News Anchor Fired After Being Caught On Live TV Daydreaming

News Anchor Fired After Being Caught On Live TV Daydreaming

now to spoke with Meredith Shannon news anchor Natasha xell beef was caught off guard while during a live news report in Australia when the news segment ended and the cameras returned to the reporter she was caught spacing out while staring at a pen now two spoke with Meredith Shannon she recovered pretty well in transition to the sports use of today as police continue their investigation that local reports say xov has been relieved of her on-air rule the ABC News Channel says that she was not a staff member and was just a casual contributor but the details of her employment are confidential but the journalist found the humor in the viral moment tweeting thank you all for your generous support not my finest hour myself and my mesmerizing pen honorably salute you now to sports with Meredith Shannon be sure to watch Inside Edition

41 thoughts on “News Anchor Fired After Being Caught On Live TV Daydreaming

  1. She is a very polished news anchor and journalist. I don't believe this is legit, I think this smooth operator wanted to be known world wide, and she dunnit.

  2. The people behind the camera failed her. Aren’t they supposed to give like a 5 minute warning or something

  3. i thinks natasha exelby did do nothing wrong …. maybe she just a little bit stress anyone cant make mistake they should give he a chance

  4. wow with all the messed up things people say on TV, and they fire someone who obviously is well-meaning, and was already embarrassed by the minor slip up…. I wonder if this would have happened if it was a man

  5. Reminds me of how I felt and probably looked when I was a DJ and "Dead Air" showed up because I got distracted…usally because of women not because of a pen… LOL LOL LOL.. And I couldn't just send it over to … Sports😁😎

  6. Maybe her ear piece wasn't working???? The team is suppose to count her down to live on air go???? Not say nothing in her ear piece & then put her on live for a few seconds, then tell her after the fact she is live????? Like fire her for something even the public see as a genuine unfairness, towards the young reporter???? Where was her count down????? 10 seconds, get ready to go live???? 5-4-3-2-1-…Your live?????

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