NEW YouTube Verification Badge Update – The Community Won!

NEW YouTube Verification Badge Update – The Community Won!

– What’s this? Oh, more news in from YouTube. In an unprecedented move,
they’ve actually listened to the concerns of the
video creator community and are revising their changes to the verification status program. Really? – vidIQ.
– vidIQ. –
(upbeat music) – Hello, I am Rob, and
welcome back to vidIQ, the YouTube tool and channel that educates you on your YouTube journey and is newly minted with
400,000 subscribers. (bell dings) All right, cards on the tables, folks. It is the weekend. I have a life. I’ve gotta get this
cretin to puppy training, So let’s rustle through
this fairly quickly. #puppyforthelikes. On Thursday, the 19th of September, YouTube announced two changes
to the verification program. The first being how it looks, replacing the check mark icon for a highlighted channel name. Artists will also find their musical note replaced by the same style. All this in a move that YouTube are using more and more these days, consistency. That, however, wasn’t the thing that irritated the
entire YouTube community. It was the second
announcement that did that. Thousands of video creators who already have their verification status, in most cases because they
have 100,000 subscribers, received an email stating that their channel was no longer eligible for the program, and they
would be removed from it, losing their verification check mark. And this was because the
new eligibility criteria had nothing to do with a subscriber threshold and instead would be based on authenticity and prominence, as determined
by YouTube themselves. If you do want to go into the full details of the original changes, which of course are no longer valid, you can check out the video over here. And one commenter put it like this. “Yes, so broad and vague. “YouTube are judge,
jury, and executioner.” I really wish I’d used those
lines in my original video. The changes, as you might expect, drew wide condemnation from
the video creator community on social media, mostly from those about to lose their verification check mark they had worked hard to
earn and have had for years. Anyway, 24 hours later! (claps) The following comes from
the YouTube Creator Blog. “Yesterday we announced changes
to the verification badge. “The idea behind this update was “to protect creators from impersonation “and address user confusion. “Every year we receive tens of thousands “of complaints from creators
about impersonation. “Almost nearly 1/3 of YouTubers told us “that they misunderstood
the badge’s meaning, “associating it with
endorsement of content “and not an indicator of identity. “While rolling out
improvements to this program, “we completely missed the mark. “We’re sorry for the
frustration that this caused, “and we have a few
updates to share with you. “First, we heard loud and clear “how much the badge means to you. “Channels that already
have the verification badge “will now keep it and
don’t have to appeal. “We’ll continue reviewing those channels “to ensure we’re protecting
creators from impersonation. “Just like in the past, all channels “that have over 100,000 subscribers “will still be eligible to apply. “We’ll reopen the application process “by the end of October. “Going forward, we’ll
review those channels “to verify their identity. “If we determine that
a channel is attempting “to impersonate, we
won’t verify that channel “and may take additional action. “We’ve improved the process
and will verify channels “that are authentic, “in that your channel must
represent the real creator brand “or identity you’re claiming to be. “We’ll look at a variety of factors “to help verify your identity “and may also asked for
additional information “or documentation.” And completeness. “Your channel must be public
and have a description, “channel icon, and content,
and be active on YouTube.” To confirm all of this, upon checking the vidIQ
channel this morning, we had a message at the
top of the Creator Studio informing us that if we already
had the verification status, which we do, we will now keep it. As well as an email pretty
much abbreviating the blog post and informing creators
of the revised changes. Let’s quickly summarize all of this, then. The design of the verification
badge is still changing. But now that won’t happen until next year. All of us creators who already
have this verification status will keep it, and if you
do hit 100,000 subscribers in the future, you are eligible to apply. But YouTube have brought
in more stringent rules. In particular, that authenticity one. And all this makes sound,
logical sense to me. I don’t prefer the new
style of the verification. But it’s all right. It’s just an icon. It doesn’t make a huge
impact on my channel or anybody else’s. It is a status symbol, after all. But now let’s talk about
how YouTube did this. First of all, YouTube, let this be another lesson in communication. Instead of announcing changes, why don’t you propose ’em first and allow the creators to give you some much-needed feedback
before you actually decide to implement them. Like several changes you’ve done in the past couple of years, this is one that nobody
expected or asked for. And now I’m sure there’s
many internal reasons why you might need to do this. But consultation with the
community is paramount before you decide to
actually make the changes. Now, perhaps that might be
a little too democratic. Too many voices, too much
chaos, nothing will get done. So maybe there needs to be a happy medium. A thousand video creators
from all across the globe, speaking many different languages, many different types of channels, many different sizes of channels, where you could propose these ideas and get some really valued feedback. If you’re gonna change
something on YouTube or, indeed this case, take something away, give us a voice.
(bell dings) Or you’re gonna end up
with this type of backlash, and then roll back on your decision. And in this case, thank
you for actually listening and for making what can only
be the logical decision. Yes, it is just a graphic on a screen. But to many people, that represents many years, many hours of
blood, sweat, and YouTube tears. But, relatively speaking,
this is affecting a minority of video creators. What else have you changed in the last couple of months that you implemented, nobody asked for it, and
you’ve gone ahead with it? Abbreviated sub counts. Can we revisit that topic? (popping)

100 thoughts on “NEW YouTube Verification Badge Update – The Community Won!

  1. Now they need to listen to the community and change the sub count back to where it was! What we need is live streamers the ability to change between templates because some Gamers play more than one game daily and hate having the change the thumbnail description and tags over and over and over!

  2. I really liked the check mark and the music note tbh. I wish gaming channels got a controller or something as their verified check mark.

  3. congrats on 400k and thank you for helping out my youtube channel I post gaming videos daily and trying to get to 1000 subscribers

  4. More concerned about the child/adult content line coming up January 2020… Small channel- large content viewer opinion…

  5. It's interesting that your opinion is the check mark is just a status symbol and has no affect on channel performance. I disagree.

  6. That’s really cool! Go Youtube for listening to creator feedback. Now if they would only remonetize all the poor tiny channels that they pulled that option from awhile back. Sub counts is just annoying but it’s not the same scale.
    Congratulations to 400k btw 🎉

  7. I mentioned this option via Twitter after the news first broke that those who had already earned there badges should keep them the new rules should apply to new uploaders not preexisting long time members, I'm sure others mentioned this option as well l don't understand why team YT did not consider this to begin with but oh well at least they quickly came up with a slightly better solution. it's still a bit scary how easily things can change with little warning on this platform especially for those depending on YouTube as their main source of income/career. thanks for sharing this update vidIQ. adorable pup by the way 🐶 ✌

  8. You are such a legend Rob
    You told YouTube exactly what they need to do
    Thank you so much
    My number one hope is for them to get rid of 4000 watch hours in year threshold
    so YouTube can actually be for people who can do it part-time hence maximising the creators trust and happiness

  9. I recon we should have had the option of abbreviated sub count but you had to apply for it. Instead of forcing everyone into it

  10. Congratulation on your 4000 subscribers. YouTube have done a lot of things that upset the community. One of those things is removing video manager. Not having the ability to edit videos and changing monetization rules. P.S. my channel still ain't monetize and I have met all the requirements.☹

  11. Next YouTube will take away monetization from channels with no community input, so I'm glad that the creators are fighting back

  12. I have a feeling that if we handle the platforms problems more professionally, then maybe we could start reverse engineering this platform to start becoming more creator friendly again. I'm with Rob on this one, loud voices and protesting may not actually be the answer (though it helped this time). I'm still not quite sure what we can do, however the platform could get better if we keep on doing what we can to communicate with YouTube. Like rob said, maybe there will be more happy mediums in the future. This may not be the best answer to hear, but it's an idea.

  13. Abbreviated Sub counts needs to either go or at least be an option whether or not people wanna hide the full sub counts on social blade! That said…. I'm happy that the creators get to keep the original badge!

  14. People be like I work 5 years and got 100k sub I'm here like I work for almost that long and I got 176 subs that us sad

  15. They technically still doing the same thing as they proposed, but the difference is 100K Subs they can apply rather than being automatically done.

  16. What? Something that annoyed channels with over 100k subs? Who cares. Bigger issue is how YT's artificial unintelligence punishes small channels while promote trash "content" just because the view time they have.

  17. Let's get real for a second here… They didnt listen to the community; They watched YOUR video and realized how much sense it made and took action on it immediately. Yes, ROB, YOU have that kind of power! You are the man of reason that everyone listens too! Keep up the good work!!! 👍👍👍

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