New Zealand vs Pakistan Worldcup Match 33 Preview | Sports News | Eagle Media Works

New Zealand vs Pakistan Worldcup Match 33 Preview | Sports News | Eagle Media Works

hi hello welcome to Eagle mediaworks are watching Eagle Sports World Cup the SAG deceptive imagine there is no order to cover you disco now under low commands which one I mentioned yes sir he imagined it he and Alec metal cocoon Donnelly preset Matlock Matijevic on our new zealand vs pakistan go to market about romano invest in burning a blow him at the wreck about on the end the pooja was shown patio castle vanished on a mattress contour to department of management program port on the grabber tip conjunct overcast conditions can bitch about tonight which means not to muhammad ahmad eater trend world in Turkey droshala and telecast at rangaiah potter bashed in card anarchy so he matched below to preview local level do imagine Dookie world cup context is all-important New Zealand sevens Camila pyramidical answering approximate Romney grossly you're gonna kill each other develop a poke you and I doubt that might indicate they are already having 11 points rather than the cancer cell equator League and America monocle Danika Pakistan Ocean is called a marquee star gonna give magical estate they are in the tournament while a tournament loss due to stall while they got a covered apparent I gonna cut our table I I see you goodbye shock head with office and a pastor so as indirect could not again kappa get some burger I'm gonna guarantee was journey these kunam New Zealand TV news container come against South Africa cannot against Bangladesh caño Verde against to West Indies kin-yuen D they have struggled a bit welcome to struggle on wanna watch some struggle and a you know customer to get these are the bragging they're back tough my just comprehensive attack against watching me like EMU do squats against Cup but there are comprehensive Bangladesh disco technical ass that killed almost like a veal in the match Weston is discontent acabou Carlos greater Association be about selling would oppose are everyone cannot look Pokemon Z catch red ball by to kill bid on the rickety South Africa against is a tough tough tough tough match in the cane Williamson with this cool head match and finished here is arrogance so they have had their tough moments Connie New Zealand team you lose contact on a car okay alright performance and again mr. Kane Miriam's on Java hundreds of chair and egg adventure first not just reduce contact and get the rope nice bag and and they're going there are still a bunch of consistent performances and they would have to do to it should be tranquil has been good with about ball Martin D by the way really lucky Ferguson by Odin Henry last night's token to how corns can never otherwise he has been performing well and along a low-key Ferguson has been performing well generally reduce contain kappa leokk a different squad loss winner silicates the New Zealand and West Indies of the squads are faster words have picked up more with its New Zealand link I Cola he faster bonus are admitted to discover name is Naruto chin so news and look under player scheme opportunity or under control agar steak just to knock on the ground no one could match is the Kayla corner runs course don't know so they are having their basic sorted contain some institution or a teacher who can show our to look Kwanza closer to magazine is a gonna one cinematic Romano coach closer to matches a iconic otherwise everything is picture-perfect for them and while division is contact with rambutan said puck is turning someone into a bowl of Allah various levels I got juice quintic Erica completely written out first national nasara they have taken on England England in a volcanic Coloradan name and India against token dismal performance evidence there can be many South Africa again super super performance evidence rigging so ups and downs up in town of setting of the last round I'll keep while I wish in this container cat they have to win all their remaining encounters all the remaining internal gallo house rock rap Pakistan would we are they gotta consider again then take a nigga Pakistan can get to and while we shall have this container car imagine a child a child importantly managed gonna call or parent Technica they will have to restrict themselves to only nine points L is that a cool down and technical Pakistan have to win this match he match gala wall and Technic while they're gonna process it last match against South Africa this contig on account our Hari soil Millar Danzig and analog a military player opener syndrome the Riggin be final look what your finished the couch are lacking and I can't based on yucatan it again based on me Sarfaraz Khan Gingka I already look at run and taken mr. Patrick whatever Malamute operations that they got and ship their biggest strength has been Mohammed Abu Muhammad are we starting let me create a thick monitor all that you probably could do these poses under Baloo so just started city square but again we could slope if you observe second spell Donna third spell on Eternia critics table so you learn to be Mohammed Amin resistant make it our lover and how do you support them in clear categorically the Royal key they're finding their wins last South Africa against the wall bull will so performance ended it down a place core value core good daughter overcast conditions of my old shuffled us they're gonna top a malicious Yahoo cousin Ilya Kondapalli on the biscuits alabanza win the toss Pakistan will think that's bad first let's put runs on the world lose the land control one liquid pressure globe are down to school technical let's not give them that easy chase and if a stolen cool total at the same time loser and what they will also think pressure low Pakistan and Pakistan if they're chasing a bigger target while suck on my outer cells I'll get the congressman so let's put them under pressure while ma I'll be abiding clear-cut idea well now suppose world one who could have a castle gate to convince McCarney Inka overcast conditions are gonna be choice and select Academy to conjure to do can which in and taken okay things might just change England not still image Brotherhood on bad first is the key Arcana kind of toss their product we wanted to bowl first could new software on the pitch want some red take on the rocker so I lied to get conditions or stone to opening labeled as well get one day in catches good England the tools now so and so coming back to this match a match the Sariah to convince to net important players is called a gonna grab it again comes down to two players Mohammed Ahmed or trend boiled in telling a variety Baga operand batch money but the bar taro while a match the Gila pitch a Jessica why didn't a movie so Muhammad Amir was his opener so Mohammed Amin was just canè williams an interesting battle game are both on me Trent Boult vs on Montreal vs. you mama luck mature interesting about Yuga Karim are both on me Pakistan Russia Nabisco taken get their specificity throats and initials and also marcha star Elena it went apologize surrounded news like this container come middle also they have been really with bowling really matter hundred allows the rest of the Lockheed Ferguson Blues they were store trend world many Louis Lewis to know dagger and I'm coming in and chipping in with tickets Sandara loss of middle overs he's cool technical New Zealand is having some more advantage compared to Pakistan so he middle or Specter and Allah in the roughest waters factory ready Massengill Shady's Sagara we can decide yourself actors gonna paragon of this coach Pakistan is under extra pressure New Zealand can about Pakistan with a priority so initiate who has to come from Pakistan so New Zealand will leave a bunch of soft illustrate awaiting him they can play they can play a bit safer but Pakistan had has to be aggressive 92 is similarly gonna I'll just not say moraga is root on the wall progress an ad loca match went down in order commander Gill chair over the water Tata darling India tour deeper other commonly there started winning so are they personally repeat out money Pakistan fans and good to know let's see what's going to happen but then again in that generated initiation has to come from Pakistan like what they gonna they'll be out of this tournament let's see what's going to happen captain's if I go to school now were up cane Williamson is a more attitude and alive or just shrewd and the leg is a cooler captain compared to sell for us but in hard situations low yahwah never me the barrio thorough vegetable so thanks for watching again whatever subscribe to any like channel comment and thank you so much like and subscribe eagle media works

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  1. పాకిస్తాన్ పక్క ఇంటి పోవడం కాయం 😁😁

  2. పాకిస్తాన్ వాళ్ళు సచ్చినట్టు ఇండియా కి సపోర్ట్ చేస్తారు. ఎందుకంటే ENGLAND Vs INDIA దీంట్లో England ఓడిపోతే పాకిస్తాన్ కి అవకాశాలు ఉంటాయి కాబట్టి😂😂😂

  3. If Pak need to win , it depends only on Amir and Riaz..
    Williamson and Taylor key players to New-Zealand

  4. Telugu lo mottham chakkaga matladavacchuga madhyslo build up English enduku. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  5. నో పాకిస్తాన్ ఒడిపోవద్దు గెలవాలి అప్పుడే కదా అసలైన మజా మళ్ళీ మన చేతిలో చావుదెబ్బ తినాలి ఫైనల్ లో అయినా సెమిపైనల్ లో అయినా అప్పుడే వరల్డ్ కప్పు కి మజా మన భారతీయులకు ఇంకా మజా

  6. కొద్దిగా లెటైన ఇంటికే వెళతారు.
    4fix 👉ind,aus,nz,eng

  7. పాకిస్థాన్ క్రికెట్ జట్టులో కాన్ఫిడెన్స్ లేదు ఖచ్చితత్వం ఓడిపోతుందని న అభిప్రాయం

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