New Zealand vs Pakistan - Match Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

New Zealand vs Pakistan – Match Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

[Applause] way swept away before dragged down i'm here with its first some i shot that has been time that has been middle they have not dropped them their change our freedom picks up the edge of the back it's nice from williamson is the time to test for the Southfield quite debt ball will win what to catch the skipper he knows how important that is and look at this captain's eyes of the ball till the last second like them doesn't even look back just a little tickle nearly dragged on nearly dragged on and that's the difference now go for four [Applause] Big Shot cats gone for six [Applause] more on Saturdays and it's a four [Applause] the way and all the way six for the Grondahl yeah they're just got to be careful here mission pulls powerfully way to the boundary for for pioneer over the keeper the boundary for for so but a fortune for the grande on sixth half century for jiminy Sherman one day international cricket very important one in the context of this game it's good that we'll run away to the boundary that's what he was wanting a little bit of pace and just the opportunity to free the and fantastic out of character rings the colander Doraemon and that's a terrific staff Venetian pressure on Amir from the outset stolen ones there are only be close my decision is bounced for a point out [Applause] and he finishes up and style nation compromise shoe New Zealand will make it very hard to Pakistan to stay in this tournament glorious two boundaries in the over get the treatment straight out martin Guptill you've got a Beckham and that's why I save hands and tread bulk strikes in each and they've taken second slip out and folk can't believe it is absolutely fine his best [Applause] passed about twice – boundaries it's going to carry this water grab diving forward full length could go I know just short of six [Applause] quality Khatami the way to start off the drinks gives it away last call was at RDR up until that [Applause] there's the chances and opportunities swatted away herpes [Applause] Mike that's 50 it sounded really big and it is [Applause] through the gap and for it's a short run puts that away as well have a look at this one I smashed this time to scale it by that's a smash that is such a good shot I think it's gone all the way it's the Skinner then again even better that time I think Ronnie's bring it from Paris aha a very polished half-century there we go what a century from Barbara's Oh aren't the pressure [Applause] it's cause I have an O close call thank you all ready to make my decision to the screen my decision is out our page we'll toss into the cab and Pakistan rents a crucial game arrogance did you see letters Pakistan with by 6 wickets against the New Zealand they were unbeaten so far this world our world kept us alive from Pakistan and then our

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  1. Aj inse khela nai jaa raha 2 din pehly undefeated team ko beat kia hai or aj Afghanistan jaisi team se haar rhy hain 161/6🙄

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