News I Missed #005 - Bitcoin, Tether, Market Crash, Ripple XRP SBI, Stellar, Waves, ICO News

News I Missed #005 – Bitcoin, Tether, Market Crash, Ripple XRP SBI, Stellar, Waves, ICO News

25 thoughts on “News I Missed #005 – Bitcoin, Tether, Market Crash, Ripple XRP SBI, Stellar, Waves, ICO News

  1. stable coins or not , XRP is still needed for real time transfer and conversion of value between 2 stable coins or whatever coins , fiat or other form of value .

  2. it's obvious that the governments would be threatened by the people being able to liberate themselves. If they have money then they don't need the government at all . This also will drastically change all of the power plays in government and it will allow a regular person or people to be able to compete against the money of businesses. That would not be good for the current power structure, especially in China or other areas where they are literally suppressing the use of Cryptocurrency technology.

  3. Modern investor drinking game:

    1 drink if he says he listened to a podcast.
    2 drinks if he says he watched a documentary
    Finish your beer or take a shot when he says me myself me

  4. Firstly, TMI, I love your rants. That passion and knowledge coming through the mic…keep up the great work!

    I've become increasingly sceptical of government in general (even in a fairly civilised place like here in Australia). Occasionally I wonder, if it weren't for the GFC, when would have cryptocurrencies launched? Anyhow, they're here now and will most likely remain permanently! πŸ™‚

  5. same thing with company STOCKS , you buy a few shares doesn't really mean you own the company …. trust me, try going to the headquarters and see if they know you , i even doubt they would allow you to go inside their office. Doesn't matter if it is not your bitcoin , as long as you can ride the profits of bitcoin TO THE MOON

  6. Btc has been against regulation,
    XRP accepted regulation, working with and for those standing behind-
    as soon as XRP will prove its use, Btc is done

  7. Bitmain user db was hecked. I get emails and calls from kvazi bitmain to buy a miner for crazy cheap the model that bitmain dont have. Its a scam and its on youtube already.

  8. Why the hell do we even care about what the Government of any country wants or allows? The whole point of Crypto is to say fuck the man and banks! There is a way around anything.. I don't understand why people are waiting for regulation or countries to say go… fuck them. Everyone needs to do their thing and put your money where you want. Us regular people need to run, control and dictate crypto and block chain. Not the Gov, banks or millionaires ect.. The price being suppressed by the gov and whales are for them to control the space like the stock market, banks ect. We need to push back and squeeze these big players and make them lose there ass. And this should be something to talk about with your reach. Everyone is forgetting the whole damn purpose of Crypto.

  9. Hi Mate, can you please get some time to do an ICO review on COINANALYST?? I found is quite interesting.

  10. I'm locked in for the next 5 years. I wont be worrying about the price until then. Unless the top 3-15 coins hit triple digits. Then I guess its early retirement for me 😁

  11. I kept thinking the video was gonna end soon as I was only listening to audio. Never a dull moment. Thanks for your time and effort to deliver so much great info.

  12. Great job again as usual. Exit strategies??? As soon as 10% of my XRP holdings equals my family's debt ($54/XRP), I'll sell that to be debt free, then I'll continue to invest with the money I've been using to pay bills. I'm looking 5 to 10 years out before I start pulling profits from the remaining 90%. That's how mega millions of dollars are made!

  13. Thanks again for the daily news…but yikes – 1 hour….anyway you can break these in 10-15min segments? thanks again bud… you are one of my favorites…. cheers!

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