NEW UPDATE = NEW TROOP! How to use the Royal Ghost | Clash of Clans Halloween Update 2019!

NEW UPDATE = NEW TROOP! How to use the Royal Ghost | Clash of Clans Halloween Update 2019!

We have a brand New Troop for the
Halloween Update in Clash of Clans. The Royal Ghost will be making an appearance as a temporary troop. In this video I am going to explain everything you need to
know about the Royal Ghost, we will first explain the stats before
getting into attacks demonstrating how to use the Royal Ghost, its strengths and
weaknesses. So for the statistics, being a limited edition troop it is based on
your Town Hall level, so a Town Hall 12 will have a level 7 Royal Ghost. Damage
per second is 680, hit points being 270 so it is a little bit squishy but you
will see why in a second. Moving down over the housing space is 8 troop
capacity and it will attack any building this makes it one of the best funneling
troops in the game or in my opinion, the best funneling troop. You can let me know
down in the comments how you plan to use the Royal Ghost, however check it out, it
has a special ability very similar to the builders base, it is ignored by
defences and walls for 12 seconds after being deployed. That is incredible, it
means you can snipe off buildings on the outside, you can even snipe off defences
and I actually made a video where we had the Royal Ghost vs every single defense
in the game, one on one. I will be sure to link that video at the end of this one,
however let’s get out into some attacks using the Royal Ghost to demonstrate
exactly how you want to use it. We will dive into some specific attacks on more
realistic bases in a second but I wanted to show you the most OP use of the
Royal Ghost, it can snipe off an enemy Archer Queen. Check this out, maxed out
level 65 Queen will go down to the Royal Ghost because of the
12 second invincibility, goodbye Archer Queen. If you see an exposed Archer Queen, take a Royal Ghost, 8 troop capacity will take her out. Before we dive into a
full attack I’ve set up a little bit of a corner of a base here in order to
demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of the Royal Ghost separately. So when
you place it in it will pop Tesla traps, however the Tesla will not attack it, the
Royal Ghost will be able to slowly snipe that off, but it will be susceptible to
traps. Now once it has had the 12 second invincibility it will have to walk
around walls and then obviously still susceptible to traps but this is where
it gets interesting, and what I want you guys to do is at the end of the video
drop down in the comments how you are going to use the Royal Ghost based on
the gameplay you have seen today from the update. Also leave a like if this one
helps you out. Now looking at the base now, we have the walls in the way of the
Eagle Artillery however the Royal Ghost able to move straight through them, but
three small bombs is what is required to take out the Royal Ghost. So the main
weakness of this New Troop is that it is susceptible to traps, one giant bomb and
it is gone. So whilst you are using 8 troop capacity and it is incredible, it
will go down if you have traps in an area. So based on this information I will
show you in a second obviously you want to try and snipe off defences if you can,
get in towards an Eagle artillery, an inferno tower, anything for that matter,
you will be able to take it out. However as a defender you want to try and trap
this area as well. So if you expose an inferno tower, maybe you take out all of
the buildings around, it you can sneak a Royal Ghost in in order to take that out
however you’ve got to know that traps will effect it. Alright guys this is where it gets exciting I know you’re excited, I’m
going to show you a little bit of a more realistic attack on a base using ten
Royal Ghosts. Now after this one I am also going to show you another amazing
example for the Royal Ghost so don’t go anywhere, you will not want to miss that.
Now like we’ve mentioned funneling, sniping defenses, best use of the Royal
Ghost. So let’s put one on either cannon here, that helps with the funnel but it
also helps to snipe off the defenses. Let’s just see what happens, check the
one out on the right hand side, they’re able to get not only the cannon but the
mortar as well. Just look at that for 8 troop capacity, that in itself is a
tremendous funnel. Now it’s not just about sniping off defences think about
the trash buildings on the outside of the base as well, if you were to use a
baby dragon here, potentially you’d have to use a loon in order to test for traps
as well, 8 troop capacity and look at that, three buildings down and creates
the funnel brilliantly but it doesn’t even stop there. Look we can now directly
target these buildings on the inside, wizard tower your history my friend. Now
again remember what I showed you, they are susceptible to traps so you have to
bear that in mind, why didn’t you go to the archer tower, that would have been a
much better choice. We’ve got six left guys let’s actually snipe off that
Archer tower helped to create the funnel here for our troops and let’s start the
Queen charge, otherwise we will run out of time. I’m going to use one more on
this side just to help with pathing, notice the giant bomb there as well set
off by the Royal Ghost. Let’s use a couple of balloons to test for traps
followed by the healers, how many witches are out I think they’re all out there
are they, let’s use another, four Royal Ghosts left and let’s put a couple of
them in towards the defenses on the side here, try and help take them down, create
pathing get the Queen into the center. I’m not really taking this as a serious
raid, the giant bomb goes down but again guys we are just demonstrating their use.
Time is a-ticking but hopefully this is showing you, for the queen walk you can
certainly use it, sniping off defenses for that queen walk,
look at this wizard tower i’ll snipe it off help pathing for the Queen. Help in
terms of getting through the base here and then let’s use hog riders down to
the bottom, we’re certainly not going to get this done but let’s just, let’s just
show you. Let’s show you what happens here, we can use another rage, we can
use a freeze, we can use a heal for the Hogs. Let’s actually use the grand warden and a rage spell there, Kings ability. Now look at this, it’s not always sniping off
the defences initially, you can snipe off the defences on the back end of the base
here as well look. So hog riders doing a tremendous job getting through that but
the Royal Ghost, well it didn’t quite snipe off any defenses there but you get
the idea guys you can use it to snipe off any defenses on the back end.
Potentially if you have a Lalo attack, a hog rider attack, anything where coming
down to the end of it you’re also attacking defenses, maybe
think about saving on to a Royal Ghost in order to sneak in and get that.
Brilliant stuff, it can be used to set up the funnel originally, it can be used to
snipe off defenses and also towards the end of the attack, multiple uses but
let’s get into another one. Now the final secret weapon of the Royal Ghost is in
relation to the Town Hall and specifically Town Hall 12, the Giga Tesla
and the Giga bomb is obviously a really difficult to face for most of your
attacks. However if you know there is no traps in an area, if there is a trap in
that area you might want to flush it out with wall breakers, goblins,
if there’s traps your Royal Ghost is susceptible, but if not, one Royal Ghost,
8 troop capacity has the ability to snipe off a Town Hall. That is incredible
value. Again it’s rare that the town hall will be pushed against the side of the
base but do know that it’s an option potentially, even if it’s in
the base a little bit, like I said you might be able to flush it out, or the
traps out, with goblins, wall breakers, maybe consider taking an earthquake
spell as well because if the town hall doesn’t quite go down you can use that
to finish it off, although one other Royal Ghost would obviously get that
done. Now one question that I feel might be asked in the comments, so let’s show you, is the Royal Ghost Walk, sending the Royal Ghost in with Healers, does it work.
Well guys, it’s all based on the health of the Royal Ghosts and
unfortunately, unfortunately we lost a healer to the air defense, but because
they so little in health, it really doesn’t do that well to have them under
Rage either, look the healers just weren’t able to keep them alive. So
unfortunately the Royal Ghost Walk will not work, however let’s push in with the
heroes here, we can take out the eagle with our heroes and then we can use the
Royal Ghosts to snipe off some of the other defenses. So let’s put a bunch of
them down to the bottom there and just watch them flush out that area with the
inferno tower, let’s just press our hero’s abilities all together I’m not
really too fussed about this attack at the top, it’s more the Royal Ghosts so
look now that the defenses are exposed. Just check it out as they move in
Inferno tower, able to be one shotted, or not one shot it but goes down to one
Royal Ghost, Xbows, everything, exactly the same and I have a video which focuses on the Royal Ghost versus every defense. If you want to see that I’m going to link
it here in a second guys, it will also be in the pinned comment. Let’s make sure
that we get the two stars here before we finish out and just let you guys know as
well that if you have any comments, any questions, any other videos you would
like to see, be sure to let me know in the comments so that I can bring them to
you and also let me know your thoughts about the Royal Ghost and how you plan
to use this new troop for Clash of Clans in the October 2019 Update. It’s amazing
we got the same percentage of attack that we did in the
last one, brilliant stuff but if you want to see the Royal Ghost vs every
defence, be sure to check out this video, it is entertaining and educational as
well but that wraps it up for this one until next time peace out.

72 thoughts on “NEW UPDATE = NEW TROOP! How to use the Royal Ghost | Clash of Clans Halloween Update 2019!

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