The U.S. Navy’s newest Virginia class attack
submarine, the future USS Oregon (SSN-793), has been christened in Connecticut on 5th
Oct. The submarine was ordered on 28 April 2014
and its keel was laid down on 8 July 2017. The christening was done in a ceremony held
at the Quonset Point Facility of General Dynamics Electric Boat in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Mrs. Dana L. Richardson, wife of the Chief
of Naval Operations, ADM John Richardson was the sponsor, Vice Adm. James Kilby said Oregon, outfitted
with the most modern weapons and sensors, will disappear beneath the waves and never
be detected until a time and place of its choosing. Kilby added, “truly represents naval combat
power,” In this video Defense Updates reports on latest
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20 million players from all over the world! The Virginia class sometimes referred to as
SSN-774 class, is a class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines in service with the
United States Navy. Virginia class is designed to replace older
Los Angeles-class submarines, many of which have already been decommissioned. Virginia-class submarines will be acquired
through 2043, and are expected to remain in service till 2070. Virginia-class submarines are designed for
a broad spectrum of open-ocean and littoral missions. Their primary purpose is to take out enemy’s
surface combatants and submarines and the secondary task is to execute land-attack missions. Virginia-class submarines were the first US
Navy warships designed with the help of computer-aided design (CAD) and visualization technology
CATIA. Each submarine is projected to make 14–15
deployments during its 33-year service life. The Virginia class was intended in part as
a less expensive alternative to the Seawolf-class submarines ($1.8 billion vs $2.8 billion),
whose production run was stopped after just three boats had been completed. To reduce costs, the Virginia-class submarines
use many “commercial off-the-shelf” (COTS) components, especially in their computers
and data networks. In practice, they actually cost less than
$1.8 billion (in the fiscal year 2009 dollars) each, due to improvements in shipbuilding
technology. The Virginia class is built through an industrial
arrangement designed to maintain both GD Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding, the only
two U.S. shipyards capable of building nuclear-powered submarines. Under the present arrangement, the Newport
News facility builds the stern, habitability, machinery spaces, torpedo room, sail, and
bow, while Electric Boat builds the engine room and control room. The facilities alternate work on the reactor
plant as well as the final assembly, test, outfit, and delivery. USS Oregon has been build by shipbuilder General
Dynamics Electric Boat in Groton. It has a length of 115 m. To give viewers a perspective, its length
is slightly greater than that of a football field. It displaces around 7,900 tons. USS Oregon like all other Block IV subs is
acknowledged to be able to move to depths of 240m (800 feet) but allegedly capable of
going down to 490 m (1,600 feet). A single S9G reactor that produces around
30 MW powers Oregon The reactor features improved corrosion resistance
and reduced life-cycle costs. It also has reduced size and weight enabling
the submarine to pack more weapons and sensors. The S9G reactor is designed to operate for
33 years without refueling. So USS Oregon has a practically unlimited
range, limited by only food supplies and maintenance requirements. The reactor produces enough power to propel
Oregon over 25 knots that is 46 km/hr or 29 mph, though the actual numbers may be significantly
higher. Block IV consists of 10 submarines. On 28 April 2014, the most costly shipbuilding
contract in history was awarded to General Dynamics Electric Boat as the prime contractor. The deal for ten Block IV Virginia-class attack
submarines was worth $17.6 billion The main improvement over the Block III is
the reduction of major maintenance periods from four to three, increasing each ship’s
total lifetime deployments by one. So, the Block IV variant will be capable of
a total of about 15 deployments. The Virginia class is the first to use photonic
sensors instead of a traditional periscope. The class is equipped with high-resolution
cameras, along with light-intensification and infrared sensors as well as an infrared
laser rangefinder. Block IV variant of Virginia-class is has
redesigned elements and feature several types of sonar arrays. 1. It incorporates a Large-Aperture Bow (LAB)
water-backed array, which replaces the traditional air-backed spherical array. This is main sonar is one of the most powerful
sonars mounted in any of the submarines in the world. 2. Two high-frequency active sonars mounted in
the sail and bow. These supplements the main sonar array improving
anti-submarine warfare performance. 3. A fiber optic sonar array, consisting of 3
flat panels is present on either side of the hull. 4. For coverage above and behind the submarine,
a High-frequency sonar is mounted on both sides of the submarine’s sail. USS Oregon is also equipped with a low frequency
towed sonar array and a high frequency towed sonar array. USS Oregon will be deadly as it is packed
with different kinds of weapons to knock out varied targets. 1. Two large-diameter Virginia Payload Tubes,
each capable of launching 6 Tomahawk cruise missile. Tomahawk is a long-range, all-weather, cruise
missile that is used for land-based attacks. It has a long range of 1200 to 2500 km, enabling
them to be launched from far off. 2. Four 533 mm torpedo tubes for the Mk-48 torpedo. There is a capacity to carry up to 26 Mk-48
torpedoes in the weapon’s chamber. These torpedoes have a range in excess of
50 km or 31 miles and can be used to take out enemy submarines and surface vessels. 3. Like all Virginia class, South Dakota can
also lay different types of mines including the MK-60 CAPTOR Encapsulated Torpedo mines. 4. An integral lock-out/lock-in chamber is incorporated
into the hull for special operations. The chamber can host a mini-submarine, such
as Northrop Grumman’s Advanced SEALS Delivery System that can be used to transport special
warfare forces such as Navy SEAL teams. The main rivals of the U.S, Russia & China
are going ahead with the construction of several new subs. Russia plans to build a total of 8 Yasen M
class submarines which are intended to destroy US aircraft carriers. The latest Kilo-class submarine of the Russian
fleet is also a force to take note of. Though Kilo class is nothing new and has even
around in some form or another since the 1980s, the newest 6 submarines of this class represent
a significant evolution. Russia is also building the Borei class which
will be Russia’s new generation of ballistic missile submarines — the cornerstone and
most survivable part of its nuclear arsenal. Chinese Navy has been given special attention
and is getting a good share of the military budget. It is developing a wide range of conventional
as well as nuclear powered submarines. The Virginia-class Block IV submarines are
multi-mission vessels as they are equipped with torpedoes to take out enemy subs and
surface ships and missiles for land attack as well as can perform a variety of tasks
like surveillance work and the delivery of Special Operations forces. Hence, USS Oregon will be an excellent addition
to the US Navy fleet.


  1. Unlike the Chinese navy submarines this one creates a quiet spot in the ocean. Combined with the diesel electric submarines of the US allies it is the most quiet fleet around. But this one has the benefit of nuclear power so it's limited by dietary restrictions of the crew only.

  2. Swedish sub Gotland class showed USA what stealth really mean, it sunk us carrier twice in nato drills, no one could find it after first hits on us carrier after that all nato countries which was on the dirll tried to find it but no one could and sunk carrier again, its on YouTube us navy speaking about this

  3. The morale was very very very low in the US submarine force when I left in 2004. The crews were very out of shape. The few men on the boat who had some kind of a life off the boat were more often going through a bitter divorce rather than looking forward to someone back at home. A home most of them thought of as a harbor hotel occupied by prostitutes pretending to be wives…The situation was so awfully bad. They were promoting men who had no personal life whatsoever. It was like we were all supposed to be monks. Those were some hard day's. I hope things have changed for the crews. I wouldn't think so.

  4. another US Virginia attack sub off to track down and follow those noisy diesel Russian kilo class subs all over the Atlantic playing crazy Ivan:)

  5. No exclamation marks in the headline?
    Had it been an Indian or Russian submarine there would’ve been at least three.

    …ovh sorry – at least three!!!

  6. ouch! and lets forget to mention this!

  7. I would love to know the composition of the Reactor Fuel to make it run 33 years without refuelling? Must be very highly enriched Uranium?

  8. America is ruin Russia because Russia can't compete with America but still going ahead leaving the population starving and poor so they can compete with America. Putin is ruining Russia economy for him to be some kind of hero in Russia against America at least not all Russian foul for that tactic and they can see Putin for what he's for a communist and no care for the middle class or poorest

  9. I hope & pray the off the shelf components don't include Chinese components which could include chips that report back to the ChiComms.

  10. What makes Russian and Chinese trolls support their Gov't? Are they really that Brainwashed OR DO they know its the only thing they can do? Like i remember reading this thing where a Russian hacker left for the French Foreign league "since they paid better".. 'Cause like I know for a fact I like Human rights, and have a love for all people, regardless of race or origin. So I'm gonna be thrown ina gulag or get my organs harvested…

  11. It is very rash to say" the most powerful sonar or radar in the world " when you do not even know approximately what the competitors are worth.

  12. When you just think, that banksters are getting hundreds of billions in bailouts now for their greed and incompetence, but such a submarine costs only 2 billion. What a joke…

  13. Holy shit. Are you saying the US Government actually managed get a Sub built in 5 years? And not 20? They put the order in 2014 and delivered in 2019. That's impressive.

  14. Obama Military Doctrine
    U.S. WILL only have All conventional weapons ( No Nuclear weapons)…By 2027 U.S. will Have ZERO NUKES..CHINA & RUSSIA WILL INCREASE THEIR NUCLEAR ARSENALS.

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