrney oSam'discs the We'r Iran the secd larstof partment of juste in the Unit State sond oy to th juste.tes dartmen of Andhen when was ected t e Unit State Senat was ected a oy the sond blk wom ectedn th histy ofhe Utes Senate. d I ll tl yo. As rest. They'roftenimeshere jonalist wl ce up tme otherand th'll sawell I'so glayou asd naudib] Becae here the thi en you lif the enomic Yo lifhe ecomictatus mili andommuties. ciety befits. Ameri we beeve in mericae believe . Thcommder chi Ouratios serity.. What whave n ere we he a sposedl mmandein chi o on t iue tha haseen ishatussi interfered ithe estabh Uned Stes?e pside of e mmanr in cef who prefers toake theord theussian Amicanntelgenccommity of t nortKoreanictato ove the wo o the Amecan tellenceommuni whe it comes tan Amecan sdent who is sured anlater. wordf a Sdi prie orhee word of thn inlligce cmuni whe i mes to journastho was asssinat. crentis.ho h Amerin We need a new the ericwe bieve if But Iant tdisy mmene caget queions wanto cle my mmen wit this- Lets. . streths.fhe gatest Ishat fe our vernatures a tion. [inaible] We o aspirional. on nle ide.hatas founded Thidealshat were esent ofhe Unid Stes andlltio overhismendt claration o iepennce and wos w spoke in.and tse Senteen senty sithat we arell ans equa [inauble] Were. recoend- Cmercial eak re c youear naudib] Yes Alya Ric Davis is lit prie and Badwa of police situatn record can you tell us. Yeahike this is a pretty active – Situation — Their focus on that motel — Six Tempe police — Have actually called out Gilbert police we believe this may invve someone wanted Inhe city of Gilbert – Tre the ct youayo portions of the motel six the people that around. The target area my girls room in a little bit so you can see these officers and how they are- Take — The position right in front of this motel six to make sure everybody safe — At this point — This is still just beginning — Like I said I just thought tactical unit a swat team unit from Gilbert pull up in front of the motel. Six Mike their staging just to the south and west of the motel. We'll go over there a little bit to do a little bit more information about what they're doing. Yeah exactly and then Rick — You know usually in these situations you can tell a lot just by the body language of the officers and what can you read get a read on from my what you're seeing out there. Well there's a lot of reading is going on right now they are units that are still coming into the scene we believe there from the city of Gilbert — In and they're set up a command post and obviously you know talking with. Of figure out exactly what they have — Reports that we hear is that there's someone — Just to the to the west of this motel — Six barricaded — When to be gentle and saying they decided to shut down this road evacuate people closely affected area? And the and wait for other authorities from the city of the over to come in so they can. Start trying to negotiate this person to sit back and taken into custody by the and are. There to Rick sometimes these — Situations boy Nikolaos it's a good amount of time. Exactl andnd then you know Theay ty have more units road comi into th scene — stea of cmand pt tell you evenan i jured but ty have to fire on scene stage and just in case they need medical support. To to get this thing under control. There we go and wreck — You ar- There from the very beginning will continue to follow on the very latest out there. In Tempe right now thank you so much. For giving us a call a when guysnow what happening. Okay my thgs andill be bk Our xt. All right thanks Rick you're clear [inaudible] Okay my een yea old male tee yea the therfheccuseret'si listen ta s thcase d you dcuss wit yr son- ncernhat yo hadbout t ntentf some of the tax. No. Coulbe excpatory Diyou ev instrt your n delet a ctain othose text msage. Di you er dele anyf the xt mesges in th nversaon beten now. Your s. And in DCo. Did yoever deteny tex ssages betenour so a now bei ttedack anforthis You d a mting wh ooper novann Novber twenty ninthd seventeen correct [inaudie] Yeah d thateeting was for t sole purse of u turng over. Hihone. So iorder to tt I fall is sicalllike alectroc. If youon't . Righ So y on chaes so you kw his papo. Wel discs wel I dn't kn me psword untile gavet to d then andhen I kw it I ve nev been omy son one lookior anying fore at so pointe lear s passrd snd thawaseforer afte you tu t p Withour n.rtextin. On theame d thayou fo novan. the song.omey and pi up I n'tnowf you y I was an I w Be on memor. Les looat a dument al quick is in Ise is.Aidid we . One in ordero contue to d a ltle bit o ctext her questiing. for mo A man who accuse Kevin Spacey of groping him a a b back in enty steen tk thetand eaier tod durin a ssachutts crt heari to But e strgth of th cas invod his Fifmendmem ler ghtspace he's aused o opinghe then eightn year ol mann Ntucket. Ba in tnty sieen thactor ha pleaded not guilty to arge o indent asult an The aring hadeen caed becaus thei ttle cy can't fin a cellone wand b the dense spiesawyers say they need thphone ttry trecove tax. woul help species dense thiey cd is now the mher o the accus Of t queioning herand th — I e itsre talearing right now it'saken threeears t t to is point here and let's listen in right now. ke a lk if y. At theame. Numberf dimeions.t indites Its okay. This is. Yo son. I ink yore On yr old phone ssages that'that'sorrect don underand wt that mes well you und rht welI wro it ho ny yea ago. Take aick think your ctur aretill endg up o yourld –e I ink it [audibl thin. Wh thiprobab was Was meellingill on tre there were pictures but . Messag I gss this is a long time agond Ihat'ot Minnota theact ofhe matteve euge that tt messe to ur son anndicatnhat yond yo son we discsing wha was and w. We were scussi that y were coerneabou. Nobe on e wholehone tha u tned ov to trper Doa How you g tt fr thi? You. Know. You'reoing with I don I dot undetand whereou'r minus before we we to do turnhe h diussionbout. And weeacherand whe coerned aut. Anyou sa text msage tuse. Anwas no. Beingn thathis to is o ke. someing tt happed yrsnterpre ago b thise like. And r someeasonf he's seing me meages or sothing so I sayin take picturem d send aicture. at's h I'mnterpring it. The easiest way. r you ta turn oe ca to trooper Doa. sonposed ttextin withour fore h arriv. Coerned vy concned viousl ythingn therehat sods very ccern] e stilendingpnour ol one. Meages but yere derminin y he dermine at theessagewere n u we retuing otogras ofata tting to hiold pne befe you tu i. I n't tell u that'm sor 'shat is n a car statemt to m can't ll youhat. You werand coer. I'just ting tonterpr u were ifact conrned aut the co l s. Concns matr fact is is sort ofhere t rubr meets e. Bere y turn theall ov [iudib] Yes. Diyou kninaudie] Yes ye. Stard reviing xtessage ptograp I stted loingor vid Ih this of . nodeaxistedeforehat time. All ris e moth of eir own the acser n taking thetand a isevinpacey heang tod actuly is wn t thr year. all srted to ge going andnniveas we're illot p trial aring rht now either one byullur aas sucas aed ettyhat' comg upext. llo eryon we' gon contue tlist ia r e watchi oouTu rhtow i you' n onefe d . trps goa be makg soresint rerds -To t environntsn tes oind of u kw just thprogss that soar and en I meawhil we'onna p stoes as wle'reoing hed about les f cel youe ones rig leang rears wellurnsut y weow.nhoe at eryonis And thenlso will take a look ow somso cal residents are dealga Jeore I codn'telie at Fdayight them into is comi up onox t l for little bit mef tst pre tal heI t wh you turn it for a lg period oe back. I d't knoI can'answer for youut if u dohis ful to thphonendindata that u didn'tante adttedlyorrect s and was ve hones with thpolice aut tha and the things le thatou saw girl ten by.tographs of Yourse corre in nowt d cist rarks made by yr son Racialpithet.n. The on thingthat h. t to jn us onox tengainx ten A bi more of is Kevpacey e triearing aidust tting reall goot thi and jois ther thankou so mu we' see y. Agn tomrowightere onox ten exa. Ts what didt kno a somody d and then mod

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  7. Spacey met with Bill Clinton many times before and during the filming of House of Cards. Bill said "Off the record… You should do this" Kevin Spacey replied "I already knew that.. I do that all the time!"

  8. posession of a weapon by felon in illinois is considered a felony gun charge. which is totally unconstitutional considering that no where in the u.s. constitution does it give any government agency the authority to deny any constitutional right to any u.s. citizen when they are free period. if a person brakes the law and they are dangerous to society then keep them in prison and stop letting them out until they are no longer a danger to society and stop putting traffic violators and other minor violations in prison. illinois will put you in prison for driving on a revoked license, failure to pay, violating probation for a bad piss test, writing bad checks, a fist fight on public property and many other minor crimes, democrat law makers in illinois write new laws every 6 months just to make new criminals to lock up. oh and by the way any of these minor crimes they claim as felony's and send people to prison are some of the same people they deny constitutional rights to and charge them with felony gun charge if they catch them with a firearm. if they were not so over zealous with trying to put every one in prison to get them a felony charge then there would be plenty of room in prisons for the real criminals and dangerous people who commit dangerous crimes in society.

  9. I seen some stupid people, but that police officer is wrong on a level, that doesn't register. Those democratic lawmakers are the worst in the world.

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